The most important thing, when it comes to achieving your goal, is to become a person that believes you already have it.  That’s what professional athletes do who work with performance coaches. They practice the thoughts and feel the feelings of playing their best, BEFORE they get out on the field. It’s called ‘Mental Rehearsal’.

Believing you already have something is the secret to the Universe.

This is not a play on words. Just to make an important distinction, it’s not about believing you will achieve your goal in the future – it’s about believing you already RECEIVED IT. When you believe you’ve already received it, you become completely detached from the worry, desperation and anxiety that most people normally have around achieving important goals.

This is the energy that attracts your goal towards you.

In contrast, if you’re constantly worried, you’re sending a message to your unconscious that you don’t deserve to have the goal. Your unconscious passes the message onto the Quantum Field. The Quantum Field is a theory about a plane of existence where thoughts manifest into reality. It’s like the invisible code on a website that creates the images, videos, text, shapes and colors that you see.

In this episode we will explore:

  • Why believing without doubt is the #1 way to achieve any goal
  • Why people can’t let go of self doubt and how to break free
  • The importance of appreciation before you even reach your goal
  • How to manufacture belief when there’s no evidence that it will happen

Quote: “What we are today, comes from the thoughts we had yesterday.” – Buddha




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Topics Covered:

2:28 – The difference between high achievers and low achievers

6:28 –  How to become a person who already has your goal

10:21 – Why you need a good relationship with “The Quantum Field”

12:51 –  When giving up is the right answer

15:20 –  Why you need to continually keep your mind in shape


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