If you have too much overwhelm, stress or self doubt lately, check this out. The AVARA Model is a quick 5 step process to break you free of limiting MindStories 

A MindStory is what you tell yourself about life at the subconscious level, below your awareness. These are stories from the past, present and imaginings about how your future will look. 

Some of these MindStories are empowering and supportive of the life you want, while others are disempowering and sabotage your success.

Our brain structures the rules by which we live our lives — in STORY FORM. To change them you need to break down the limiting stories first into their component parts.

In this episode you will explore how self coach so you can: 

•  break free of procrastination and take purposeful action 

•  overcome your fears and take courageous steps towards your dreams 

•  end self-sabotage so you can make a difference & make a great living 

•  fail forward so you can create the right success habits to fulfil your purpose 

Discover a powerful, proven 5-step self-coaching process called that can break you free of anything, anytime, anywhere. 


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Use Your Mind Wisely – Don’t Let It Use You. – Carla Rieger


Topics Covered: 

5:10 – Why you need to break down a limiting MindStory in order to re-write a new one 

7:15 – How to use the AVARA model to feel better emotionally 

15:48 – Why you need specific, small action steps to make the new MindStory default 


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