Ep 21 – THE STORY OF CONFLICT: A 3 Step Process to Get to Resolution Quickly

Communication breakdowns can be stressful. Top communicators have small habits that help them avoid unnecessary conflict and get to resolution quickly.   

In this MindStory Speaker Podcast you’ll discover 3 habits for avoiding costly communication breakdowns and getting back your peace of mind quicklyhttp://mindstoryspeaker.libsyn.com/ 



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“Conflict is like fire. Too much causes damage to people and property. Too little and no transformation can occur.”- Carla Rieger 

Topics Covered:

6:30 – How to break free of looping on your issue 

9:48 – How to de-escalate yourself before discussing an issue 

10:48 – A quick test to see how mentally healthy you are 

14:28 – The number one question to get someone else “untriggered 


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