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1 on 1 MindSet coaching with Carla Rieger.


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Get customized strategies, accountability and performance coaching for your Authority Entrepreneur business. If you're a coach, consultant, author, or content creator, speaking online can fast track your success quicker than any other marketing method out there

How is MindStory Coaching Academy different from other Schools of Business Growth and Performance Coaching?

1. FACTS INFORM BUT STORIES SELL: Most people try to influence others through facts alone, but the majority of people make high stakes decisions based on emotions and justify them with logic. Stories speak to people's emotions. Here you learn to influence mainly with stories, metaphors, comparisons, case studies. 

2. MANY INFLUENCERS THINK THEY ARE USING STORIES WHEN THEY ARE NOT:  A list of chronological events, for example, is not a story. There needs to be a certain kind of structure and implicit values in the story for it to be effective.

3. HIGH INTEGRITY SALES: We also teach influencing skills that are non-manipulative and that help people make quicker, wiser buying decisions that work for them.

4. PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT: We combine the latest research in neuroscience, biofeedback and positive psychology to help override limiting beliefs the block sales success.

5. MEASUREMENT: In addition, we believe you can't improve what you can't measure. So, we add in performance analytics and engagement tools to keep you consistently motivated. 

6. REGULAR, SHORT BURSTS OF PRACTICE: Re-wiring how you perform under pressure takes practice, but the payoff is HUGE. We know that small amounts of time regularly offer the biggest long term results. That's why our system is structured that way.

7. CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU AND YOUR LEARNING STYLE: We also do an orientation with each person to ensure it's customized to your situation and to your unique learning and manifestation style.

8. DEEPER, LONGER LASTING RESULTS: There are many tools out there now to help you improve your performance as an influencer. The problem is, many just scratch the surface. Beliefs and habits of mind are actually just components of a larger subconscious STORY. MindStories are like software programs deeply embedded  in the subconscious mind. If you only release one component of the story, or you only approach the story from a conscious level, it won't stick and won’t make a difference in your life. 

Premium Courses

Discover new ways to navigate life with purpose, passion, and happiness with MindStory's Premium courses. We have decades of experience helping people on their path, so you will be in good hands. 

30 Days of Daily Inspiration and Guidance to Develop the Mind of a Sales and Business Champion.     

30 Days of Daily inspiration to Clear Out the Past so Your Can Supercharge Your Present and Future Life.

Our Mission

At MindStory we apply the wisdom of the ages PLUS scientifically-proven methods to help people reach their fullest potential in sales and entrepreneurship. Our Mission is to help individuals and group maximize their performance when reaching out to prospects and clients so they can have more success and feel more on purpose. By helping people better run their own minds at work and at home, we believe we're helping make the world a better place.

Who are the Founders?

Our Co-Founders have decades of experience transforming the lives of sales people, leaders, front line people and entrepreneurs around the world. They work at both the strategic and intuitive level, using both science and artistry, to unleash your greater potential.  Here you can find a place to express your "best self", to help lead the world into a visionary future

Carla Rieger

Carla Rieger is the author of 6 books and dozens of online learning programs. She has been a coach and motivational speaker on change leadership, communication and presentation skills for over 24 years. In addition, she has spoken to over 1500 groups on four different continents, including a TEDx talk. Her work has been featured on radio, TV and magazines helping business owners and leaders grow their inner and outer capacity to lead people through challenging transitions. She is also the co-author, with Dave O'Connor of the book, MindStory Inner Coach.

Carla Rieger Signature
Dave O'Connor

Dave O’Connor is a mindset expert for business owners and is a bestselling author. For over 22 years he has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life. Dave specializes in helping people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for people who want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results. He is also the co-author with Carla Rieger of the book, MindStory Inner Coach

Dave O'Connor Signature

What People Are Saying:

This Is Advanced World-Class Personal Coaching That WORKS

“Whenever I am asked, who is the best coach to help you breakthrough to the next level of your business and life, I always reply, Dave O’Connor. This coaching isn't a series of hyped-up sessions. It's about giving you proven practical tools, mindsets, and habits to make lasting change starting NOW."

David Taylor Author of the Global Best-Selling Naked Leader Books

Get to a whole new level of excellence.

"I'd been a bestselling author and speaker for years, but I found that by working with an expert like Carla, it took me to a whole other level of excellence that I REALLY wanted to achieve."

Vesanto Melina Multiple Bestselling Author & Expert on Plant Based Nutrition

Achieved not only career goals but higher life satisfaction

"Coaching with Carla made a huge difference not only to achieve an important career goal, but it turned out to have a very positive effect in several other areas of life as well."

Patti Gilbertson Health Care Manager

From self doubt to valuing myself and what I offer

"Carla helped me go from confused, overwhelmed and doubtful to having clarity, focus and belief in myself. This broke me out of feeling like I spinning my wheels. As a result I was able to take action on important goals and start to finally realize my dreams."

Alison T Smith Energy Booster System Expert

This changed my life profoundly

"I will be forever grateful to Carla Rieger for this coaching program as it changed my life profoundly in both expected and unexpected ways. It brought me alive again."

Mary Lou MacDonald Workplace Wellness Consultant & Speaker

Magnificent guidance...

"Carla provided magnificent guidance for me to journey within myself so that my authentic voice could come forward and succeed in a way I hadn’t before."

Angela Thurston Speaker, Coach, and Author

Break through to a whole new level.

"This broke me through to a whole other level so that now I have a much better clarity on my niche, much better mindset habits, and am speaking at so many more events."

Catherine Rocheleau Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant

My level of confidence and skill has improved dramatically.

"After working with Carla I got me far more bookings which increased my income exponentially. Also, my level of confidence and skill on the platform improved dramatically."

Ron Coleman Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant

Breakthrough to the next level of where you want to go.

"Even though I’ve been successful in my field for over 20 years, I found Carla and her coaching program invaluable in breaking me through to the next level of where I wanted to go."

Jana Stanfield Keynote Concert Speaker

This will take your business to the next level!

"Dave is a master at delivering the information in a way that gets results. Through stories and metaphor the message really hits home in a way that people can relate and practically apply in their business. It's helped me and my team members take our business to the next level of success!“

Angelyn Toth

Since I started working with Dave I have achieved every single goal that I have ever wanted.

“I’ve been working with Dave for years I can honestly say that without him I would never have created the life and lifestyle I have today. I have achieved every single goal I ever wanted. It’s so amazing to look back and just tick them off one by one!

Julianna Beavan International Business Mentor

I've been calling on Dave for many years as my mindset coach.

"In business you need great mindset, you need focus, you need a vision. I’ve been calling on Dave for many years as my mind coach. You need somebody who understands where you are in business and where you want to go. Dave's blueprints really keep me on track. ”

Julie White UK Businesswoman of the Year, 2011

Dave is one of the leading mindset trainers in the world today.

"Dave is one of the leading mindset trainers in the world today. As well as personally experiencing the power of his program, over the years I have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs take their business to a whole new level as a result of applying his teachings. Dave has come along at the perfect time - just when the industry needed a fresh new approach."

Jerry Conti Serial Entrepreneur


"When I started my business I really still struggled with confidence. I thought I could plow on through and it would be OK. I realized this wasn’t going to happen. I really needed some help with my mindset and that’s when I came across Dave O’Connor. I’m glad I didn’t make the mistake of waiting until I was successful to work on my mindset. I did it immediately and have achieved a life beyond my wildest expectations"

Emma Cooper International Business Coach

Dave's Coaching Has Helped Me Create A 7-Figure Business

"I’ve been using Dave's systems for 7 years now and my business has grown into a 7 figure business annually over that time. They really focus my mind and have helped develop my confidence and belief tenfold. I've been able to dramatically improve my health, finances, happiness, relationships and business. It's truly life-changing."

Natalie Heeley Global Business Coach

It's given me the momentum to succeed in a whole new way!

Looking back on my life and crafting it into a story of triumph was profound for me. It let me view myself and my life as a huge asset now instead of a liability. It's given me the momentum to succeed in a whole new way!

Doug McKegney Business Consultant

I feel stronger now moving forward with big goals

It’s true that “It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood”. I realized there was much more light and positivity to find back in my childhood. So, I feel stronger now moving forward.

AnnaLena Tell Erickson

I feel so much happier and have more clarity

I loved the discipline of doing the 30 day challenge. I feel so much happier and have so much more clarity on the best direction for my life.

Diane Goulding Network Marketing Professional

A big financial turnaround

My financial turn around over the last year is largely due to continually doing this program. I’ve been focused on these tools now for 4.5 years!

Deborah Connors

I finally became clear on my purpose doing this process!

The days I did these process were absolutely great, the days that I didn't, I could see the difference. I was at a crossroads about where to go with my life. This has given me the clarity and purpose I needed. That's why it was absolutely brilliant because I can now focus on my dreams.

Trish O'Neill Network Marketing professional

Such simple processes, and yet so significant!

I didn't realize how i was dragging myself down. It was stopping me from doing what would give more of what I want in life. I now have more tools to stay focused and supportive of myself.

Patience Mugawazi

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