Ep 13 – VISUAL STORYTELLING TO BREAK YOU FREE OF THE PAST – an interview with Christina Merkley

Christina Merkley is the Director of Shift-It Coaching. As a pioneering ‘Visual Coach,’ Christina Merkley facilitates individuals, partners and groups and mentors other Process Professionals across the globe.

Since 2001, she’s been a lead Graphic Facilitator specializing in Strategic Planning and Visioning working with huge corporations, small businesses, and individuals as a facilitator, coach, and trainer. Her methods bridge Left-Brain Organizational Development and Strategic Planning with Right-Brain Graphic Facilitation and Emotional Intelligence.  

In this episode, Christina talks about how she uses visual thinking and inner work to help people successfully align with their next chapter in work and life. Learn how Cristina helps draw out stories from people’s past that unconsciously running their lives. We’ll hear examples such as a woman who had a story about being “less than” her mother. It caused her to hold herself back for decades until she cleared it with visual storytelling.  Listen on to know more.

“Most of my work is visual. So I’m literally drawing out what people are saying, and thinking, and feeling. Visuals are mirroring device that kind of mirror people back to themselves.”

- Christina Merkley

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Topics Covered:

01:54 – How Christina Merkley help people make shifts through her visual coaching 
02:22 – Her philosophy on how to use visual stories to mirror people’s life 
04:00 – Her method of bridging left-brain organizational development and strategic planning with right-brain graphic facilitation and emotional intelligence 
06:09 – How she was able to draw out a client’s inner childhood story, a past that causes her to feel less of a person
11:22 – Why a coach should avoid imposing stories to the coachee 
14:17 – Challenges she experienced as a coach, sharing tips to overcome coaching 
17:11 – The concept of a timeline: how it helps shift disempowered stories to become empowering ones 
20:16 – The Orphan Rescue: the tool that unlocks the mystery as to why you react the way you do and how to SHIFT-IT — so you can create the life that you really want. 
23:10 – Using visual life maps to shift your path


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