Here are 3 ways to calm down when you feel stressed by your work. Rushing and working harder doesn’t make overwhelm go away, but these techniques will  

In this episode, you will discover 3 ways to move from the overwhelm mindset to calm, clear and action-oriented. Each of these ways only takes 1-10 minutes. If you use them regularly will become default habits of mind, that lead to long term success in all areas of life.  

Benefits of listening:  

* 3 tools for moving from overwhelm to calm, clear and action-oriented  

* lower your stress to improve you physical and emotional wellbeing  

* improve your income, productivity and creativity by changing bad habits of mind 



Topics Covered: 

 3:00  – How addiction to overwhelm is a form of self sabotage 

6:42 –  How complete burnout led me to become a master of my mindset 

15:10– A one-minute exercise to break free of worry 

21:06–  How you use the AVARA Model to break free of overwhelm 









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This is episode 35 how to go from overwhelmed to calm, clear action. Welcome. This is Carla Rieger and it’s the mind story speaker podcast for influencers in business who want to be their best self in high pressure communication situations. Today we’re going to talk about overwhelm and how to break free because it’s one of those cultural trances that so many of us are getting lost in and I spent a lot of time with my coaching clients, helping them break out of that and when they do, it’s just like a one stop shop for a lot of good things, so overwhelmed by your to do list your task list, your deadline, three tips for breaking free. These don’t take very long. They’re like just a few minutes, but if you do them in the morning or if you start getting overwhelmed again doing the during the afternoon and then all of a sudden you’re finding that your brain is working better and so many things are happening that are much better than the overwhelmed mindset.

Here’s my question for you. Do you get stuck in overwhelm, confusion, and stress? Is it normal to be stressed? I mean, everyone’s stressed, they’re juggling a million things and it’s sort of cool and cache to say, Oh my gosh, I’m so busy and like list all the things you’re busy about, but is that normal? You also maybe notice some people deal with huge challenges and seem to not feel overwhelmed and stressed and you might wonder how they do it and I’m one of those people that actually don’t get that stress or overwhelmed anymore, whereas I used to really dramatically. So you’re in the right place. If you have so many balls in the air, you’re feeling overwhelmed. Maybe even to the point of burnout, hopeless about how to break free from, and I do call it the struggle of mindset. If so, welcome to the club.

Your results are up to you, but the main purpose for offering this is simple just to get you some immediate results in your life, to move past any sticking points. And of course, just in the interest of full disclosure, I’m hoping that you get such great value that when you next I think of investing in your personal and business development. It may or may not be today or it may be weeks or months down the line that you will consider working with us again. And I can’t tell you how many people I know wake up in the morning dreading the day and it’s not your external circumstances, it’s what you’re saying about the day in at the subconscious level. So once you break out of that, life just feels so much better and different. So give this your full attention and try these tools so you can start to become one of those people who can handle whatever life throws your way.

And this can be a turning point in your life, in your quest to more successful in your life. Because I do find that the overwhelmed mind set stops people from financial and career and business success more than anything else and they don’t realize it. And that is because often people don’t let themselves achieve success because of fear of feeling overwhelmed. If I’m this overwhelm now, what’s it going to be like when I get more successful? They actually subconsciously sabotage themselves because they don’t know how to deal with the overwhelmed thing. But that’s just a bad habit of mind that you can change. So that’s a good thing. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re just gonna do a quick start guides reprogramming your own mind. Some of you know this already, but I always think it’s good to refresh yourself on these things because we forget.

It’s easy to reprogram your own mind and the three practices, one to 10 minutes to break free of the overwhelmed mindset and get into confident action and then some further resources to anchor it more deeply. So this is based on about five years of surveying and researching all our clients. We work with both business owners and people in organizations and to find out kind of how their brains are operating under stress. A deadline of pressure. So tip number one is to break the trance and it is a trance when you’re, have you ever felt like you’re just racing, your part is racing, your breath is short. And you’re just in this sort of frantic state of mind and it feels like it’s hard to break out of. So here’s some ways to break out. So I’ll give you an example of this guy that was really in this total overwhelmed mindset because he didn’t have enough income coming in.

So he was getting up every morning going, Oh my gosh, what should I do first? What should I do second? And it was driving him crazy and he wasn’t getting anywhere. But then his accountant told him he was getting this huge tax refund and all of a sudden all his income was taken care of for the next few months and he could just completely relax. And when he relaxed, his brain changed and then he’s able to see his priorities and he was able to do the things that made the biggest difference. And he made more money in the next two weeks than he’d made in the last two months. And then two weeks later his account and called him and said, I’m so sorry I was wrong. You’re not getting a tax refund. You actually have to pay quite a bit of tax, but that’s okay cause he’d made the money to cover it.

And that was a huge wake up call to him. Everything had been telling him we should finally sunk in at a deeper level. That how your brain functions makes a huge difference to your income, your success, how all sorts of things. So we’re going to look at that now. Most of the time people have this subconscious voice just saying to them, go faster, work longer hours, make a longer to do list. You know, multitask as much as you can. It’s so common, like we think that’s going to help us get out of the overwhelm state, but it actually makes it worse. So, and I would go to virus to say that that mindset siphons your life force energy like an actually creates inertia. And I’m sure you’re intellectually aware of it, but we forget that it makes you sort of freeze in this place of I actually don’t know what to do next.

And you tend to make more mistakes and it can affect your health and it can affect your relationships. If you’re, you’re out with a loved one and all you’re doing is talking about your stress, it’s not very fun for them and it makes your thinking cloudy and can lead to burnout. That happened to me actually the first five years of my business. I went into complete burnout. I’d started my business in my late twenties and by my early thirties I was completely incapacitated and I had to take two years off, had to go on disability and I couldn’t work. And, and I realized during that time I saw other people who had way more pressure and I had at the time and they weren’t burning out. And I sort of start to realize this is the way I’m thinking. And so I spent that two years totally learning how to change my thinking.

And now I’m far busier than I ever was back then. But I just, I just don’t get burned out at all. And so it’s just a really important thing to prevent or to get yourself out of burnout because what really makes you overwhelmed, and you may intellectually know this, but I really want you to get this. At a deep level. It’s operating from the survival brain far too often. So what do I mean by that? Well, it’s that reptilian inner brain and then there’s the limbic brain, then there’s a new cortex. It’s also known as your primitive brain, your survival brain, where it’s the fight or flight or freeze brain. And a lot of people are operating for that part of the brain way too often. But if you can trick your mind into going to the neocortex, the outer exterior of the brain, all of a sudden everything changes.

So everything I’m talking about here today is about tricking your brain into working from the most evolved part of the brain. Because the primitive brain is constantly scanning for danger, as many of us realize and see, have to catch yourself and retrain yourself. And it’s like Billy a big muscle. So it takes some very focused attention. But once you do it enough, it’s default because it is just a flaw in the system. It’s like chicken little, the sky will fall up. I don’t get all my to do’s done, right? So what you want to do is get out of the scarcity illusion that there’s not enough time, there’s not enough money, there’s not enough support. I mean that’s kind of what happens to people right now. It all starts in mind with a thought and usually the subconscious thought and we don’t know what they are, but all you know is that you have the physical symptoms of the tight stomach, the racing heart, the tense shoulders, the tight jaw, the stomachache, the furrowed brow, you know, all that kind of stuff.

And you don’t realize that it’s all being driven by a thought or 10 thought or 10 and it’s a domino effect because the thoughts create the feelings of overwhelm, which then affects your actions, which that effect your results and it’s a domino effect in either direction, change your thoughts and change your feelings and then your actions change. You get far better results and so, and it’s all about creating good habits in mind, catching the bad habits and then continually replacing them as they said it is like lifting weights and you have to keep doing it, unfortunately your entire life because we live in a soup, a sea of stress. And so if you don’t have these small habits of mind and you’re not doing them daily, you’re just going to get swept up in the stress roller coaster and you have to be vigilant with yourself.

But if you just, it’s starts to become a default practices in your life, then it’s fun and easy and you break out of it. So the quick start guides your mind is as all about how habits create results in your life. I know we know this, but it is, as Aristotle said, we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit and it’s all those little tiny things you do, the way you think, the way you choose to look at something, whether you take a break from sitting at your computer for long periods of time, how your breathing, like all that stuff becomes programs, deep subconscious programs and your mind is full of programs for good and useful things like riding a bike or driving a car and those go on autopilot and the unconscious mind is so it’s like if you didn’t have that you’d have to relearn ready a bike or driving a car every time you want to do it.

So it’s an efficiency of the mind, but your mind is also full of programs that block your success and wellbeing, like fear of public speaking. I had worked with a lot of people on that and it’s almost always something that happened in their childhood where they’re in front of a room and something went wrong and they made a decision that they’re not good at that and then they keep reinforcing it and so then that’s why they get so nervous public speaking. But if they just change the habit of mind to a different track, then they don’t feel that anymore. And you’re still being programmed all the time by the media, by what people think and do and say. So that’s why as I said, you need to have something to connect to your whole brain on a regular basis. So a really small but huge thing that people forget is posture.

If you’re hunched over and like try it right now. If you’re listening, like hunch over and notice that you collapse in on your diaphragm and what happens is you can’t breathe fully. And then what happens is cortisol starts to enter into your brain and then you start to have stress thoughts. Weird but true. So if you just set up or stand up straight or move from time to time and open up your breathing, that alone will change your thoughts from overwhelmed. It’s huge and people forget it, right? And just taking a few deep breaths. Of course moving your body forces you to breathe, whether you run or walk or do some yoga moves, or I have this little mini trampoline and I just go jump on the mini trampoline, which forces my breath to open up and my postured open up and all of a sudden my brain works better.

So literally it only has to be a one minute thing that you do so that can break you out of the trance. Now once you’re out of the trance feed changed your focus, these cascade into each other. So you break yourself out of the trance. You’re just opening up your breathing and your posture and then you change your focus. So the primitive brain will always see the danger. It will always see the gossips, FMT it, Lois, see what’s wrong with you, with others and with your life circumstance. Even if there’s grit, tons of great things about you and others and life circumstances that part of your brain won’t see it. It’ll only see, you know the money that’s not in the bank. The one pesky health issue you are dealing with. The one mistake you made last week, that’s what it’ll do. And so if you just know that about yourself, then you use going, well, thank you for sharing.

And now let’s switch focus. So that requires your neocortex. So that requires a little more effort. And so you have to wake yourself up out of the trout and get yourself in your body and your breathing, and then you can do it. If you don’t do that, you can’t change your focus. So this, remember that. So what most people do is they’re losing sight of the vision on a regular basis. Like why? If you have something coming up that’s like a deadline or a pressured thing, if you’re getting lost in overwhelm, it means you’ve lost sight of the vision. And I had a client recently and she was telling me all about every problem that’s been coming up and just completely focused on all these things that are not working. And there were some pretty big problems. But I asked her, I said, why are you going after this goal in the first place, which was building her business? And she said, I don’t remember. I cannot remember. I don’t think it’s worth it anymore. And so I pulled out all the notes of course, that she gave me when we first started working together and I listed them off and I said, are these things still important to you? You want to make a difference? You want to be earning a lot more income. You want to take all your wisdom and expertise you’ve gained over the last few decades and give it back to people. Is all that still true? Yes.

Are you willing to give all that up? No. And all of a sudden her Neo cortex was working. And so if you do find yourself in that state, uh, here, you can do the wet F’s worksheet, which is literally to, can take you one minute and you can do it on paper. But I’ll show you in a moment how to get this actual worksheet to fill in if you want to be able to print it out or do it on computer. But all you do is you do a negative version and you do it using a question that often is how the subconscious mind tries to freak you out with a question. Like what if I can’t get everything done on time? And then the mind will start to catastrophize and imagine all these bad things, right? What if something bad happens? If I don’t get all this done, you know what if I make huge mistakes? And then your creative mind starts giving you all these imageries and all this feeling of bad things happening, right? And it’s again happening at the subconscious level often so people don’t know they’re doing it. All they have are the stress symptoms. So you just play a game where you turn them around. So what if I can get everything done on time?

Or what if a lack of completion means nothing bad at all? Or what if I do it good enough? So I challenge you to try that right now. Just write down one worry in the form of what if, and then just turn it around into a positive version. And just notice if your nervous system starts to calm down, it almost happens for everybody. And so once you try it, you’ll see why, Oh my gosh, I should do this every morning. Like I have clients who do this every morning for one minute and it completely changed how their brain operates the rest of the day. So the negative, okay version is what you might do if the positive version isn’t working for you or you’re pretty sure there’s going to be problems and so it would work like this. You go, what if I can’t get everything done on time and it’s okay, I learn and move on because sometimes we think we have to get everything done on time, but when you really think about it, you actually don’t.

It would be okay, you don’t have to drive yourself crazy or what if I don’t get it all done? The bad thing happens and it’s okay. I learn to move on like somebody reprimands you for being late or whatever it is. Okay. I’m going to learn from that and move on and apologize. What if I make a huge mistake and it’s okay? I learned and move on because inevitably we all make mistakes and you just learn and move on, right? Then that’s how you grow. And sometimes it’s good to make mistakes, otherwise you don’t learn. So if you would like a blank word version of the what ifs worksheet, just send me an email and I’ll make sure you get that and you can try it. I know people who just create a, stack them by their desk and before they start anything, the day they just download all their worries and do turnarounds.

So tip number three is changed your interpretation. And so once you’ve broken free of the trans, so you changed your focus, that’s when you can change your interpretation. And that’s like the money shot, right? That’s when it all changes in a really big way. And this is where you’re using the Avara model to break free of overwhelm and confusion. And that’s from our recent book written by Dave O’Connor and I, the mind story inner coach. It’s a five step process. So I’ll give you an example of how to use it for overwhelm because it’s great for that. And again, if you’d like to get a blank word version of the Avara model, just send me a message and I’ll make sure you get it. It’s useful to do it in a table so that you can put the limiting mind story next to the empowering. You can just copy and paste over, makes it go really quick.

And I find the curricular, these processes are, the more likely people are to do them. So this takes about 10 minutes and it’s mind boggling how much it changes your entire brain capacity. Because overwhelm, as I said, is caused by your thinking and not external circumstances. Even though it’s so easy to get seduced into the idea that it’s your deadline, it’s your big stack of Tudos. It’s your family, it’s your workload, and it’s not as you’re thinking about it. So typical thoughts are, I might fail or make mistakes. As I said, I have to get all this done, or else I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what is the priority. There isn’t enough time, right? So you want to be able to route all those out. So if that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I’ve worked on this with so many people over my 15 years of coaching.

It’s almost always the same stuff. But interestingly, once you get that stuff off, what you realize underneath that, and this is what the Avara model can do for you, is you get down to the, I’m not capable, worthy kind of core beliefs and if you don’t think you have them, I would challenge you that I think that if you’re born on the planet you, most people seem to have them. I have this client and he’s been massively successful his whole life. He’s had this huge business, he’s made huge amounts of money and he’s moving into being a consultant. So this business and I’m helping him build his consulting business and he’s just so filled with, I’m not capable or worthy. I might you feel that way after all the success you’ve had. And it just woke me up to that realization that we all need to be working on this daily.

So he’s been doing these processes daily and he’s made a huge difference. His business totally started to take off as soon as he did that because especially when you started anything new, chances are all that subconscious stuff gets triggered. So with the embargo model, you go through acceptance, vision, action, reprogram attention, and it puts you into an alchemical container with the masculine principle and the feminine and then it creates this third possibility. It’s the baby that is the true and good right path for you. You’ve heard me say this before that I think that the negative, all those negative thoughts are actually part of your creative life and not something to push away, but you actually need them. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re stressed and overwhelmed or feeling unworthy or incapacitated that you need actually all those thoughts to create the fuel for change.

So it’s just a step a, B, C, D, and E. so five-part process that can move pretty quickly. So all you do in step eight is you write down an issue. And so if you want to follow along and write some stuff down as we go, you’ll kind of get a hang of it. So you just write down like I’m overwhelmed or stressed or whatever is your negative emotion and what is about, so again, we always think it’s an external circumstance. So just start where you’re at like about getting prepared on time for the meeting on Monday. So be specific, like you might be tending to just say, I’m overwhelmed about my life, my life is overwhelmed, but it’s harder to solve for that with this process. So pick one thing, it’s up. Get ready for the meeting on Monday. So step B is just to separate facts from your emotions about it.

This is a really, really important distinction to learn how to do with your own life. So all you do is state the facts. You’re leading a meeting on Monday. The I’m overwhelmed because of this, a separate thing. That’s just your thoughts. And so to be able to separate those two are very helpful. So then step C is just we want to explore your limiting mind story because this is your creative fuel for change and it’s really important to root it all out and see what’s really going on, especially at the subconscious level. Because those negative emotions are your fuel for your creative unfoldment. And if Pete, I’ve noticed this over the years, if people try to pretend they don’t have the negative stuff going on and they’re kind of like, no, no, no, I’m not stressed or overwhelmed or everything’s fine, I’m super confident and, but meanwhile they have the stress symptoms or they’re not getting the results that they want in their life.

That means that they’re suppressing the negative stuff, the emotions and the thoughts. And so that stuff starts to run you. And that’s not good, right? That can show up as not just bad financial results or bad physical feelings. It can turn into burnout or even physical disease. So you really need to have some kind of process where you can accept, you know, really accept that this stuff’s going on and that it’s okay and you’re normal. So you’d start with the words I am feeling and then a negative emotion. Like I’m like overwhelmed. And then because I have so many things to do this week to get ready for my meeting on Monday, then we want to do is as yourself, I’m making the situation mean. So this is your interpretation. So get right in there. Like I’m disorganized, I’m sabotaging my success. I have to work long hours, I have to get everything done perfectly.

Or I lose my job or my reputation, my income, my home. Like let yourself catastrophize. Yes, that’s the raw fuel. We have to see what it is first before you can change it. So feel free to be silly or mean spirited and get it all down there. Now we want to link your thoughts and feelings to your results. So you see that if you don’t deal with this stuff is bad future. So what is your possible future a year from now if you live from this limiting mind story? Well, in the short term I won’t get prepared on time and in the longterm you might say, I’ll burn out over the longterm because of letting myself get lost in overwhelm all the time. So you really want to think that through. If you don’t have a method of dealing with this regularly, it can lead to either being stuck where you are right now, a year from now, we’re worse often and you want to actually see if there’s actions or inactions as a result of this limiting mind story.

Like if you’re in a overwhelmed mindset, you might be jumping from one unimportant thing to another and then the day is gone. I said a client tell me that. So, so write them down like what does it look like your day when you’re in the overwhelmed. So just to make you conscious, linking your actions with your emotions and your thoughts. Super important. And then reprogram is really interesting because it’s a recent event or experience that triggered this issue. So usually people bring up an issue because something happened recently. So my clients, when I’m looking at my goal of getting prepared on time for the Monday meeting and feeling overwhelmed about where to start, and so she didn’t do anything, she just sort of stared at everything and sort of grilled Facebook instead. So then the fifth part of the loonie my story is you really want to get down to the deeper self-talk.

In the first part, you’re talking about the surface self-talk, right? What you’re making it mean, but what’s the deeper stuff? Really weird. Mean-spirited, unlikely, silly like I’m not capable of doing a good job. I messed up time. So this time it could be worse. Every idea I’ve had so far is a bad idea. And that’s what she was saying to me because she’s working on getting ready for this presentation and she keeps having these ideas and then criticizing herself for the ideas and then so she’s not getting anywhere. So just sees this, bringing that stuff up to the surface, get it all down and doing it on paper I think is really important because when you try to do it in your head, it’s easy to get lost. They call it a mind slide where your survival brain wants to keep control. And so if you start actually bringing your neocortex to the situation, shedding your light of attention on it, it’s not going to have control of you anymore.

So it tries to stop you from doing this. So if you do it on paper, you’re physically writing or you’re typing it and it helps trigger the neocortex. So that’s super important. It’s more of the primitive brain, maybe a little bit of the outer brain working kind of the left brain. And so the empowering mind story is going to get you into more whole brain thinking. And so in step D, what you’re going to do the same five steps only you’re going to change it. So instead of I am feeling, you’re going to say, I have chosen to feel and just do the opposite of overwhelmed, like clear, calm, confident, ready for action, whatever you want in there. I’ve chosen to feel so what you’re doing, you’re not there yet. And that’s okay. You’re creating container of possibility into which your creative energy can go.

And that alone starts to create a magnetic draw to it. And, and you want to write down here because not any external circumstance, because I can change my thoughts. You’re so you’re re empowering yourself to take control of your own thoughts by doing this writing process. So then a better meaning I could give the situation is that I’m actually quite organized. I did this with my guy. She goes, well, I actually am quite organized. Everyone says I’m organized and actually quite capable of doing a good job on Monday. You know, I learned a lot about what happened from the last time I let it and I don’t have to work long hours. Actually I’ve done this presentation before. I can just read you what I did before and just make it a bit better. And, and you know, it’s okay if it’s not perfect, right? People don’t need me to be perfect.

I don’t have to do everything on this big long list. It will still be okay. And the interesting thing that she noticed was that often when you’re worry, you’re mostly worried, not so much about what other people think about, but what you will say to yourself. And so this made her realize that she was just worried about her own judgment far more than what everyone else would say. So now we’re switching her inner critic to being her inner coach. So what is a possible future year from now if you live from this empowering mind story? Well first off, the short term, I will get prepared on time. She said, I’ll maintain good energy over the longterm because I can change my thoughts and stay calm in the face of deadlines. And that made her realize that she was far, she could actually now really see herself being far more successful in her future because she wasn’t going to let all the catastrophizing thoughts undermine her and burn her out when she got more successful.

So that was huge to believing in the possibility of her having a successful future. And then what actions could you take to move closer to this vision? And so here you just want to start brainstorming. If I want this vision to be true, that I’ll be ready on time on Monday and I’ll be able to change my thoughts around deadlines and not feel pressured by them. What would I do that I’m not doing now? So she just wrote down, you know, break down the job into small steps and prioritize them, which she knows to do, but she forgets to do when she’s in her survival brain. So again, getting you into the neocortex. So the reprogram is what is similar, what does a similar event or experience that might happen in the future where it’s playing out in a more empowering way and you want to use present tense as if you’re there now because it helps, right?

The new neuropathway. I’m looking at my goal of getting prepared on time and being clear about where to start. So you’re actually mentally rehearsing yourself already clear and prioritize before you’ve even done the actions of getting there. And that actually helps your neocortex get you there. And so then the intention is this, where you want to start giving yourself empowering self-talk by using a progressive affirmation every day in every way. She said, I’m more organized, prioritized, and action oriented when it comes to getting prepared on time. And so that again, just calmed her survival brain down, reminded her that heck, she’s organized. She is a prioritized person and she’s action-oriented. So then all she did was on this step, he is a specific small next actions. So you pick one action from above and create a really small, really small specific next action because small makes it seem doable.

If it’s like a huge goal, like I’m going to get all this done on time, it’s hard to get started. So lists. So she said, list out all possible steps, prioritize them, then break the first one down into one small step to get started, which is what she did. And what she did was she decided she could pull up her old slide presentation and just start going through the slides and updating them, which she did in 15 minutes and then she was on a roll, right? Then the snowball starts to happen. She’s out of the overground, she’s just getting it done. She’s calm and confident in moving on. So those are the three main things to remember, which is break free of the trance, change your focus, and then do something to change your interpretations of what’s going on. Now in general, these are three core beliefs to imprint that most people really find useful to break out of the overwhelmed mindset, which is it’s okay to make mistakes.

They helped me learn. That’s a huge one. I know how to simplify and prioritize because everybody does. We often think when we’re overwhelmed, this is too complicated. I can never figure out what to do next. And that’s just a lie you’re telling yourself. And then the third one is there’s always enough time, money and support. Now I know that might feel hard to believe sometimes if you’re looking at your bank account or you look at the clock, there’s some people I know and I’ve done this. I used to wake up in the morning and going, there’s always enough time, money and support. And that’s a little chant right before I go to bed at night. Sometimes I’ve had many clients doing, they go, Oh my gosh, that’s so amazing. My whole nervous system comes down. And then because I start thinking that way at the beginning of the day, I start to scan for abundance and then that’s what I have in my life.

So you can use the Avara process with any issue I should say. So that’s just an example of using it with overwhelm. I suggest using the Avara process at least 21 days in a row. I know people who’ve been doing it for two years and wouldn’t start their day without it. So as I said, we live in a soup of stress, so you need something to continually refocus your mind. So try this one if it works for you and just if you need other support, if you haven’t already got it. The mind story academy.com backslash book link that you see below. You can get an E pub for your tablet or your phone to read the book and get more of the background details or you can get the PDF for your laptop. Then if you get it at the deal rates, you also get two bonus neuro blueprints worth $94 which is your hero’s journey and how to end self-sabotage.

And these are audio programs that really help you imprint core beliefs, good habits of mind that help you break free of overwhelm and attract abundance. And prosperity. Now if you prefer to get a book on Amazon, you can also go to that book link below and also just get a paperback version or a Kindle version and for the regular price and then email us your receipt and you’ll also, we’ll just send you those two bonus neural blueprints so you can do all that on your own and get huge results where a big believer in self coaching, that’s why the book’s called mind story, inner coach, but some people they want that customized support for you. There might be someone on your team who really needs to integrate these kinds of mental performance tools. Here’s a fast track option is to get zoom coaching. I do that from anywhere in the world and we have several types of coaching programs paying on your knees to help create powerful habits of mind, get you clear on your priorities, transform underlying fears and beliefs and be accountable to someone to get stuff done and to have a confidential space to overcome those limiting mindsets and reach your goals, your being goals.

So three types of people. We work with, our emerging leaders, like helping them develop how it’s a mind to improve prioritization, listening, communication, motivation, and to have that accountability. If you’re a salesperson or you’re a business owner, helping them deal with objections, rejection, how to negotiate win-win agreements, how to stay motivated to continually reach out to ideal prospects even when nothing’s happening. And then the CEOs and upper management. We also offer a confidential sounding board to find solutions to especially people issues such as team cohesion, motivation, accountability, communication and focus. Staying focused. There are by application only. Of course there’s a link to apply and you spell that out and then we’ll see if something we offer is a good fit. So I’ll just end with this great Eartha Ludwin quote that you’re probably familiar with. She was a great novelist who once said, it’s great to have an end to during each word, but it is the journey that matters in the end. So the overwhelmed mindset makes you not enjoy the journey. And I think we’re all really here for the journey and not sacrificing everything to get to the goal. And so that’s just a good thing to remember. Alright, so thanks everyone for listening and we’ll see you next time.



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