What is the story of your financial future? And what are the scripts that you live by? There are archetypal stories that drive people, such as the story of the Beggar, the Orphan, the Judger, or the Super Hero. Some of these subconscious stories can totally limit your ability to live a prosperous life – and you might not even know it!

In this episode, I’ll walk you through a process of re-writing your Hero’s Journey story when it comes to prosperity and abundance. If life is a game, then any struggle or challenge can be seen as a way to make the game more interesting, and more likely to help you grow. If you’re in business for yourself, or are in a leadership role, chances are you’ve gotten stuck sometimes along the way to an abundant life. Money and our relationship to it, is a powerful tool for self-growth. Once you master it, you will have access to the prosperity that’s always been there for you.


Topics Covered: 

6:35  – The journey of mastering money is a good for soul growth 

10:40 –  Discovering your “Money Archetype” 

19:10  Common core “scripts” that block abundance 

25:30 –  The importance of curousity and compassion when shifting core scripts 

28:35 –  Why giving value and getting value isn’t always reciprocal  





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