Ep 27 – END SELF SABOTAGE: 4 Ways People Sabotage and How to Transform Them

Do you sometimes sabotage your own efforts? Welcome to the human condition. It’s very common. High achievers find ways to transform self sabotage, so their goals progress anyway. 

In this episode we will explore: 

  * Four types of self sabotage and how to recognize each 

  * How to dissolve self sabotage 

  * How to reinforce self belief 




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Topics Covered: 

0:51 – An example of self sabotage in action  

10:30 –  Four types of self sabotage 

10:31 – The Self Doubt Trigger 

12:30 –  The Unwillingness Trigger 

14:43 –  The Distraction Trigger 

16:17 –  The DeMotivation Trigger 


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