Dave specializes in opening or closing keynote speeches that energize, entertain and leave people inspired.

A Leading expert on mindset

Visionary entrepreneurs such as financial and wealth advisors understand that getting to the next level of success requires a resilient mindset. But knowing the importance of having a strong positive mindset is different than understanding how to actually change your thinking. Dave O'Connor believes that mastering the inner game is the missing piece, and in the future the businesses that will thrive in a competitive marketplace will be those led by entrepreneurs who truly have the skillset to access peak performance states FAST and how to cultivate an invincible mindset.

Client's Testimonials


"I’ve been hiring Dave to speak at my conferences for many  years and his presentations are always world class. My audience love his inspiration, passion  and sense of humor. He delivers such an important message about how to master our mindsets. Dave's keynotes are truly life-changing."

Natalie Heeley, Entepreneur


Dave is one of the leading mindset trainers  & speakers in the world today. As well as personally experiencing the power of his trainings, over the years I have seen him inspire thousands of entrepreneurs  from the stage. He inspires  & motivates his audiences to take  their business to a whole new level . "

Jerry Conti, Co-Founder of Lux Vacation Rentals LLC


"In business you need great mindset, you need focus, you need a vision. I’ve been calling on Dave for many years as the go-to mindset coach to me and my team. You need somebody who understands where you are in business and where you want to go. Dave's leadership & mindset trainings really keep us on track. ”

Julie White, UK Businesswoman of the Year, Managing Director  D-Drill Ltd

 Dave specializes in entertaining opening or closing keynotes. Participants leave feeling positive, inspired, energized, connected to others, and with practical tools to implement into their daily lives.




The Top 5 Habits of Highly Resilient Financial Planners

Best Audience: Association Conferences, Leadership Events, Staff Training, Sales Rallies

Description: What happens when mistakes, setbacks, rejection, failures hit? Many people stay reactive and problem-focused causing them to lose business. People who bounce back quickly far outperform those who don't. But, it's not an intellectual exercise. You need good "habits of mind" to re-write how your brain operates.

From modelling & mentoring the most extraordinary achievers, Success Coach Dave O'Connor identifies the 5 mindset secrets that make the difference between being a struggling, stressed out entrepreneur and being a high achiever who effortlessly produces extraordinary results with more time/freedom to savour, appreciate and enjoy your family and lifestyle.

During this engaging and practical program your audience will discover how to:

  • Stay innovative, solutions-oriented, adaptive, centered, communicative and proactive in the face of setbacks.
  • Experience the power of Strategic Mental Rehearsal to increase confidence and belief in yourself.
  • Motivate yourself (and others) to take the actions you know you should be taking.
  • Develop the 5 key success habits necessary to achieve your biggest goals FAST.
  • Get momentum—and consistently build on it so you can be an unstoppable force!

Outcome: Audience members will leave inspired with insightful tips and practical tools that they can immediately apply to their own business and life to breakthrough to their next level of success.


Best Audience: Association Conferences, Leadership Events, Staff Training, Sales Meetings

Nearly every entrepreneur feels like there’s not enough time, but Dave believes that 99% of entrepreneurs aren’t using the time they have effectively. Studies show that the average entrepreneur spends 3-4 hours a day in stress, anxiety, worry and overwhelm.

The fact is, people are more distracted than ever. They are missing deadlines and procrastinating on important actionsThey are moving towards burnout.
In this powerful keynote David teaches

Over the years Dave has constantly modelled the most successful minds on the planet. They too lived in a world of distraction...but they still managed to consistently take the daily actions they needed to take AND somehow still had fun, flow and ease in their life.

Why? Because the world’s most successful people know how to manage their focus and eliminate distractions. And in this session, Dave reveals how they do it. 

These practices require very little time during your day and simply train your brain to consistently stay in a peak performance state, no matter what the distractions. 

During this engaging and practical training, your group will discover:

  • The key to staying focused and eradicating your addiction to distraction
  • Why we procrastinate and scientifically proven ways to overcome it
  • How to eliminate the emotional patterns that are sabotaging your success
  • The secret to taking massive action consistently
  • Why how long and how hard you work does not define productivity.
  • Tips for a productive to-do list (it's not what you think)
  • The best emotions you need to generate in order to be efficient
  • The biggest time wasters and how to avoid them
  • How to ‘get things done’ instead of chasing perfection
  • And so much more...

Audience members will leave with some rarely known and insightful tips and strategies modelled from the most successful achievers in the world that they can immediately apply to their own business and life to significantly improve their focus, productivity and results.


The Invincible Mindset that Can Overcome the Fears of Failure, Rejection & Selling.

Best Audience: Association Conferences, Leadership Events, Staff Training, Sales Training, Network Marketing.

Success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. You can have the best strategies, scripts and techniques in the world for overcoming objections and closing sales, but none of it matters if you’re stuck in fear of failure, rejection  or what others think.

Over the years I have cracked the code on making business growth simple and effective so you can spend your time impacting clients and enjoying your life.

Most people use fears of failure, rejection and selling as a valid reason to avoid contacting potential clients. In reality these fears are not a valid excuse to avoid doing our work in the world; It is just a mismanaged mind.

In this keynote, Dave will train you and your team how to overcome the fears of failure, rejection & selling and how to develop an Invincible Mindset so you can skyrocket your business to new heights.

Discover how to:

  • Learn the six brain hacks to conquer  fears of failure, rejection & selling forever
  • Learn the essential sales and marketing skills every entrepreneur needs to master in order to succeed in today’s brutally competitive marketplace.
  • How to choose thoughts that make you feel powerful & allow you to create from the future.
  • Master the mindset of closing (without being pushy or 'needy')
  • How to release the negative hold your limiting beliefs have over you
  • Managing your time and energy more effectively
  • How to enhance your business, health, and personal productivity
  • The secret to taking massive action when you don’t feel up to it
  • A step-by-step process you can use to minimize your self-doubt

Outcome: Finally, an understanding that there is a better approach to creating ideal clients. Your audience will learn to conquer  fears of failure, rejection & selling and master the mindset of closing (without being 'pushy' or 'needy'). With the principles made clear and simple, attendees leave with a sense of clarity and belief that they can achieve extraordinary success, and knowledge about what to do to get started immediately.


A 5 Step Process for Getting a Mental Breakthrough

?Best Audience: Sales training, Associations, Entrepreneur Conference


This life-changing presentation will help you transform limiting STORIES that keep you stuck. You'll discover a quick 5 step process you can use over and over again, to re-write those stories so you can have the life you REALLY want...

80% of the reason a person fails is because of inner self sabotage that's often below their awareness. It's very common for even HIGHLY successful people to:

•lose faith in themselves and their direction
•get thrown off by challenging people
•feel defeated by rejection
•get confused about how to make decisions
•avoid taking important actions
This training will transform:

•confusion into clarity
•self doubt into confidence
•fear into courage
•procrastination into action



How to Turn Differences into Win-Win Solutions

Best Audience: Associations, Leadership Training, Staff Training, Marketing, Entrepreneurs

Limiting beliefs manifest in many different forms for different people. You might have installed a restricting set of beliefs that tell you that you’ll never be successful. Or that you’re not good enough. Or that you’re a fraud. Or that you’re unworthy. Or that you’ll never accomplish any of your goals.

In this training, you will discover how to eliminate self-doubt, overcome self-sabotage and elevate your belief levels so you can achieve your impossible goals.

You will discover...

Dave's proven formula for achieving ANY goal fast  

 7 powerful questions to run through your mind that will start picking up your level of performance immediately

How to Avoid the one DEADLY MISTAKE… 99.9% of people make when it comes to goal setting

3 must-start habits to manifest your greatest life with effortless ease, flow and fun

How to bounce back and rise higher after a setback…

 The amazing neuroscience of success . . . and how to change your "set point” from struggle to success

The 2 most powerful emotional states for attracting more high net worth clients into your business

keys to leadership

Learning to lead, influence and empower a team to high performance in these fast-changing, ever-evolving times.

Best Audience: Staff Appreciation Event, Staff training, Team Leadership event

Description: The core attributes for effective leadership have changed. How do you lead in today’s fast-moving and ever-evolving times?

Learn the attributes and skills necessary to lead a dynamic team

Key Lessons:

● The daily rituals of the best leaders

● How to get extraordinary achievement from (seemingly) ordinary people

● Uprooting the negative belief systems that will severely limit your ability to succeed in today’s marketplace

● How elite performers think, produce and deliver value

● Successful emotional management of your team and clients

● Becoming a leader who motivates and inspires people to peak performance

  • Powerful tools to relentlessly innovate and wow clients in volatile times

  • Outcome:

    Your team will get a 180-degree mindset shift on the essential qualities of leading by example and demonstration, not lecture or conjecture. They will understand the responsibility and difference-making opportunity associated with leadership. They will leave with the tools to empower them to become influential leaders who build high-performance teams that deliver big results.

    Experience the power of creating a thriving team culture.


    Best Audience: Associations, Leadership Events, Staff Training, Sales training, Network Marketing, Entrepreneurs

    • Are your listeners not as engaged as you’d like them to be?
    • Are you finding it hard to convey a complex message briefly?
    • Do you love stories but aren’t sure how to craft them?

    …then this program might just be for you. People who can craft their message in story form are indispensable communicators whether it’s a formal presentation, education session, running a meeting or one-on-one.

    Most presenters need more stories, but either can’t think of any to tell, don’t know how to craft them effectively or lack the skills to delivery them well. During this engaging session you will discover:

    • a template for creating powerful stories
    • the do’s and don’ts of using stories
    • how to delivery stories with greater impact


    A Quick 7 Step Process for Breaking Free

    Best Audience: Conference Breakout Session, Staff Training, Leadership Summit, Entrepreneur Event

    Rushing around overwhelmed and impatient is now epidemic. This state of mind has become normalized in our society. Yet, it doesn't have to be that way.

    The costs to you, your work, your organization, family and society are huge such as:

    • Foggy thinking leading to less productivity
    • Health issues
    • Relationship breakdowns
    • Financial problems
    • Lowered happiness and quality of life

    Mindset is 80% of your success in project management. Most top athletes, musicians and business people hire mindset coaches to help them survive and thrive given the immense pressure of their role.

    Project managers are under just as much pressure at times, and need these tools too.

    Strategies will get you through for the short term, but for lasting results you need good practices of mind that work at both the conscious and subconscious levels for lasting results.

    Benefits to attending this session:

    • Lower your stress even under intense deadlines
    • Get more done in less time with less suffering
    • Help yourself and others be less reactive and more solutions-oriented under pressure

    Experience the relief of being calm, cool and collected under pressure.


    Dave O'Connor ​helps financial planners, advisors, insurance professionals - stay in high performance states so they can be their best no matter what. He also helps them build top communication and influence skills that dissolves resistance and open people’s minds to ideas, products and services.

    He can help you and your team:

         * motivate people to break through procrastination

         * negotiate and close sales

         * master focus, time & productivity

         * overcome limiting beliefs, fears & self-sabotage

    Your state of mind and how you communicate your message is 80% of your success. Get the help you need to break free of limiting mindsets and close sales with power and purpose. Dave has short and long term coaching programs, group or individual, live and online, depending on your needs and the needs of your team.

    CALL 1-310-734-8485 or

    Email: dave@daveoconnor.info

    to explore if this is a good fit for your event


    9.8 OUT OF 10 

    CALL 1-310-734-8485 or

    Email: dave@daveoconnor.info

    to explore if you want to explore coaching for financial advisors

    About Dave O'Connor

    For over 20 years Dave O’Connor has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life. Dave specializes in assisting people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for individuals and organizations that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results.

    As a Professional Executive Coach to Conscious Business Owners, Financial & Wealth Advisors, Change Leaders, Coaches, Consultants and Network Marketing Companies, his trainings continually impact sales growth and performance with incredible results.

    He gives you tools for a lifetime to change limiting beliefs that are blocking you. Often these blocks are below conscious awareness. Therefore, at the strategic level he works on leadership, communication, sales and influence skills.

    At the intuitive level, he works on confidence, self belief and mental rehearsal (like a pro athlete)...so that you build your capacity to succeed exponentially.

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