Ep. 118 – Preparing Your Vessel for Change

Many people are individually going through massive change right now. But we are also going through massive change as an entire world population…a change that’s probably never been seen before, at least in our lifetimes. However, if you aren’t prepared, you could have a harder time making the voyage or you could miss out on amazing opportunities along the wayIn this episode, we’ll talk about it looks like to prepare your vessel for that change.  




04:15 – Right now don’t ‘back burner’ taking care of your well-being and personal growth 

08:45 – We are evolving from homo sapien to homo luminous  

12:00 – 5 ways to help strengthen your vessel for big change  




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This is Ep 118 –  Preparing Your Vessel for Change.  Many people are individually going through massive change right now. But also we are going through massive change as an entire world population, too. A change that’s probably never been seen before, at least in our lifetimes. However, if you aren’t prepared, you could have a harder time making the voyage or miss out on amazing opportunities. So in this episode, we’ll talk about what does it look like to prepare your vessel.  Hi, I’m Carla Rieger. And this is the MindStory Speaker podcast.

So what do I mean by prepare your vessel? Well, the vessel is not just the body, but the mind, the stories, the mind stories that you live by your orientation to life, your core philosophies, your core beliefs that you live by. And many of us have been living on a timeline that is what I call a descending timeline, where we’ve lived in a world where there’s lots of inversions, and challenges to our health and our well being and our livelihood, and living a life on purpose. And then the big picture, it’s all been there for our learning. But if you’ve really learned your lesson, if you built the muscle, if you’ve built the resilience and the wisdom, and the strength, then it’s time to graduate. You have your badges of honor. Now it’s time to move on to a new world, a new timeline, or what I like to call the Golden Age, a timeline where you apply all your learning, you have the maturity and the growth, and the insight and the wisdom to handle a higher density timeline, a higher density reality.

And so a lot of what I’ve talked about on this podcast are all the ways that you can reorient, reconstruct, reprogram the stories that you live by the mindsets that you live by the core beliefs that guide you, so that you can be a good vessel for this change. Because the opposite is if you haven’t prepared your vessel. And let’s use the metaphor of a vessel like a ship. If you head out to sea, in a boat that doesn’t have enough supplies, there’s holes in the hole, it’s kind of rusty, the sails are torn, the rudder doesn’t really work, then it’s going to be rough going once you’re out at sea. So not only I think, do you need to prepare yourself on the inside in terms of how you look at life, and your life habits. But also, you know, physically, how you’re eating, how you’re sleeping, how your metabolic systems work, having a healthy body at this time is very helpful to handle all the energies coming through. And in other episodes, I’ve talked about the Schumann resonance and how it is kind of like the heartbeat of the world or the emotional energy of the planet. And it’s been all over the place, especially in the last year. So that throws off people as well, it throws off our inner Schumann resonance. So that erratic and agitated energy. And that usually happens when an entire planet or an individual is going through massive change. There’s lots of disturbance, lots of chaos.

And so you have to be very grounded in your body. With good habits of mind, if you’re going to be a vessel for this change, if you’re going to be able to embody it and go with it. If you’re not, then yeah, you could lose your direction at sea, you could sink, you could get stuck and not move forward because you have no method of propelling yourself forward. So even though so many of us are busy, we have so many things going on anything you can do right now, to take care of your inner mental, emotional health, your outer physical health is not a waste of time, I give you full permission to spend as much time as possible, preparing your vessel, being the best that you can be getting yourself in shape, not wasting your energy on things that don’t really matter in the big picture.

And we all do it. We all have our ways we waste time, whether it’s too much time on social media, or watching shows or helping other people with things that they could be doing on their own, or taking on projects that really don’t feel on purpose. You’re just doing them for the money. And yes, we all need to have income to live. But sometimes the cost to doing things that are off purpose is not in balance with maybe the money you’re making. So just really, really looking at the things you’ve committed to the people you’ve committed to the groups, whether it’s paid or volunteer, is it really serving you? Is it really serving all of humanity? Or is it something that is of your old self of the old world that you need to just let go of at this time, and create space and create time for yourself to prepare your vessel so that you aren’t lost at sea so that you have a powerful vessel to go from? Where we are now to this new world to this new timeline, this new golden age?

Where exactly are we going? Well, there’s lots of theories on that. But if you look through ancient wisdom, you’ll see a lot of teachings, say in Hinduism about the four yugas, the four ages, and we’ve been in an era called the Kali Yuga, meaning 1000s of years of strife, discord, coral contention. And this current epoch of the Kali Yuga, that’s been going on for 1000s of years, officially ends in the year 2025, moving us into the ascending Dwapara Yuga, which is a golden age timeline. And we’ll go on for a few 1000 years. And it’s where all the systems and structures and ways of being changed dramatically. And of course, it’s happening slowly over time, but those kind of changes are going to be speeding up and all the systems and structures are going to be falling away, already are falling away.

So things that we just assumed would always be around, I think are going to disappear. But you can see the idea of a golden age in myth and folklore of all kinds of ancient cultures. And there’s theories of celestial motion, such as the precession of the equinox. And these processional cycles last about 24,000 years. And we’re coming to the end of that, and moving into a new era where we’ve been living in an era of materialistic rationality and are now moving into a golden age or higher state of consciousness, and so many more very similar theories in Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, and more, the only real way to know where you’re moving is to go inside and connect in with your own higher mind. This part of you that can give you an inkling of what’s coming, customized for you, and where you are in your life and your circumstances and tell you how to prepare. So it’s important to have some sort of regular life habit where you check in with this higher mind, such as a number of the tools that we have on our free tab, mind story. academy.com are designed to get you in the right mindset. And to get you connecting with this higher mind, or also our online course, mind story blueprints. And by connecting with this higher mind, you are connecting to a part of you that can upgrade your DNA.

And in fact, that’s a huge part of what’s happening is people are moving from homosapien to a whole new species which some called homo luminous. And where a lot of the DNA that was called junk DNA is now going to be turned on. And you’re going to have all kinds of abilities and skills and insights that you didn’t have before. And some of the information coded in your DNA now is no longer in alignment with this new blueprint you need to have moving forward. Some people go so far as to say that the body is changing from carbon base to a more crystaline base formation so that our cells can carry more light.

And the more deeply you relax, the more easily you can allow your higher mind instruct your higher mind to release blocks, old trauma old issues, which in some ways is kind of like a lake that’s frozen over and the ice on top is melting. And then you’re moving back into summer and the life of the lake can come back. So the natural you the natural health, a body that’s more integrated and communicating with other parts of the body, deeper wisdom available, higher creativity, having gifts and talents that you never knew you had all come to the surface. They were there all along but they were covered over in this ice in this wintery time of the Kali Yuga.

And with this new homo luminous blueprint reactivated, you can more easily attune to what you might call a quantum cosmic computer where you have access to all kinds of information, access to a kind of abundance and prosperity that you never had before. Because we were living in this age of scarcity is where everything you need is available, it’s where there’s a level of health, you didn’t even know was possible level of rejuvenation, a level of peace and joy that you didn’t even know existed. And there is a mass awakening happening now and a reboot of humanity’s mindsets. So here are a few do’s and don’ts for preparing your vessel.

Number one is don’t just rely on the lower mind. Like the linear, logical, ego based self, you need to be in contact with this higher mind that knows the way and knows the path. Because otherwise, you’re going in there blind. And again, anything you can do like journaling, or meditating, or being out in nature, anything that connects you to that higher mind, on a regular basis can help you do that.

Number two is ensure you are connected to true wisdom that’s appropriate for you. I mean, there’s lots of great teachers out there, or people who are going to tell you, you know, this is the way to do it. But anything that kind of tells you to do it their way and not to find your own inner truth is something I would just trust. So anything that brings you back to just your natural wisdom, that’s always there anyways, it’s just been covered over is kind of the way to go.

And as I was mentioning, the next one is really about giving yourself time to take care of yourself, kind of like that old metaphor that’s often used on an airplane, put your own mask on first, and then you’ll have the oxygen you need to help children or help other people. So help yourself first, and then you can be helpful to others. Don’t burn yourself out helping other people and, you know, drown yourself in the process of doing that. And that might mean separating yourself a bit from things that drain you like really thinking through Is this a really important priority in my life, or am I just doing it out of habit or doing it because other people will disapprove if I stopped doing it.

But at the same time, the next one is to kind of be a beacon for others if you’re already on the right timeline. And to not kind of preach to them how to be but just kind of who you are, like, just be around them at times. And they will, I think energetically pick up on who you’re being. And you can help them find this path out of the descending timeline into the golden timeline.

And the next one is just to remember that you’ve survived big changes in your life before, maybe not as big as this one. But maybe you had a breakup and then started a new relationship. Maybe you got fired, and then started a business. Maybe someone was really upset with you. But now you’re back together as friends again, maybe you had an illness or an injury and it felt horrible. But then you healed and came out of it and learned some good things. So remembering those times can be useful and can also help you realize, you know, what were the strengths that you had at the time that really helped you through that change? Or what were the strengths you wish you’d had more of. For example, I went through a time in my life where I left a job and a business I was running and a relationship and moved to another country. So it was a lot of big changes. And I spent a lot of time worrying that things would go wrong. You know, kind of catastrophizing and nothing went wrong, actually, it all went really well. And when I think back, if I had just kind of trusted more, and assumed things were going to go well, I would have had a better sleep, and I would have had more energy for all the things I had to do to go through that change. So that helps me now. If I’m going through this big change just to assume that things are gonna go well, because that will I know, help me sleep better, helped me envisioning good things happening, which helps magnetize them and if something does go off is hard. I have more energy to deal with it. If I’m worrying the whole time that I don’t have the energy to deal with it.

And then the final one is just to remember that this change is probably going to be something you look back on and say oh my goodness, that was so amazing. I’m so glad this change happened. While you’re in the change, sometimes it can really throw you off and feel uncomfortable. Especially if old things need to fall away like old relationships or old systems you’ve used before. old ways of thinking, old ways of even perceiving yourself, all have to die. And there’s this natural inclination within all of us to resist death, resist the depth of things, the ending of things, even if they’re things we want to get rid of. Right, if you gone from being a heavier person to a slimmer person, you know, there’s this death of the old, heavier self, right, if you’ve gone from being single to being in a relationship, even if you want to do, there’s the death of your single life. If you’ve gone from heavy a job, to starting a business, you have to deal with the death of this job that gave you guaranteed income every two weeks, or whatever it was that made you stay there. So we like things that are familiar, there’s part of the brain that wants things to be familiar and certain, but there’s also a part of the self. And I think kind of the true self that actually wants variety, and wants change and wants growth. And so if you just kind of reconnect with that part of you, which I think is this true self that’s underneath all the overlays of bad programming, that you’ll just naturally kind of look forward to the change, and you’ll have this natural strength and resilience, to succeed through the obstacles.

So just make sure you have the support you need. Sometimes a group of friends can be helpful, but sometimes that can work against you, if everyone in that group is either not aware that a big change is happening in the world, or they’re really afraid of it, that can pull you into what they call the group Egregor, the group MindStory that It is going to be hard and, or that a big change coming doesn’t even exist. So instead you want to be connected to people who understand that we’re going through a big change in human history. And that is a good thing. And if you can’t find those kind of people, you know, there’s teachers, guides, leaders, podcasters authors who you might resonate with, and that can help you and can guide you, even if you don’t have a personal relationship with them, you can always hire a coach, you can always join a forum. But if you’re always in touch with this higher mind, I think that is kind of your best support at this time.

So do go to MindStoryAcademy.com/FREE, the free tab, and you’ll see a number of things there that can help you like our book, Mindstory Inner Coach book with the 5-step AVARA model to help you with preparing your vessel for change. So, whatever you’re stressing out about in terms of change, just run it through the questions, and you’ll come out the other side feeling entirely different about it in a good way. And it works not only in the moment to help you feel better, but it starts to rewrite a new mindstory, new train tracks of thinking that will be very helpful moving forward.

There’s also the Memory Imprint Journal, 5- day free trial, which is a really useful process to really reward yourself on a regular basis for the little changes you’re making. And also to feel appreciation for yourself and life circumstances along with evidence that things are going in a good direction. It will also help you fill your mind with good memories from your past. And if you go through the 3o day version of the course you’ll see how to create future memories, where you actually write out how things are going to go in the future in a good way. And again, it reorients you in this golden age timeline.

So all those kind of little practices, they’re free, they’re available to you, they give you the tools that you’ll need moving forward. They’re on the free tab of mindstoryacademy.com.

So I’ll leave you with this quote on resilience. Resilience is the maintenance of high levels of positive effect and well being in the face of adversity. It is not that resilient individuals never experienced negative effect, rather than the negative effect does not take them under. They have a strong vessel. They have a hole with integrity, strong sales of strong rudder, and can make it to the far shore. That’s it for today. Thank you for listening

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