Ep 26 – EMOTIONAL MASTERY – 3 Steps to Revitalize Your Life

If you’d like to learn how to master negative emotions, check this out. Most people think that it’s external circumstances that create how they feel.

The truth is, that it’s your thoughts and interpretations about those circumstances. It’s impossible to feel unhappy without first having unhappy thoughts. It’s impossible to feel confident without having confident thoughts. 

On top of that, everything you do in your life is because you want to FEEL a certain way. This is a huge realization for many people. If you want financial success, it’s because you want to feel secure, at peace, significant, or free. If you rehearse a speech, it’s because you want to avoid embarrassment, feel proud of yourself, or appreciated by your listeners.   

It’s easy to forget that you CHOOSE to think certain thoughts. That’s because yours thoughts are often happening below your conscious awareness. Therefore, it serves to bring those thoughts to the surface and see if they are serving you. Changing your subconscious thoughts will help you master your emotions. 

In this episode we will explore how to: 

  • improve how you feel, by changing the meaning you give to things 
  • shift negative emotions by going through them, rather than avoiding them
  • generate the positive feelings that will give you more of the life you want 

Topics Covered: 

2:12 – A Traditional Swedish teaching story about emotional mastery
7:00 –  An example of good emotional mastery after a public speaking disaster
16:02  –  3 ways to practice how to master negative emotions to revitalize your life 





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