Ep 10 – THE POWER OF STORIES TO HEAL – an Interview with Maya Christobel

Maya Christobel is a Harvard Psychotherapist having done her Masters and Doctoral work at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her career has always focused on helping people “unpack and transform their story.”

She has also written award-winning screenplays, ghostwrites novels and coaches writers internationally.  She authored Freeing Godiva and Roadmap to Success, co-authored with Deepak Chopra. Currently, Maya works with a documentary Naomi Weiss’s film company, Filmblanc, on a groundbreaking film called Connecting the Dots, on the epidemic of teen depression, anxiety, and suicide around the world.

She helps people tell stories that heal themselves and others. She did her masters and doctoral work at Harvard using innovative biotechnology and used it in her 30-year psychotherapy practice.

“Stories change us not just the people we are writing for.”

 Maya Christobel

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Topics Covered:

01:02 – Maya talks about  how the process of writing becomes transformational and it can heal the body
05:26 – Her philosophy is telling her story: to write for inspiration, to say things from your heart, and to express every single emotion for that character for that particular plot and chapter
06:47 – On repeat: why people watch movies and show over and over
08:10 – Maya dissects what makes Women Who Run with the Wolves a bestseller
13:10 – The Muse project: the Paradigm shift in the movie industry with women actors
20:00 – Character development as the core of any good book
23:20 – Why is it important to write with a truthful, genuine reason and motive
23:54 – Writing that cures cancer, stories to write to make the writer feel better
28:40 – The thing she loves about her work
31:39 – The exciting things she does as a consultant and researcher for ‘Connecting the Dots’ a documentary about teenage depression.

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