Certification in Coaching, Speaking, Leadership and Marketing  

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Welcome to the Online Coach Certification 

WELCOME!! You’ve made a fantastic commitment to yourself. Give yourself the gift of showing up fully, doing your own inner coaching, and giving it your best.

Check out the video above for a welcome and an intro to the site.


You’ll head over to the CLASSES tab to watch your class with Carla or Dave each week they’re released. On the CURRICULUM tab you'll find your Coach Certification LOGISTICS Book for all the logistics and FAQs regarding your training, the CURRICULUM Book for your course material and the WORKBOOK for your fill-in-the-blanks processes. For the most part, new classes will be released each Tuesday at 9 am Pacific Time.

Under the RESOURCES tab, you’ll find extra resources you might want for the training. We also have provided you with all of the PDFs of your curriculum books. If you’re still needing assistance after reviewing all of those resources, click on the SUPPORT tab.


Make sure you watch the video below on how to make submissions. No need to get overwhelmed here. We’ve got you. We’ll send you emails regularly with the most up-to-date info, so you won’t miss a thing.

See you in class.