with Dave O'Connor

Combining the benefits of Blueprinting & Private Mentoring to Reprogram and Reinvent a New Self & a New Life!

From the desk of Dave O'Connor...

Dear Extraordinary Achiever,

Have you ever dreamed of living ‘Life on Your Terms’ — a life that’s fulfilling and complete in every single area, a life where, every direction you look, you’re doing what you love to do with a sense of passion and purpose. You have a great team around you supporting you and your business in every way, making a real difference in the world?

What if you could achieve every goal you ever set in you life… easier, faster and more effortlessly than you may think is possible?


Imagine feeling unshakable belief in yourself and your abilities to create the life and lifestyle of your dreams.

You know there is a higher level of success to be experienced. This is HOW to get there.

Each day of your life could be more passionate and purposeful - and you know it.

It's not like you're failing. You've achieved some great things in your life.

But sometimes you get in your own way. And you know you should be playing at a much higher level in your life.

You're just not sure HOW to breakthrough to that next level. You're busy. You get distracted. You feel frustrated and, at times, stuck.

Unfortunately, most of us have so many stored negative programs that limit and sabotage our success. Many of our thoughts and beliefs even contradict one another, canceling out any potential benefits.

What’s more, there are so many programs running our lives that it becomes difficult for new empowering programs to form and take root. We all know how difficult it can be to change a habit or an ingrained belief.


For example, lets talk about money for a moment.​

For many people, their internal setpoint regarding money is “I don’t deserve to have it.”


They’ll feel uncomfortable when they have extra money, so they’ll spend it or find some other way to get rid of it.


Or if, like the majority of people your internal blueprint is programmed or set at lack or struggle, you will continue to attract little or no money and you’ll keep struggling financially.


Even people who we think ‘have it all’ can ultimately be deeply unhappy because of their low self-esteem and low self worth.


It's time that you learned new strategies for reaching into your heart and mind and accessing new levels of power and performance. 

You Will Install the Beliefs and Habits of the World's Happiest and Highest Achieving Individuals 

You don't have to guess about how to reach the next level in business and life. You can reach greatness FASTER than you ever imagined. You are meant to be living an extraordinary life that's beyond your dreams.

Living your best life feels like you are fully alive and engaged in the moment again. You feel on purpose. You bring confidence enthusiasm and joy whenever you want to. You finally experience the success you've always wanted.

Where best days of your life suddenly becoming the norm.

You don't have to struggle so much to succeed. You don't have to keep fighting uphill battles or let your fears win. There are better ways to reach your potential and this is HOW.

This coaching isn't a series of hyped-up sessions.

This is about giving you proven practical powers tools, mindsets, and habits to make lasting change starting NOW.

This is science-backed, heart-centered strategies for excelling in all the key areas of life.

These 1-2-1 sessions will detail the habits and routines you need to implement in order to dramatically improve your health, finances, happiness, relationships and business​

You know that it takes knowledge, dedication, and persistence if you’re going to succeed in life. You know it isn’t going to happen overnight. And anybody who tells you so shouldn’t be trusted.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: Superachievers don’t realise their dreams all at once! They don’t walk into their office one day and discover, “I’m a success.” They do it little by little, step-by-step.

You'll Receive Step-By-Step Plans and Advanced Strategies to Accelerate Your Personal Growth and Success in Every Area of Your Life


Dave's Coaching Has Helped Me Create A 7-Figure Business

"I’ve been using Dave's systems for 7 years now and my business has grown into a 7 figure business annually over that time. They really focus my mind and have helped develop my confidence and belief tenfold. I've been able to dramatically improve my health, finances, happiness, relationships and business. It's truly life-changing."

Natalie Heeley Global Business Coach



You will get 6 X 1 on 1 private mentoring sessions where we will confront your weaknesses, release the core beliefs that are keeping you stuck, proactively move through your struggles, hit deadlines, and take more consistent action to ensure that you can have a breakthrough in many areas of life all at once


You receive 6 powerful custom blueprints that will reprogram your subconscious and install the beliefs, vision and habits of the world's happiest and highest-achieving people so you access new levels of power and performance effortlessly. The best days of your life suddenly becoming the norm.


Your mindset dictates the life you lead. In this program we will work together to help master your mindset so you can reach your goals. You will learn the latest research and breakthroughs so that you continue growing each year.


You will have the structure, accountability, safety and confidentiality to grow. A coach in your corner to "be on your team" and mentor you through the storm. This is a true 'meeting of the minds'.


You don't have to struggle so much to succeed. You don't have to keep fighting uphill battles or let your fears win. Evert day can be exciting, fulfilling and meaningful. A whole other level of living. There are faster, better ways to reach your potential and this is HOW.


Visualisation and Strategic Mental Rehearsal are integral to optimum performance. In each coaching session you’ll be guided through a powerful process that will leave you feeling empowered and focused on your big goals.



"When I started my business I really still struggled with confidence. I thought I could plow on through and it would be OK. I realized this wasn’t going to happen. I really needed some help with my mindset and that’s when I came across Dave O’Connor. I’m glad I didn’t make the mistake of waiting until I was successful to work on my mindset. I did it immediately and have achieved a life beyond my wildest expectations"

Emma Cooper , International Business Coach



Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Workshop Leaders, Speakers, Trainers 


Direct sellers, Network Marketers, Commission-Based Sales People needing the Accountability and Structure


Visionary Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs


Online and Offline Business Owners


Since I started working with Dave I have achieved every single goal that I have ever wanted.

“I’ve been working with Dave for years I can honestly say that without him I would never have created the life and lifestyle I have today. I have achieved every single goal I ever wanted. It’s so amazing to look back and just tick them off one by one!

Julianna Beavan , International Business Mentor


  • Have the best year in business you've ever had
  • Get clarity on your direction
  • Step-by-step plans and strategies that really work
  • Achieve a confidence breakthrough
  • Get more done in a week than most get done in a year
  • An upgraded sense of worth and capacity
  • The income and lifestyle changes you MOST desire
  • Transform your mindset and at least 10X your thinking
  • Take more time off to enjoy life
  • Learn how to live an extraordinary life

Dave is one of the leading mindset trainers in the world today.

"Dave is one of the leading mindset trainers in the world today. As well as personally experiencing the power of his program, over the years I have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs take their business to a whole new level as a result of applying his teachings. Dave has come along at the perfect time - just when the industry needed a fresh new approach."

Jerry Conti , Serial Entrepreneur


This program is not for everyone. Just for those ready to learn my ideas and systems and then have the commitment to act on them to produce breathtakingly great results.... GET STARTED NOW



1 x Payment of £2500


2 x Payments of £1350

 Payable by Credit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal. 


I've been calling on Dave for many years as my mindset coach.

"In business you need great mindset, you need focus, you need a vision. I’ve been calling on Dave for many years as my mind coach. You need somebody who understands where you are in business and where you want to go. Dave's blueprints really keep me on track. ”

Julie White , UK Businesswoman of the Year, 2011

This Is Advanced World-Class Training That WORKS

“Whenever I am asked, who is the best coach to help you breakthrough to the next level of your business and life, I always reply, Dave O’Connor. This training isn't a series of hyped-up sessions. It's about giving you proven practical tools, mindsets, and habits to make lasting change starting NOW."

David Taylor , Author of the Global Best-Selling Naked Leader Books


In each coaching session, you and I will work together to create a vision for your life that inspires you, lights you up and propels you forward in the direction you want to go in life.

I will then personally lead you through the process of reprogramming your unconscious mind by talking you into a deep relaxed state where your conscious mind relaxes and your unconscious mind (your internal super-computer) floats to the surface.

Working together, we then ‘program’ your unconscious mind by directly giving it your desired outcomes.

The total session lasts for approximately 75 minutes and is conducted over the phone, Skype or Zoom . You’ll also receive your own personal blueprint tailored to your specific needs after each session. This will be delivered as an mp3 download so that you can download it to your computer or smartphone and listen to it over and over again, further imprinting your new success programs into your unconscious mind and amplifying their effect.

By directly imprinting it with your desired outcomes and goals of your choice your unconscious mind can then go to work directing and guiding you towards your end results. It really is like putting your goals on auto-pilot!


During each Private Mentoring Session I will help you to uncover what’s been holding you back. We’ll identify the limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your success.

There’s nothing like two-way, real-time, back and forth dialogue, where you not only get real clarity on what’s been holding you back, you begin to erase those limiting beliefs there and then.

Its been said that good mentoring makes success inevitable.

The real value of a great mentor isn’t that he or she can teach you the technical part of the game. (In fact, that’s the smallest part of what they do.)

Nearly every great mentor will tell you that it’s all in the mindset, the mental part of the game… that makes the difference between real champions and “also-rans.”

Having spent time with people like Sir Richard Branson and having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in continuing education over the years I’ve been able to learn from some of the most successful individuals in the world.

Mentoring, whether for high-performing individuals or teams, is a must for modern business leaders and entrepreneurs. If you are a CEO or a Business Owner, the pressure to deliver can be immense and there is often no-one to confide with.

The Blueprinting Your Success Coaching program is client-centred, confidential and tailored to your needs. You are not expected to go it alone.



In our first session, we get clear on your short and long term goals and who exactly you need to become and what qualities you need to have in order to achieve those goals. We get crystal clear on what you want to achieve in all the key areas of your life - business, finances, health, relationships and overall lifestyle.

Next, we rewire and reprogram your self-image to increase your self belief and self-confidence levels so you can start experiencing a higher level of success immediately.

Then, I create your own personal Self-Mastery Blueprint. For years these blueprints have been my secret weapon. They are powerful subconscious audio recordings - like visualization on steroids - designed to put your success on autopilot. In the blueprints we use the latest science to positively influence the unique electrical signatures in the mind known as brainwaves.

In this session you'll discover...

- How to design and install your 3 month, one year and 5 year Invincible Vision

- A simple, but highly effective technique for uncovering your deepest WHY so you can stay focused on your vision regardless of the obstacles

The secret ingredient to add into your daily routine that will 10X your results

- How to build the new ‘memories’ into your nervous system that will accelerate your success

- Avoid the one DEADLY MISTAKE that sabotages most people's chances of success

- How to “rewire your brain” so you leap from a mindset of frustration to freedom and scarcity to prosperity in as little as 30 days

- PLUS you'll receive your customized game changing Self Mastery Blueprint to rewire your self image and create the neural pathways of a winner.

(You'll receive 3 versions of each blueprint - a 20 minute longer version, a 10 minute regular version and a 3 minute turbo version for a quick mindset boost on the go)


In this session I outline your personal road map for success. We identify the habits and routines you need to put into place in order to get to where you want to go. We'll create a plan of in-depth steps, strategies & timelines needed to reach your goals.

Then, I help you to install the emotional triggers to overcome any fears, doubts or subconscious blocks that have been preventing you from taking the high leveraged actions you know you should be taking.

By the end of this session...

==> You’ll be able to manage your time and energy more effectively.

==> You’ll be able to eliminate the modern enemies of productivity - such as distraction, mental fog, overwhelm and fatique

==> You’ll conquer procrastination and make consistent action a pleasurable new habit

==> How to set up a winning daily routine whether you’re working part-time or full time.

​==> You’ll improve your decision making and critical thinking skills.

==> You’l learn how to lake your biggest fears and turn them into your fuel for unstoppable success

==> You’ll get your very own Fear into Fuel & Massive Action Advanced Blueprint 


In this session we identify the blocks in your mindset that have been sabotaging your success.

We'll identify and release the limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your success. Then we'll install the beliefs and habits of the world's happiest and highest-achieving people.

In this session you'll discover how to...

- Challenge your limiting beliefs and release the negative hold they’ve had over you

- The most powerful mantras in the world for changing beliefs, habits and patterns

- Apply the latest Neuroscience of success for changing negative beliefs, habits & reactive patterns

The secrets to people skills - the psychology behind it and how to better connect, invite, follow up & duplicate

- Re-script your past stories so you can accelerate your results immediately

- Approach the cold market prospects with more confidence and charisma

- The missing key to removing limiting beliefs for good, so accomplishing your goals and desires will come naturally to you.

- And I'll create a powerful personal blueprint to help you remove the limiting beliefs and replace them with the new positive beliefs, habits and routines of your choice so you can develop the passion, presence and persistence necessary to reach greatness FASTER than you ever imagined.


First we'll get clear on the positive emotions and feelings you want to predominantly experience daily in your life so you feel fully engaged and alive.

We will identify any hidden negative emotions that are destroying your wellbeing and ruining your life.

Then we'll deploy my signature releasing process that allow you to let go of unwanted toxic emotions and replace them with beautiful states such as joy, happiness, creativity, courage, playfulness, security, excitement, etc.

This will free up prime real estate space inside of your subconscious mind, immediately activating more of your potential and opening yourself up to receiving the opportunities you’ve been waiting for.

In this session you'll discover how to...

==> How to hit the reset button and  FINALLY achieve all your biggest goals. 

==> 3 things you MUST do to get back on track when you lose your focus. 

==> How to prime your mind for peak performance and success!

==> Developing a resilient mindset to bounce back fast during tough times.

==> Getting your head back in the game after a 'temporary failure'

==> How to identify and overcome obstacles ahead of time

==> How to make yourself rejection-proof when it seems like there’s nothing but obstacles to your goals

==> PLUS I'll design your very own Bounce Back FAST Blueprint so you can reduce the recovery time from setbacks and easily overcome your greatest challenges


In this session we will cover the steps and strategies for attracting more prosperity and abundance into your life.

You will change your money story, removing any blocks you have around creating wealth and manifesting money, putting you on the fast track to living the lifestyle of your dreams.

In this session you will find out how to...

Rewrite your money story so you can break through to that next level of wealth and abundance

- Model the millionaire mindset so you can attract more leaders & create more opportunities in your business

- Install the habits of the super successful for long term happiness & success

- How to override the subconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck at a certain income level

- Access the 5 most powerful mind states to instantly put yourself in a positive vibration to attract more abundance into your life

Balance work and family life - determine where you should spend your time and where you should not

- Shift from a “average mindset” to the “mindset of the rich”

Reset a bad day, recover fast and renew your energy

- I'll then create your personal Abundance Amplifier Blueprint that will dissolve away your subconscious money blocks and reset your wealth autopilot so you can be living the affluent life you deserve


In this session we'll focus on your ability to motivate, inspire and influence individuals or larger groups of people. You will raise your influence levels higher so you can impact your family, team, community, the world around you. Are you ready to get people to invest in you, believe in you, follow you?

In this session you'll discover how to...

- Talk easily with anyone, anywhere, anytime… without anxiety or fear

- Change your thinking so that potential customers & partners are drawn to you…not resist you

- Build instant rapport and be in control of the conversation (and well as yourself!) from the moment you introduce yourself

- Know exactly what to ask and listen for that causes your potential partners to actually influence themselves to look at your opportunity

Eliminate rejection and objections… without using mind games or mental tricks

- The secrets to winning friends & influencing with integrity, effortlessly

-  And you'll receive an amazing blueprint that will help you to reset your ‘point of attraction’ at the subconscious level so you automatically begin to attract more of the right people and opportunities effortlessly into your life.

About Dave O'Connor

​For over 20 years Dave O’Connor has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life. Dave specializes in assisting people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for individuals and organizations that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results.

 As a Mindset Business Coach to Network Marketing Leaders, CEO's, Small Business Owners, Coaches & Consultants his trainings continually impact sales growth and performance with incredible results. Because of his Holistic approach, his expertise extends to all areas of his clients’ lives – physically, emotionally and professionally.

Dave has a world-class skills set and as well as his qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, he is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a leading expert in the Psychology of Attention.

Dave with Richard Branson

Dave with Paula Abdul

Dave with Deepak Chopra

Dave with ​Brendon Burchard

What People are Saying...


“After seeing Dave speak at the Yes Group I signed up for a Blueprint and for his coaching course. One of my goals was to bring in £250,000 of orders into our business within 21 days. We achieved £180,000 of orders, which, when you compare it to the previous months orders of £88,000, has been a very impressive 104% increase and we have £540,000 worth of business which is very likely to close during the next month!

I have spent the last 5 1/2 years reading, watching and listening to lots of personal development courses and found that Dave’s Blueprint and Teleseminar trainings managed to get right to the heart of what really works. Thanks for some great coaching!”



"Many thanks for running an excellent coaching course. I am amazed at how my mindset has significantly changed for the better,enabling me to focus on areas of my life and business in a way I previously hadn’t imagined would be possible. Brilliant!"

Roger (UK)


“Whenever I am asked, who is the best person to help you reprogram your mind for success, I always reply, Dave O’Connor, he is simply the best.”



"I have just finished Dave’s Performance Coaching Program and the change in my life is nothing short of spectacular! I was certainly in a rut – Dave’s advice is far beyond “flowery optimism”… it is the perfect balance of eastern and western philosophies & science that creates and practical plan for success…

The benefits to me have transcended material gains, with truly amazing changes in some very tired old patterns of behaviour in my social and family life, but I have also pulled my business out of a nose dive as a result of my new clarity and perspective, generating incredible new opportunities while making some great friends and having fun along the way.

Finally, what I most enjoyed was getting to know Dave… he is a great communicator and he well and truly over-delivered on his promise. I have now re-discovered what it means to have a BIG exciting dream, achievable goals, and now enjoy sharing limitless positive energy with my family, as well as friends of my present and my very bright future. Namaste Dave – “the goodness in me, sees the goodness in you”…"

Scott Smith (Australia)


“I have studied the works of various success coaches over the last five years and find Dave’s work “talks to me” very effectively. Dave’s work goes further than just explanations of how universal laws and our mindset affect our ability to succeed. He offers valuable insights and techniques for self-improvement and success that are transparent and truly workable. Also, Dave’s passion and desire to help others is clearly a driving force in his life’s work. He is personable, an expert in his field and produces great results”

Randy Eck, PA


“Dave is incredibly skilled at offering the best information in the world in a clear and powerful way. From day one you can sense that a big shift is taking place inwards and outwards. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to take that next step into a higher level of thinking and living to participate in Dave’s trainings!”

Chara Rodriguera, USA

Don't Wait Any Longer to Transform Your Life. It's Time to Access Your Full Potential and Succeed for You, for Your Family, for Your Dreams.