Dave O’Connor is the co-founder of MindStory Academy. He has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life.  

In this podcast, you will discover how to rekindle your passion, even if you’re already very busy. Here’s 4 ways he discovered after 22 years of coaching people, that help people get the magic back into their life.  


#1 – Presence 

This is being able to connect with people where they are at now. You’re present with people. Many people have lost that ability. One way you can develop more presence is by releasing the past. The vast majority of people live biologically in the past. They can be carrying a resentment or an upset for years. Successful people have cleaned out a lot of the toxicity in their emotional lives by letting go of their past stories. The MindStory Academy is dedicated to helping people do that. 


#2 -Passionate Curiousity 

Successful people are passionately curious – they cultivate joy and enthusiasm for what is coming up in their life. They love to learn new things. This gives them that dopamine release where they feel completely revitalized.


#3 – Practicing Regularly 

People who stay connected to their vision practice mindset mastery skills. It helps them create their own luck by tuning in at a higher frequency. This helps them better manifest their ideal outcomes.  

#4 – Purpose 

Passionate people stay connected to a higher purpose. They have a powerful “why” for doing what they are doing. When others feel that you’re on a mission with a sense of purpose, this allows them to feel that they can connect with you, they can trust you, and want to work with you.


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Topics Covered:  

02:32 – People live biologically in the past
04:35 – Provoking our own curiosity
06:00 – Create your own luck
08:46 – Let go of the past stories 


Success is practice meeting opportunity.” 

- Dave O’Connor 

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