Communication breakdowns are very common in business and life. Yet they can totally disrupt your life. In this episode we explore a 6 step process you can use to resolve differences quickly and easily. http://mindstoryspeaker.libsyn.com/


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MindStories can help resolve differences of opinion, rebuild trust with someone, and finding win-win outcomes even to complex situations.  

These can be slight differences of opinions, to emotionally charged situations and everything in between 

The number one reason people get into disagreements in business and in their personal life is due to the story they tell themselves about the situation. So it only makes sense that the number one way to resolve it is to change the story, or what we call in inner MindStory 

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A lot of people try to resolve issues when their survival brain is triggered, and they don’t even realize it. Once you recognize that and shift it, the whole situation looks different. 

- Carla Rieger 


Topics Covered: 

8:38 – How to release reactions
12:53 – How to Envision What YOU Want
15:53 – How to Envision What THEY Want
16:40 – List Facts and Objective Criteria 
18:09 – Prepare Open Questions
21:15 – Invite Them to the Conversation 


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