Ep 20 – SELL YOUR BOOK THROUGH PUBLIC SPEAKING (without being salesy)

Ever thought of promoting your book through public speaking? It’s by far the quickest and most effective way to sell books and to build your reputation as an author.   

In this MindStory Speaker Podcast you’ll discover 5 ways to sell your book through speaking without having to be salesyhttp://mindstoryspeaker.libsyn.com/ 

Discover how to get booked for live or online groups, to help you be seen as a credible and trustworthy expert in your field, and to sell more booksDuring this podcast you’re going to learn: 

  • How to cover the cost of self publishing through one speaking engagement  
  • How to the 3 most common avoid mistakes when selling your books from the stage 
  • How to attract buyers through using stories  
  • And Much More… 


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THE HEART OF PRESENTING: The Essential Presenter’s Toolkit (reference manual) https://carlarieger.com/heartofpresenting 

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If you’re concerned about selling your when you speak, just remember this. People will get far more value from your message if they have your book, as opposed to just hear you speak. - Carla Rieger 


Topics Covered: 

1:35 – How I paid for the cost of publishing my first book through one speaking engagement 

4:12 – How to get over fears of selling your book from the platform 

10:45 – What to do if you’re told you can’t sell your books at a speaking engagement 

15:00 – Where to find opportunities to speak in front of your ideal audience 


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