Do your listeners seem bored?  Are you finding it hard to share dry material in an interesting way?   

In this Podcast you’ll discover how to engage your listeners, capture attention and stand out from the crowd by using more stories and exampleshttp://mindstoryspeaker.libsyn.com/ 

People who craft their ideas in story form far outperform those who don’t. Whether it’s a presentation, pitch, social media profile or sales conversation, learn to speak in stories, examples, metaphors and comparisons, and you’ll notice your engagement skyrocket. 

Most business communicators need more stories, but either can’t think of any to tell or lack the skills to craft and deliver them well. During this engaging session you will discover: 

   * a template for creating powerful stories that engage and inspire action 

   * the do’s and don’ts of using stories in a business setting 

   * how to deliver stories for best impact 

Experience the joy of captivating your listeners and having your ideas open hearts and minds.


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Free Online Training – COMMUNICATING WITH STORIES: 7 Secrets to Being a Master Storyteller in Business Who Can Inspire and Motivate People to Take Action https://courses.carlarieger.com/communicating-with-stories-lp/  

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Tell me the facts and I’ll forget. Give me an example and I’ll remember. But tell me a story and I will be inspired to action. 

- Old Chinese Proverb 

Topics Covered: 

6:30 – How to break free of looping on your issue 

9:48 – How to de-escalate yourself before discussing an issue 

10:48 – A quick test to see how mentally healthy you are 

14:28 – The number one question to get someone else “untriggered 


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