• Are you procrastinating on tasks that would really move your business forward? 
  • Do you get derailed by thoughts of “not enough time or money?” 
  • Are you overwhelmed and confused about the right actions to take?  


In this episode with Carla Rieger, you’ll discover how to build the habits of a high achieving entrepreneur. One reason over 50% of businesses fail is because the business owner gave up too soon. They were too problem focused and fearful of making mistakes.  

High achievers have simple daily habits to bounce back quickly from setbacks, instead of drowning in regret for a long time. They stay solutions-oriented and adaptive in the face of challenges, instead of feeling defeated by them.  

We call these resilient people “Change Artists”. The skills of a Change Artist don’t actually need to be learned. They are innate skills that you just need to remember to access. These practices require little or no time or money, and simply train your brain to stay in as high a performance state as possible, no matter what is going on around you. 


During this entertaining, engaging and podcast you will discover how to:  

  • Build and maintain your vision when faced with seemingly impossible situations 
  • Help yourself and others move from being reactive to proactive under pressure 
  • Activate your ability to perform your best no matter what 



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High achievers lean into the roller coaster ride of life, and ghands free. 


Topics Covered: 

1:15 – How to Change Your State of Mind in an Instant 

19:15 – Try the AVARA Model to get a quick breakthrough 

23:15 – Exploring Your Big WHY 

35:55 – How to Choose a Higher Capacity Way of Thinking  


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