Ep 39 – How We Went from 80K to 1M Per Year

Want to grow your income fast AND feel more fulfilled? My partner and I went from being stuck at 80K per year for a long time, to having a 10x increase within a 2 year period.

There’s one thing that accounted for 80% of our success.

We knew we had limiting beliefs causing us to get stuck at 80K. So we studied everything to do with mindset. Some of them worked, but many did not.

We ended up in this place I call “The Hell of Self-Awareness.” It’s where we knew what was stopping us, but we couldn’t shift it. How did we know? Results weren’t manifesting. It was SO frustrating. Maybe you can relate. Here’s what finally shifted it all. The results spoke for themselves. We went from 80K to 1M in a very short period of time.

We had thoughts running on autopilot in the background, which became habituated into beliefs, which became whole stories with characters, theme, scripts, plot, narrative tension, etc. In other words, they formed into one big operating system we now call a MindStory.

That’s why, when we tried to remove one thought, it didn’t work. Because the thought was just one small component of an entire MindStory that needed to be addressed. We had to upgrade the operating system to actually get big results.


Benefits of listening: 

* Pay attention to what’s REALLY causing your results in life

* Understand what it truly takes to change limiting beliefs

* Be proactive about having the life you truly want


Topics Covered:

4:00  – The mechanics of what ACTUALLY creates results in your life

11:00 –  Why bad results are almost never a strategy issue but a MindStory issue

21:22 – How we found the solution

29:00 – What it looks like to implement the brain technology known as MindStory




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