Ep 39 – How We Went from 80K to 1M Per Year

Want to grow your income fast AND feel more fulfilled? My partner and I went from being stuck at 80K per year for a long time, to having a 10x increase within a 2 year period.

There’s one thing that accounted for 80% of our success.

We knew we had limiting beliefs causing us to get stuck at 80K. So we studied everything to do with mindset. Some of them worked, but many did not.

We ended up in this place I call “The Hell of Self-Awareness.” It’s where we knew what was stopping us, but we couldn’t shift it. How did we know? Results weren’t manifesting. It was SO frustrating. Maybe you can relate. Here’s what finally shifted it all. The results spoke for themselves. We went from 80K to 1M in a very short period of time.

We had thoughts running on autopilot in the background, which became habituated into beliefs, which became whole stories with characters, theme, scripts, plot, narrative tension, etc. In other words, they formed into one big operating system we now call a MindStory.

That’s why, when we tried to remove one thought, it didn’t work. Because the thought was just one small component of an entire MindStory that needed to be addressed. We had to upgrade the operating system to actually get big results.


Benefits of listening: 

* Pay attention to what’s REALLY causing your results in life

* Understand what it truly takes to change limiting beliefs

* Be proactive about having the life you truly want


Topics Covered:

4:00  – The mechanics of what ACTUALLY creates results in your life

11:00 –  Why bad results are almost never a strategy issue but a MindStory issue

21:22 – How we found the solution

29:00 – What it looks like to implement the brain technology known as MindStory




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This is episode 39 going from 80 K to 1 million per year from the inside out. In this episode, I want to tell you the story of how my partner, Dave and I went from making about 80 K per year to making 1 million per year through speaking and coaching. It was the biggest leap we made in the shortest amount of time. And I wanted to tell you what made the biggest difference in case it’s useful for you, whether you’re a speaker or coach or not, whether you have a job, whether you’re a leader, it’s the same technology for any goal that you want to create that seems impossible to you. Now,

hi, this is Carla Rieger and you’re listening to the mind story speaker podcast for influencers in business who speak to grow their income and make a bigger difference. So Dave O’Connor and I help entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations break the cycle of what we call stuck and radically transformed their behaviors and actions to produce extraordinary results. That’s our mission. So both Dave and I were keen students of personal development from a very young age. So when we met, we had that in common and we saw the world in similar ways, which was rare and it was so great to meet each other and work with each other and have these deep conversations about a subject we were both so interested in, but we both had the same issue. Our income was lower than we wanted and we were in this place, I’ll call the hell of self-awareness. It’s where we knew we had limiting beliefs that were stopping us, but we couldn’t shift them around our income. And we could tell it was the limiting beliefs because our results weren’t manifesting what we wanted. So maybe you’re in the same position, you actually have done enough personal growth to know that if you’re not producing it result in your external life. Often it’s related to your limiting beliefs. But no matter what you do, they don’t shift.

Maybe have self doubt, lack clarity on your vision, maybe your feeling off purpose. You want to make more money and have more impact, but you notice some kind of weird self-sabotage going on. Procrastination, lots of overwhelmed, stress, anxiety, indecision, lack of prioritization. And we were doing that too. And we had this question about why were there these people who were achieving extraordinary results and not us. Why are some people super achievers and why are others not? There’s this amazing statistic I saw recently in inc magazine that 90% of people will fail to achieve goals they set in early 2020 so why do we make the same resolutions year after year after year and only make incremental results at best? So I was like, what are these extraordinary achievers doing? What are they really doing and how can we achieve the same thing in our business too?

And not just increasing our income but our health, our spiritual evolution, our relationships, and do that consistently, not like do it for bit and then go back to the old and do it for a bit and go back to the old. Is there like a guaranteed system or structure that the world’s most successful people are using to achieve? Now the answers, Ozzy, yes or I wouldn’t be dying about this, but if you look at a definition of resolutions like new year’s resolution, it’s about being resolute to be decisive, to commit to, and that’s generally what people don’t do at a subconscious level. Only at a conscious level. And they’re only talking about one part of what we call a mind story. And we were like that. We thought we’re just gonna set the goal and hope that the law of attraction is just going to bless us.

And then it didn’t. Maybe partially, maybe a little bit, but then it would snap back to the old now that we didn’t totally get at the time was that results with a capital R that we produced in our life were actually produced as a result of one thing. And one thing only, and this might seem obvious to you, but it wasn’t for us at the time. The one thing that determines what results we did or did not produce in our life was drum roll please. The actions we were taking or not taking. But then there’s only one thing that determines what actions we would take. And that is our feelings. Like we had to be feeling motivated to do it right. So our feelings are determining our actions, our actions are determining our results. So then we had to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

Well, how can we change the feeling? Will the feelings come out of the thoughts? It was the thoughts running on autopilot in the background of our minds that we weren’t even totally consciously aware of. And of course thoughts that you think often enough become a belief, which becomes like a, a habit, a set of neural pathways that form with stories and scripts and characters and narrative and setting like all the elements of a good novel or good screenplay. They’re all in there. They all kind of glom onto each other and become this whole sort of neural network of what’s possible in your life. And then, you know, we didn’t know that at the time. So we try to remove one thought by overriding it with a new thought and then wonder why nothing changed because the thought has become a belief that has become an operating system that’s in story form that we call a mind a story.

You have to unravel the mind story to change it, so that requires a few more tools. So think about the mind story patterns in your own life that you might have and you can tell what they are. Of course by your results. If you lead a healthy life, you have a good mind story about self care. If you have the income you want, you have a good mine story about your ability to attract the income you need. Now we think the same thoughts over and over and over again about 65,000 thoughts a day. Those scientists estimate, I’m not quite sure how they come up with that number. Maybe looking at somebody hooked up to an electroencephalogram and 95% of them are the same thoughts day after day after day after day because the brain likes to be efficient. It likes the energy of your creativity.

To go down these train tracks. It’s like train tracks, cross the country. If you want the train to go from New York to Los Angeles or from London up to Glasgow, there’s a path and it’s the one that’s been traveled many times over in. There’s tracks down there, so if you want to go to a different destination, you have to create new train tracks. The case in point, I was coaching two men in the same field of management consulting around the same time Brian and Tom, they were both very good at what they did. Both got good results for people, very similar credentials. Now, Brian grew up in a family where his parents believed money was easy to make and they made lots of it. Tom grew up in a family where his parents believed that money was hard to make and they struggled financially. Brian charged a lot more money than Tom even though they offered the same thing, the same result.

Brian felt comfortable asking for that fee and so he got it. Tom felt uncomfortable charging a much lower fee and his discomfort showed up in the conversation and they often talked him down even more. Brian grew his business quickly, in part because he had the funds to hire helpers to go to conferences, to network, to provide world class support materials. Tom grew much slower because he didn’t have the funds to hire helpers. Nora go to the conferences to network or to provide world-class supporting materials. His brand seemed less world-class and therefore maybe not worth as much money and he often felt resentful about how much work he put in for each client for the amount of money he received. And that resentment negatively affected his relationships with clients. Maybe not outwardly, but subconsciously people pick up on it. At the same time, Tom worried that he was not contributing enough value and his insecurity showed up in his tone of voice, his gestures and interactions not so for Brian.

He felt he was being fairly compensated, felt grateful for the work, felt he offered good value for the money, and that showed up in his tone of voice and his gestures and how he communicated with people. So when people say mindset is just something fluffy, it’s too highly underestimate the impact it has in your business and in your life. Because eventually Tom did make the same amount of money by changing his thoughts and therefore he became like Brian in terms of his business growth, all he had to do was change his core belief and he only wished he knew that a lot sooner. So Tom’s thoughts produced feelings. He experienced those thoughts through the neurochemistry in his body, which is another way of saying feelings and emotion. And those emotions determine what he did or did not do. And those actions produced results in the long and short term.

Those results then reinforce the same core beliefs. Because if you’re worried that you’re not offering value to your clients, you’re probably going to act in a way where you’re not providing as much value and you see how that works. So if you want to change your results, change your core beliefs, your core story that all the beliefs are organized into. So you have to look inside, not outside. And that’s the thing that everyone makes the mistake about. They think it’s their external circumstances when it’s all being created from the inside. And so that was the big turning point for us. We were racing around trying to learn one strategy after another, funnels, traffic conversion, advertising, copywriting, figuring out content management platforms and all those are useful. But they didn’t make any difference until we changed the core beliefs organized in story form in a mine story and unraveled the mind story and created a new mind story for both of us cause we had different mine stories and that way it actually stuck and showed up as different results because when we actually had the right mind stories in place, we didn’t need a lot of strategies that we’d been working so hard on.

It all just started to show up in a more magical synchronistic, magnetic way. And we’ve seen this so often with our clients and because we were there ourselves, we totally get it. It’s nothing about the person, it’s just they don’t know this technology. And once they do, boom, they can shift it if they’re willing to do the work involved to do that. But they come to us with, ah, maybe I need a different niche and need to differentiate my messaging. But you know, we can sense that they believe that nobody actually wants to hear their message. So how can they possibly develop powerful messaging if that’s what they believe. Others come to us and say they want to accomplish more, but they’re already feeling like there’s not enough time, which again is just a limiting belief, a limiting mind story that affects your feelings, causing you to feel overwhelmed and therefore your actions in there for your results.

Because a state of overwhelm usually produces more overwhelmed. It doesn’t tend to produce productivity. And when we’re working with entrepreneurs and we’ve now worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to create extraordinary results in their business as well as leaders in all kinds of organizations and companies, every time they want to produce a new result, it’s not as strategic issue is a beliefs issue. Of course you do need strategies, but we’ve just seen it so often you can give to people the perfect strategy for their particular business and one of them is able to produce results from that strategy and the other one is not. And what’s the difference? It’s what they believe.

So why do most people never achieve their goals? They live in constant fear of say, financial insecurity. So they keep creating more of that because what you focus on grows, they want to be successful, but they also have a belief that other people will try to shoot you down if you get successful and they don’t want that. So they subconsciously sabotage their success. And we’re often working with people who are in the later part of their life over 50 where they feel called to help people with their decades of expertise turning their wisdom into wealth. But they have this niggling fear that they aren’t good enough, aren’t qualified enough. Maybe they need a PhD or an MBA or to write a book. And even after they do those things, they still don’t feel good enough because the not good enough is a mind story that can never be quenched by an external circumstance.

It can only be changed by dropping it from within, seeing it for the lie that it is and stop giving it the energy [inaudible] the old mine story. Have you ever had times in your life where there’s magic synchronicity? Things just come together easily and then other times there’s like nothing that’s happening for you. We believe even the synchronicities that you experience in your life are all determined by your mind. Stories, that network of beliefs and thoughts below your conscious awareness that are all intricately structured into these tracks, these neural networks of your brain and are creating habitual patterns of thinking living by these stories that aren’t actually true.

The good mine stories aren’t actually true either. It’s all just what you want in terms of results in your life, so you might as well choose a story that you want. Since there’s no meter reading that can tell you that one a story is a reality versus another. It’s all just your opinion and if it’s all just your opinion, why not have a mine story? Again, that gives you the results you want. So back when we were making a max of 80 K per year, we knew he had limiting beliefs, but we didn’t know how to change them. This is actually a very uncomfortable place to be and you might be in it right now. You know how they say ignorance is bliss will when you live in that state of blaming your external circumstances is actually much easier. And that’s why people don’t want to look at this core beliefs thing.

But if you really pay attention, you see the connection is just so obvious. But then you’re in this awkward gap. Or another word for it is cognitive dissonance is where you’re completely addicted to your old mind story, to your habitual negative thinking to those neural network tracks going in certain directions and you know, you need to change to get out of it and create different results. But now your brain has to work very hard to create new tracks and then train your brain to jump the tracks and to go in a whole different direction and create a whole new neural network. It’s work, it’s uncomfortable, it’s confronting, and it’s just so much easier to snap back to the old story. But now you’ve opened the Pandora’s box. Now you know, and you can’t unknow. So in the end, the only way to go is forward.

It’s like when you go to the gym because you want to get in shape. I remember hiring a personal trainer and she gave me this really heavy weight. I could barely lift it, and she said, come on try. I said, okay, you give me a lighter weight, I can’t do this. She said, no, this is how you build the muscle. You said you wanted, and so I did it and I hated it, but I’d prepaid. So I came back. It was really hard the next time, the next time, the next time, and they go a little bit easier, but in between sessions, my muscles were sore and I didn’t notice any improvement in how I looked for weeks and I wanted to give up, but it prepaid it. So then the muscles started to show, I noticed in the mirror, Oh look, I got a little bicep and I could actually lift the weight, and then she started giving me heavier weights and that’s just how life is.

If you want to grow, if you want success, if you want to fulfill a sense of purpose in this life, you’re going to have to lift some weights and get strong, and especially if you’re in any field of endeavor where you’re coaching, leading, speaking to groups, helping people, you need to learn how to do that so that you can help them do that. So back when we worked intensely hard, we’re on the road all the time, making about 80K combined. Yeah, we were just resolved that this was our life. There’s no way to make any more money. There’s no way we could charge more and work glass. It just couldn’t happen. Not to people like us. Now, that was all happening subconsciously, but that’s just the way our brains were viewing the world. And of course the problem is that the brain is a goal achieving machine.

It will only let you see what you program it to see. It won’t let you see that life is just a choice, not a fact. But then we understood how this brain technology worked, how the mind stories actually needed to be changed for it to stick. That’s when our business went up 10 times in a very short period of time. Now of course there were other beliefs to shift such as unworthiness. Oh, there’s so many other people who are doing great transformational work out there. Why do they need another one? And so we had to change our brain neural networks through the mind story method. In fact, that’s how we created the method. We tried it like a thousand different times until we got the formation that worked and all of a sudden we were filling at rooms with 700 people eager to hear this message. So they get transformed too. And people started getting huge results. But it never ends right? There’s more than there’s the habit of comparing ourselves to other people and coming up short. So we did the mind story method changed, the belief changed the mind story. All of a sudden people are showing up all over the place.

So this is what made the biggest difference for us.

So what made the biggest difference for us, man, I wanna tell you this because it may be exactly what you need to do is to stop focusing so much on what you want to achieve or create or have, which is what we were doing. And that’s kind of different from what a lot of the experts are saying out there. They’re telling you to, you got to hustle, you got to grind more, but that’s not really sustainable. And what you need to focus on instead is who you need to be, what’s the new story you want to live by and eliminate the addictive limiting beliefs and patterns of thinking that are creating your habitual patterns of behavior and results. And if you want that to stick, you need to repeatedly embed new stories about who you are and what you can accomplish. Rewriting your past stories, who you think you are, what’s the role that you’re playing, what’s the archetypal character you’re living by and imagining a whole new possibility of who you are on a regular basis.

You can’t just do it once. As I go into the gym once and hoping that you get a bicep, it’s a regular discipline, but the payoff is an entirely different life where you’re living on purpose, having the income you need, feeling energized, having the health you need, having the relationships you need, having the spiritual life you need, it’s just so worth it. And it’s not woo woo. Here. It’s actual brain science based on psychological research of how stories affect the mind. Your thoughts dictate your feelings. That’s your actions. Thus your results and all of that stems from your beliefs, which are organized in story form. Change your story, change your life. The only question is how? How do we do this? And this is where most of the personal development falls short, right? And this is where it fell short for us. There’s this kind of promise in the personal development world that doesn’t get fulfilled.

Now, I’m very, very grateful for the personal growth market. I studied everything. So as Dave, we’ve learned from amazing teachers and it got us both to this place where we hit the personal development ceiling. And both of us became so frustrated because we were still suffering and we were in this place of knowing a lot and still couldn’t shift it. So that’s when both of us went deep inside and started asking God, asking universe, asking our higher sow’s, asking this higher intelligence, how can we break through the ceiling? And we spent hours, daily journaling about this, talking about it with each other, exploring our experiences, studying various teachers, trying different things on our souls, noticing what created results and what didn’t. And then one day it just all made complete sense. It was like this popping, this transformational idea occurred and it’s like everything we’d been studying and doing and trying and failing at and trying again finally morphed into a solution that we’d been looking for all these years.

And that’s what brought us to 10 X our business and results and beyond so quickly. And that’s what we get to share now with the people that we work with now, chances are you’ve been like us, you’ve explored different aspects of personal development. Maybe you’ve gone to the gigantic motivational events where everyone is standing on their seats and clapping or maybe you went to India and learned deep hypnosis and advanced meditation. Maybe you practice living in the now living a purpose driven life, exploring all the spiritual traditions, exploring all the mind hacking technologies and maybe when those didn’t work you thought, ah, maybe it’s astrological or numerological or my Enneagram, or it’s a [inaudible] thing, or maybe it’s where you were living, right? Maybe you have to live near the vortexes of Sedona or do walkabouts with the aboriginals spending weekends, getting super motivated, practicing the law of attraction and then going back to your regular life with the same brain and having a personal development hangover.

What’s it going to finally take? Did de habituate ourselves from this fight or flight brain that we’re living in? Most of the time, this, and when I was interviewed on a podcast recently about the whole world of mindset retraining, I realized how it’s become this blanket term for a huge array of complex mechanisms happening at various levels of consciousness affecting different parts of the brain. And you can’t just say change your mindset, just change your attitude. Like a verbal command is gonna override 100 billion repetitions of a negative thought, all connected in this intricate complex story. But once you treat it like a technology, like you’re gonna upgrade your entire operating system where you remove the whole operating system, you put a new operating system in there, like how you would do on your laptop. You just start doing it. And it’s this skill that anyone can develop.

You just utilize your own mind to reorganize and rewire the brain. So in our opinion, learning, this is the single most important skill you could ever learn. Because once you learn how to master the brain’s desire to achieve any goal you feed, it is a clear, no-brainer path. So if you believe money is hard to make, that’s what you’re feeding your brain. It’s going to create that for you. That’s what you’re going to see and experience. If you believe money is easy to make, that’s what you’re going to see and experience. And if you believe you can’t trust people, that’s who will come into your life. But if you believe you can trust people, the trustful people show up, and if you believe that it requires a tremendous amount of work to be successful, that’s what it’s going to take for you to be successful.

If he believes success can come easily, that’s what you get. If you believe that you’re not good enough, then that’s how other people are going to treat you and respond to you, which reinforces your belief that you’re not good enough. If you believe you are good enough, other people see you as good enough and treat you that way, which reinforces your belief that you’re good enough. So think about this. On an average day, have you added up all the time you spent in some form of practicing and reinforcing the habitual beliefs, the ones that caused suffering, that create the life you don’t want? How much time would it be? You know the time you spend stressed, anxious over round, procrastinating, worrying about money, comparing yourself to other people, criticizing yourself, judging other people for what they’re doing or what they’re not doing. Lost an indecision second guessing what you did or what you said in the past thinking that they shouldn’t have done that or they shouldn’t have said that.

How much time do you spend on an average day in some form of suffering like that? When I did that exercise, I realized for me it’s about six hours a day, so to counteract that, I needed at first to spend a good solid chunk of my day building the new neural pathways, lifting the weights. Then periodically throughout the day, catching myself in the old patterns and redirecting my energy. It’s kind of like there’s these toddlers inside your mind. One is self Dow, one is fear, one’s into confusion, one’s into overwhelm and they’re indulging in these emotions. It’s like they’re touching fire because it’s new and it’s interesting, but each time they touch fire, it hurts. It burns them. It causes damage and you have to take each of those children by the hand and tell them what’s, what don’t touch fire. They don’t know any better. But that’s what you have to do.

You have to be the parent. You have to give them boundaries until they can do it for themselves. You have to grow them up because we all have these regressed part of our minds that never grew out of the self doubt from when you were five years old. And you have to rescue those orphans from the past timeline and bring them into the present timeline and help them become full fledged empowered, sovereign, free adults who make smart choices. So that’s what we both did. We became serious managers of our own minds. We took on the parental role in a loving way with those negative thought patterns. And we used to believe that $1 million was beyond our capacity, which blocked any thoughts or ideas about how to make $1 million. But then we practice believing that 1 million was within our capacity and it opened up the thoughts and ideas about how to make $1 million.

It’s really that simple. And then we just took action on them. And lo and behold, hack it worked. See, there’s his part of your brain called the reticular activating system. It’s like when you buy a car and then you see that car in the road. I remember buying this prelude and that’s all the cars I ever saw on the road after that, but I never saw them before, but now my brain was organized to notice them. So if you believe that other people have all the luck and you don’t have any, you’ll notice all of your unlucky episodes in life, you’ll be thinking about them. You be ruminating on them, and you’ll notice the luck that other people seem to have and you’ll be comparing yourself. That’s what the brain will do because that’s what you’ve taught it to do. And if you think that you don’t have clarity around your messaging or your purpose, guess what you wrote?

You can actually produce more clarity in your life by simply believing that you have clarity. I know that seems weird, but it’s true. Your beliefs control your unconscious mind and the unconscious decisions you’re making on a moment by moment basis and what you’re seeing and noticing in the world. So for example, Dave and I would be in a conversation with each other. He’d be opening up his mind to making a million and he’d say, let’s hire a marketing coach. And I’d say, Oh, we can’t afford that because I was still locked in the old pattern, the old story. Then he’d remind me to imagine having 1 million just for a few moments, living in a new possible future. And then he’d put the idea out again, let’s get a marketing coach. And then I thought, actually maybe we can’t afford not to have one. So we got one and our business jumped up to a whole other level.

It totally paid for itself and I’d have an idea and he would Chi Bosch it, and we have to reconnect to the vision, the future story, which is work, right? The brain doesn’t want to do it. It’s like, wait a minute, I’m so good at only making 80 K a year. I’m not very good at thinking along the lines of 1 million. It’s like the little kid. It’s like trying to lift the weight. That’s super heavy, but that’s what has to be done. So we’d egg each other on and then the new neural pathways start to form. The muscle grows, the train tracks get laid down, the thinking changes, the feeling changes, the actions change and then the results change. It’s just a little formula that anyone can learn. Of course, we’re not the first person to talk about this. Buddha said it. He said the mind is everything what you think you become.

Jesus said it to those that believe nothing is impossible. Gandhi said it. He said, man is bought a product of his thoughts. So what have you could learn this technology, the mine story method that we’re talking about and totally change how your life could look in 2020 what have you resolved your fear of financial insecurity permanently, like forever. What have you resolved your feeling of not being good enough or your offerings not being worthy enough in the marketplace or you resolve this concern that you’re not as far along as you should be in your life. And if you were thinking those new ways, how much more time would you have? How much less stress would you have? And then how much more health because you didn’t have the stress already. Your health. If you change your core belief, your core mind story, then those feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety, they’re just not there anymore.

The thing that triggered them is not there anymore or you transmute them much more quickly. So how much more creative would you actually be? How many were ingenious ideas would you come up with because you weren’t dampening yourself down all the time with limiting thoughts? How much more inspired, how much more vital, how much more could you produce in the next year? Have you resolved to make this the most important thing in your life? This brain technology to change how you think changing your beliefs in 2020 we believe is the single most impactful way for you to far exceed your financial goals, to make an incredible impact, to launch the new programs or product services, promotions, whatever you’re going for the even putting off to take your life to a whole new level to do it with ease and order and calm and joy. What about having a more empowering relationship with money?

Of course money isn’t everything, but not having it sure makes things a heck of a lot more difficult. Why not learn to access higher levels of income and keep it? I remember my father thought that money was the root of all evil, that if you had money, you’d get corrupted by it. So he actually had this belief that he was good at making money and he would make lots of it, but then he’d worry about getting corrupted by having it and that he’d lose it in some weird way. He’d put all his money down on a piece of land that turned out to be illegal to own and then his money would go away. So I had to resolve that one for myself because you pick these things up unconsciously from your parents, but then I realized the root of all evil in society in some way actually is poverty and the poverty mindset, you can trace a lot of crime back to people feeling like they just don’t have enough to live on, so they need to steal it from somebody else or feeling like they have to hoard it because there’s not enough to go around.

The truth is money is like the ocean. It’s plentiful. You just go out there and you get your bucket of water and you’re not taking water away from anybody else. There’s a lot more to go around. It’s massively abundant. When I took on that belief, that totally changed the game of that whole money makes you corrupt thing. Money’s just an element like fire you can burn and destroy with or you can warm things up and ignite and transform in a good way. It’s all about your intention behind it. I actually think a lack of money brings out the worst in people and having money is the great expander. If you’re already a little bit generous with a little bit of money, you’re going to be massively generous with a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be good for the generous, goodhearted people of this world to have a lot of money?

That’s one of our missions is to inspire the good hearted, smart, creative people in the world to make good money. It’s those kinds of people who are going to turn this world around, not all the people pushing money away and living in this scarcity consciousness and there’s so many ingenious people not bringing their creative potential out to the world just because they don’t know how to shift those beliefs. So of course Dave and I have books on this topic, audio courses, podcasts for free on this topic, but there are always some people who want hands on help. And to be honest, when we hired people who really got to know us, could customize what we needed to learn for our learning style, who confronted us on bad patterns of thinking that weren’t working and we paid them good money to do it. It made us up our game.

It’s like we invest in ourself and we didn’t want to not get our return on investment. So we did the work in a way we weren’t doing because when we hadn’t paid very much for something, some form of help in this respect, we didn’t value it as much. We didn’t integrate it as much. We didn’t step up as much as when we really invested our time in our money in a solution. And that’s why we offer a one year immersion in the mind story methodology. Of course you can live from anywhere. It’s on internet, it’s just part time. But it goes on for a full year because people have ups and downs and we want to use the suppress ship model where you really get the personal hands on attention. You need to fully integrate this kind of thing in your life. So we created this because we found that people who coached with us at least a year got the best results.

We also created it because people would hear a speaker do coaching with us or listen to one of our online courses and they’d say, Oh, I’d like to do that kind of mindset work. Then they go out and try to do, say our mastery blueprints or coach people with the tools and it just wouldn’t work. It would go all wrong and it would negatively affect them and us. So we took a huge amount of time and energy and money to create a specific certification program. In other words, we dug down deep and really thought through how to systematize what we’re doing for people so that other people could learn it and that they could teach people and so on and so on. So this could grow. It’s not, it’s not just about us doing it, but about our combined years of wisdom coming together in a unique system for coaching, speaking leadership, and even marketing communication that changes the story of how people see themselves from their past and therefore creates a new future, which is an entire game changer in all those arenas.

The mindstream methodology. So wow, we could just sign people up for a one year program of group and private coaching. Why not teach them what we’re doing so they can use it in their own business and certify them, give them something to add to their resume, and then even hire them back into our company if it’s the right fit and they can get in on the ground floor level of a phenomena that’s going to go all over the world and be a game changer in this whole world of personal transformation. And that’s what we see and that is our mission. And that’s what we’re going for. And we’re looking for people who want to be part of this next wave. And we looked at different programs out there and what they cost and what people get. We are shocked to see that, for example, people were paying 150,000 us for getting a part time MBA and I had several friends do this and while they got value out of it, it didn’t necessarily get them more clients if they were consultants, but if they still didn’t feel good enough at the end, getting one more piece of paper didn’t make them feel good enough to get more clients, a higher income, a better promotion, it didn’t change their mind at the story level.

It didn’t make them feel more worthy about themselves. It didn’t make them think more creatively outside the box so that they differentiated themselves from others out there. They just became another cookie cutter executive MBA grad. Then in the other end of the extreme are people who take weekend certification courses in coaching and they get this fire hose of information with no help to integrate it, no practicum, no feedback. Then supposedly they’re certified and they can be a coach, which dilutes the whole coaching industry. You don’t become a coach because you have a certification. You become a coach because you get results for people and you can’t get results if you don’t have the kind of mindset you need and you don’t have the kind of apprenticeship program to help other people get those results where somebody takes you under their wing, somebody who’s done it for over 20 years and really ensures that you get it and you receive the information in a way that works with how your brain works.

And that’s what we do for people. Or I’ve heard of other people who buy an evergreen chorus, which they have no accountability to complete, and so they really never look at it and it’s money they spent that they never recoup. So we wanted to offer something where you really get hands on practice over time so that you could go to a whole other level of proficiency in your own personal and professional development and that you could teach it to others and use it in any kind of mentorship or leadership or marketing or coaching or speaking role that you found yourself in to open people’s minds to new possibilities, to help them get past the natural resistances people have to change and that you could stand on stages and hold the room and engage in a powerful way because you’re using the mindstream methodology behind everything you’re doing.

You believe in yourself and your message so profoundly that you move the audience in a way they’d never been moved before. And that’s what we give to people with this. And we wanted to make it a sizable enough investment that people wouldn’t quit on themselves, that they value themselves enough to invest in themselves, but that wasn’t so exorbitant that they couldn’t manage it. So if you pay up front for the whole mine story, certification year is 25,000 U S if you pay month to month is $2,500 per month. That’s all. Now, some people pay $100,000 to remodel their bathroom or they spend 25,000 on having a third car, or they spend that much on a vacation to the Cayman islands with the family where people get sunburned, ate and drank too much, and then came back feeling exhausted. Why not spend that kind of money on an entire year of feeling supported through all the ups and downs of growing your business?

If you already have an existing experts business or getting started and being fully trained by the end of the year with a certification, instead of trying to go out there on your own and make a thousand mistakes and feel so discouraged by it all that you quit, we’re not gonna let you quit on yourself. Any mistakes you make, we’re just going to ensure you have compassion for yourself, that you learn from it, that you have your own back, that you keep going and we’re going to help prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes that people make when they’re out there trying to do it by themselves. So you get regular private coaching with Dave and I, you get regular group coaching with a small group where you really get to know each other. It’s not like you’re one in a crowd of a whole bunch of other people and supposedly you’re part of this like mighty community, but really nobody ever gets to know each other and you get access to events that we put on.

Again, they’re intimate. They a chance to really get to know and be known by other likeminded individuals. And one thing you might want to know about us is that we’re really into health consciousness, healthy living. We’ve been to those mastermind retreats where people just spend a lot of their time drinking in the bar because if you really want to network with people, you have to stay up till two in the morning drinking. That’s not who we are. We don’t drink, we eat healthy, we get a good night’s sleep and we want to have conversation to come from a real conscious place of being present with each other. Have this kind of deeper connection that only comes from going on a journey together, like a hero’s journey of really being there for each other. Through the whole process. You also get access to online resources that we give you as you need them.

So it’s not this huge overwhelm of a million courses that you’ll never look at. We give you online resources as you need them, like a library, like a toolkit that you have ongoing access to. We also keep you accountable to yourself, to the group and to us. So if you set a goal and you don’t do it, we don’t beat you up. We just get curious. Why is that not happening? Do we need to rejig the commitment? Do we need to re look at the deeper belief that sabotaging you? Do we need to give you more time? And we also know a lot about learning styles. Some people learn in auditory ways. Some people learn in visual way. Some people need experiential learning. Some people need to be very emotionally engaged. Everyone’s different. And so we know how to do a needs assessment with you and make sure we catered to your particular needs so that you learn based not just on your learning Salvos or your lifestyle.

So it’s like a boutique mastermind certification, private coaching accelerator incubator combined. That’s bespoke customized for you because that’s where we’ve made the biggest difference for people and that’s where people get the best results. So what’s 25 K if you go from 80 K to 1 million or from 1 million to 10 million or from no career, you love to career you love, that pays you well for years to come or from no sense of purpose, to a full sense of deep purpose and believing in yourself and clearing out all those unwanted beliefs. In fact, some people do this program just for the personal growth element is there’s nothing like learning it and teaching it to others, that it goes at a much deeper level of integration into your body mind system. So where are you going to invest your time and money this year and what is it going to give you in return?

We were just talking to a woman about the program who said she didn’t have the money because she’s going to remodel her house to have more closet space to start all the extra stuff she buys that she doesn’t use when she really thought about what’s important to her and if that would be a demonstration of valuing the life she wants to create or not. It was clear the answer was to spend that money on her own personal and professional development. So think about that for yourself. What’s an on-purpose life worth to you? There’s a link in the show notes to check it out. The mine story certification, you can apply and if we think there’s a good fit, we will interview you and you can interview us and we’ll see if as good fit on both sides. We want to make sure it’s a very good use of your time and money and if we don’t think it will be, we won’t let you sign up and we will just give you other resources.

It’s the right thing for the right person at the right time and we’ve done this enough to know when that time is right, but regardless if you get a free consultation with us, you’ll leave with results you can use right away. So thanks for listening everyone. I hope this has been useful. If you explore mind story certification with us, that’s great. We love to have you be part of it and if you don’t now maybe later and if you don’t ever, that’s okay too. Please take a moment to look at any area of your life where the external circumstances are not what you on the dummy and explore the belief that might be creating it and take full responsibility for that and start building the muscle of a new possibility. It’s just an errand child touching fire and you can be the parent and take back control here because you’re worth it and the world needs you. It needs more people willing to do that. So that’s what I got for you today. Thanks for listening everyone. See you next time.

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