Ep. 110 – Magnetizing Your Goals versus Chasing Them

If you’re frustrated trying to manifest an important goal,  stop the chase and try magnetizing it instead.   It’s an entirely different approach.  Here’s a four step process to do that.   





01:45  – Why chasing goals often leads you to the wrong place    

10:35 –  An example of magnetizing versus chasing a goal  

17:50  – A four step process to magnetize ideal goals to  you 




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This is episode 110 –  Magnetizing Your Goals Versus Chasing Them.   If you’re frustrated trying to manifest an important goal,  stop the chase and try magnetizing it instead.   It’s an entirely different approach.  Here’s a four step process to do that.  Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and this is the MindStory Speaker podcast.

You may or may not of heard this before, but there is a dark side in the self-help industry. Say you want to manifest a goal like greater success in your business. There are, what I call, Electric Manifestation techniques. It’s where you may have been taught to  visualize a specific outcome of what that success looks likes – a number, an accolade, a production of something. So you imagine it coming true, maybe thanking LIFE  in advance for providing you with that goal as a way of building the energy of that timeline, taking action by, say, reaching out to key people who could help grow your business, affirming your capability to do that, etc.  Of course, those are all very powerful techniques, but if not connected to what I call Magnetic Manifestation, these can lead you astray.

So what is the Darkside?  It’s when you’re trying to manifest things that actually aren’t in your best interest, more specifically in the interest of your growth, your purpose, your deeper mission for why you’re here.  For example, there are many societal beliefs, or what we like to call MindStories, about how you really can’t feel worthy until you make a certain amount of money, look a certain way, have certain kind of friends, live in a certain kind of place. So people chase after those goals, and maybe sell a bit of their soul in the process to get there, because that’s what’s going to make them happy. When they get there, if they do, it feels hollow and empty. Maybe you have experienced that phenomenon.

And in many cases that goal is the metaphorical carrot on the stick in front the horse, you’re always chasing it, but never get there.  It’s where the goal was wrong and unrealistic to begin with, such as looking like an airbrushed model on the front of GQ magazine or Cosmopolitan. Or, what you think you want, once you get there, isn’t what you want at all…like living in a big house on the ocean…only to find you spend all your time and money having to fix, repair and upkeep because of the constant damage from the sea salt air, from storms, etc.

Or it gives you want you want but then it goes away as quick as it came. Like moving up in the ranks of a corporation, fighting tooth and nail with others to get that coveted corner office, only to find everyone else hates you, and then you suddenly get laid off with no warning anyway. Or, along the way you lose track of your moral compass. Say you’re seeking to build your business as big as a competitor, and you discover the best way to do that quickly is to do something a bit unethical. Now, you’re working all the time, you have no life and deep inside you feel uncomfortable about your business methods so find it hard to sleep at night.  And a few years down the line it bites you in the butt.

So, a way to avoid these pitfall is to not only to use Electric manifestation tools, but interweave them with Magnetic. What do I mean by that? Well, we live in electromagnetic universe, and in some ways you could see that as a masculine – feminine interplay of energy happening at the subatomic level as well as in the galaxy, and everything in between. Electric manifestation is more masculine. It involves chasing goals, focusing your mind on what you want, purposefully visualizing, see yourself having achieved the goal, what we call mental rehearsal, the type of thing athletes do to ensure they play their best during an important game. As I said, all of these work really well, but not if that’s the only method you use.

Magnetic Manifestation is more feminine, and involves drawing goals to you, becoming a vessel through which goals want to take root.  So instead of focusing, and using willpower, you relax and allow life to take care of you, you  let go of anything in the way of accessing the true self, that naturally feels abundant, worthy of prosperity, worthy of the goal. Whether you’re male or female, everyone has both masculine and feminine type capabilities when it comes to manifestation.

So this Magnetic type of manifesting is where you’re in touch with the higher mind, a kind of personal connection to the divine, however you like to call source type of energy. Regardless of who you are and how you were raised, we all have a connection to this divine. Some of us have just been taught to believe it doesn’t exist, and as a result we cut ourselves off from one of the most powerful tools for manifestation in the universe.

As I’ve said in other episodes, I was raised one of those people who were taught to believe it doesn’t exist. Both my parents were turned off by religious affiliation even before they met and had children.  So I spent a few decades having very little interest in anything spiritual or  divine. And I was always one to chase after my goals and not magnetize them. But when I came to a particularly low period of my life where nothing was working, like many people, I reached out to see if there was some kind of divine force I could call on. At first…nothing… because my relationship to that source of all life was atrophied from lack of use.

But, it came through slowly at first, in trickles. It was something about how it would serve me to stop trying, stop chasing, and listen. Listen to what? I wasn’t sure, but I sensed I had to do part 1…stop the chase, before I would find out what I was listening for. So, since nothing else was working, I stopped the chase, I literally dropped all the pushing, frustration, impatience, attachment I had to getting my business to a certain level of success that I thought I needed to have in order to be an okay person. That’s when I started hearing this deeper wisdom come through more loud and clear.

It was not a linear, logical type message, but rather an overall impression of an entirely different path for myself. It did not involve the typical type of activities or achievements that society would deem as successful.  And while It included specific goals, more so it was a certain way of being in going on the journey towards those goals. In other words it was a whole redefinition of success…I guess you’d call it…success on my terms. In other words, it felt far more truthful to me than trying to be like someone else who is supposedly successful. It involved simplifying my offerings, getting rid of anything that was now off purpose, even if it was an area of expertise that I sweated years to achieve. It was also about changing how I delivered what I offered, not only in terms of formats but content. It was a plan laid out in front of me that intimidated me…a whole re-writing of who I was and what I did. My ego didn’t want to hear that because logistically I couldn’t see how it would all work, but a deeper part of me felt fully relieved to go in that direction.

So after fighting that vision for a while, I surrendered to it. But instead of all these amazing goals manifesting, what happened was I went into a kind of Hermit period of my life where nothing really happened. I thought, wow,  this is doing the opposite of what I wanted. But when I reached out to this higher mind, this divine source of wisdom, I just kept getting to be quiet, stop trying and listen. So I kept going on that road for a while, and just really allowed myself to relax and just go with the flow of what life was bringing me, which was very little in terms of external success, but quite a lot in terms of a feeling of enrichment inside.

After several months of this, which was through the winter months, spring began to emerge, not only outdoors, but also inside me. In choosing to rest from all the chasing, trying, pushing, it allowed me to recuperate.  I needed to compost all my old hopes, dreams, ways of being, and let them disintegrate, mulch,  go back to the earth, to create fertile  soil for the next phase of my creative life. Only when that was done, did a whole new career and way of being in that career emerge.  It was 10 times more fulfilling and was entirely different that what I was chasing before. That’s an example of a more magnetic approach to manifestation.

Here’s another example.   It was during the financial downturn around 2008. Until that point, I was at top of my game in my business traveling all over the world until it all came to a screeching halt.  My income went down significantly, and so I had to again stop chasing the big goals, move out of the electric manifestation process and into the magnetic. I had to go back inside, to the ground of my being. It was humbling. But the words humble, humility, are actually rooted in the word in Latin literally means “on the ground” or from “humus or “earth.”  And, many of us go through these times cyclically in our life where we are  in the stratosphere, exploring the heights, exploring up and out, and then we have to go down and in. We have to go from electric to magnetic.

By going in, I found I had to really simplify my life, which I didn’t want to do it first. I didn’t want to stop traveling, I didn’t want to downsize where was living. I was so attached to what I thought that life and lifestyle meant about me. But as soon as I opened my mind to new possibilities, and committed to exploring those…I found myself in this magnetic manifestation mode, where synchronicities showed up. I didn’t chase any of them. They just fell into my lap…The right home, the right relationships, and an exciting creative project. Taking all the traveling working, socializing out of my life allowed me to have the time and energy to focus on this new creative project. Yes, I had to dip into savings, I didn’t know when or if things would turn around, but I was more fulfulled than I’d been in a long time. You might relate to a journey like that on the last downturn in the economy, or the recent one this year. Times like this it is best to go back into a magnetic versus electric way of manifesting goals.

Now lots of people don’t like the magnetic approach, because it’s not logical, or linear, and often takes longer.  Other people around you maybe don’t get it. It goes against the societal programming that most of us grew up with… To chase, to will something into being.  But the upside of magnetizing abundance in your life, is that it includes many levels of prosperity. It isn’t just the accumulation of things or income. It’s becoming a vessel for manifestation, not only for yourself but for others. To use a metaphor, electric manifestation is like the honeybee going from flower to flower to flower, to get the nectar. Magnetic manifestation is being the flower, being the source of that nectar.

All of us can do both, but we often just forget the magnetic. If you just being an electric manifester  then you going to burn out.  By the same token if you’re only being a magnetic manifestor,  you can stagnate.   It’s the interplay of both that creates growth. Being part of a bigger Noosphere of  giving and receiving.  You tap into the source  through magnetic manifestation, and then use electric manifestation to take action bringing it into the  physical realms.

Of course, without the limiting thoughts about what’s possible, we can actually manifest all kinds of things beyond our wildest dreams. The magnetic part of our nature helps us do that…to break out of the mold of what we thought was possible in the past. You’ve done it many times before. Just think of a time when you were chasing after something, and then you stopped chasing, and then something came out of left field that you didn’t expect at all that gave you what you wanted. Maybe not exactly what you wanted, but it was what you actually needed.

Case in point.  Years ago I wanted to live on an island in Canada on the West Coast. I kept  seeing myself in a certain kind of house, on a specific Gulf island.  And I went to the island many times, and I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. Nothing was working. No magic. No flow. Just frustration and exhaustion. That’s when I decided to stop using this electric manifestation process, and just let my goal go. I dropped the vision of living there, I let go of the way I was doing it. And I just went into this silent nothingness, no expectations, and just relaxed and focused on other things. That’s when I got the idea of not moving to the island. At first I rejected the idea, because  I was so attached to my idyllic vision.

But as soon as I opened my mind to that possibility, and committed to exploring it…I found it anchored me into a certain vibrational frequency that magnetised something to help me reach my goal. I got an email from someone saying their neighbor was renting a house that looked like the house I saw myself in, but it wasn’t on the island. It was on the mainland. I had this whole romantic idea of living on an island, because I’d had wonderful experiences on holiday being on there.  But I figure it might be a sign of this magnetic manifestation process happening, so I went to see the house and everything about it felt right.

Once I moved in there, I realized it was far better than being on the island. Because soon after, I started doing a lot of travel, and if I lived on the island, there was only two ferries a day, and getting on flights would have meant staying overnight in the city. I also needed to be more social at that time in my life, instead of being a hermit on an island. Because this house was just across the water from the island, I was still in the same energy frequency of the Gulf Islands, which is what I was looking for, which is what I loved. So the essence of the goal was good, I needed to be in the frequency of those islands, and in that kind of house, but trying to be on that particular island at that particular time in my life was not wise. So this magnetic manifestation ability is so powerful because it can tap into say your future life, your future self, who can see what is the best outcome for you, in a way that the inner masculine, the electric manifestation process can’t see, because it’s based on linear logic. I hope that makes sense.

So think about that for yourself.  Is there a goal you’re chasing after that isn’t manifesting? Maybe there’s something about it that is not right for you, or that you don’t see yet, maybe there is an aspect of the goal, or the process of doing it, that needs to switch. The best way to discover that is to just let the goal go.  My episode 104, is about the power of letting go. Usually you have to let go of needs, expectations, negative emotions around a goal that’s not manifesting, for things to transform. You need to go back into a kind of zero point frequency, a nothingness, which creates a complete openness to something new.

That’s when you become an magnetic vessel for a goal that is more on purpose for you, that is in alignment with a path you might not even realize you are on. This of course is to shift your entire orientation from thinking that life is about being happy, and being externally successful, to it being about personal growth. Or what some might call – soul growth. When you reorient yourself to — everything you experience in your life is really about soul growth,  it’s a lot easier to move into this magnetic form of manifestation. Because if your life starts going in a direction that your ego doesn’t want, and you don’t have that kind of orientation to life, that kind of philosophy of living, you’re going to go into massive resistance and make yourself miserable.

So here’s a simple three-step process to break free of the electric manifestation mode, and get into the magnetic manifestation mode.

  1. Bring a goal to mind, one that’s been elusive, hard to achieve.
  2. Imagine letting it go. It’s like you’re hiking up a big mountain with a huge, heavy, backpack on your back. You take it off, you put it down. You sit on rock and look at the Vista below and just relax for a few minutes. Imagine that you actually didn’t need anything in the backpack, and that you actually don’t need to climb the mountain. You could stay right where you are just relaxing in the sun, or you could go back down the mountain with nothing on your back, completely giving up on the notion of getting to the top the hill.  Just stay there for a while in that place of letting it all go.
  3. Listen to that deeper, wiser, wisdom that might come through. It might not come through right away. You really need to be in a place of stillness, silence, peacefulness, for your brain waves to change enough to tap into that higher mind. Keep a notepad nearby in case any insights come up. If you get nothing, go for walk, do something you love, get yourself in a good mood, and just listen. Sometimes it’s a quiet, almost imperceptible voice that will come up as you’re doing the dishes, or just as you wake up in the morning. As soon as you get an idea, or a new possibility, a new sense of direction, write it down. You have access to wisdom that is the best for you. Of course, it’s always helpful to listen to mentors, friends, family, wise teachers, consultants, experts. But in the end, only this inner wisdom, this magnetic source of truth, is the right path for you. The more you listen, the more you open your heart and mind to it, the stronger that connection becomes.
  4. Once you get clarity, commit to this direction. The process of commitment anchors you into a certain vibrational frequency that magnetises the opportunities, resources and people you need to move forward.

So, hopefully this electromagnetic approach to manifestation is useful. May you magnetize exactly what you need during this intense time of transition in the world.

For more ways of building magnetic habits of mind like this do check out our book on Amazon entitled:  MindStory Inner Coach: A 5-Step Self-Coaching Model to Overcome Limiting Stories So You Can Grow Yourself and Your Business Fasthttps://www.amazon.com/dp/1086051211

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Okay, that’s it for today. In the meantime, please hit subscribe, please like this episode and do share if so others can find it. Until next time, thanks for listening.

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