How agile are you as a leader? When challenges hit, are you highly adaptable, collaborative and resourceful in the face of challenges, or the opposite? The opposite is being resistant, argumentative and problem-focused. Most of us go up and down on the spectrum of agile to non-agile. This podcast is about how to be more agile as a leader through the stories you tell yourself and those you draw out from others.  

Agile leaders are what we call Artist of Change. They can adapt and innovate quickly and easily, whereas a lot of people in leadership don’t adapt very easily and stay problem focused far too long. If you’ve ever been that way, don’t worry, welcome to the human condition.

The human mind has a strong bias for resisting change and seeing the world from a mainly negative perspective. But the good news is that through small habits of mind you can retrain how your mind operates under pressure, much like an athlete trains their body and mind to perform well under pressure.  

In this podcast, you’ll be introduced to four quick and easy to use worksheets that you can use as a self coaching tool or to help others. We found if somebody did these quick activities for 21 days straight, it became default. Its like when you first started driving a car, it was slow. You had to pay attention and focus on every move. Now it’s default, it’s gone into the subconscious. You can drive, talk on the phone, drink coffee, put your makeup on. Not recommended, but its possible. That’s what we want to get to with these habits, you just naturally think this way…and then it opens life possibilities up in a huge way. You’ll use these habits every single day of your life, for the rest of your life, at work and in your personal life.  

The idea here is keeping it quick and simple, like brushing your teeth. All of these are small, easy things to do, because over the years of teaching the mindset of a good leader, if you keep it conceptual, non practical and complicated…the majority of people will not implement anything and therefore will not get any good results. On the other hand, by turning a concept into a small, quick habit and testing it to ensure it’s tried-and-true habit in the real world…then people do it, and get the excellent results. That’s what I want for you.  


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Most people can easily name their issue, but if you ask them to state their ideal outcome — they draw a blank. They prefer to just complain, instead of focus on what they actually want instead. 

- Carla Rieger 


Topics Covered: 

3:25 – The #1 skill you need to be an agile leader
9:23 – How to switch your state of mind in an instant
17:07 – Are you someone who can assign meaning rather than be reactive?
27:54 – A test to see how creative you are 

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