If you look at a brain scan of someone listening to a story it’s far more engaged than when listening to concepts.  This is for you if you ever need to influence people to succeed, to achieve their goals or to make a positive change. For example, during presentations, pitches, negotiations or sales presentations. If you’re not using stories, then people tend to tune out.

Stories help you open people’s minds to new possibilities because they bypass the judgmental mind. Plus, people will “get” what you’re trying to communicate so much more effectively.

In this episode, Carla Rieger talks all about how we can build our power to positively influence others with the stories we tell. She also shares the 5-part story structure, where to find good stories to tell, why you need a personal WHY story, how to use stories in social media, and how to get over public speaking anxiety. Enjoy this episode.

“The whole brain lights up when people listen to a story because it is how we all communicated and learned from each other for eons.” 

-Carla Rieger

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Topics Covered:

  • 00:51 – Carla’s public speaking and coaching background
  • 02:36 – Her shift from being a self-conscious speaker to a well-loved speaker/trainer
  • 04:53 – Importance of moving out of your comfort zone and meeting people
  • 05:53 – Importance of story structures to bring out core universal value people can relate to
  • 06:50 – All about Carla’s 5-part story structure
  • 10:11 – ‘The Saver Line’
  • 11:38– Her inspiration to become a professional speaker
  • 13:35 – Creating a more confident persona when delivering speeches
  • 15:16 – How she uses stories in social media
  • 19:16 – Combining the power of storytelling with social media
  • 23:13 – How to build an online presence as a speaker using videos and the right keywords 26:52– The Do’s and Don’ts of creating your story
  • 28:22– How to tell someone else’s story to build credibility and capture attention
  • 28:42– Delivering a speech that gets a standing ovation
  • 29:42– Motivating someone to buy by sharing a story



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