Do you want to change from inside out? Discover how The Business Sherpa, Colin Sprake, can do it for you and your business. Colin is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience building multi-million-dollar businesses globally. He founded Make your Mark Training and Consulting with a strong purpose to help entrepreneurs to realize their full revenue and profit potential, do it with a heart, making a positive impression on those their team and the community.

Learn more from Colin as he shares his valuable insights in stressing how important it is to upgrade your mindset if you want to have a successful business.  Be inspired as you hear not only his mind but listen as his passion and purpose speak straight to your heart.

“It’s great to make money, but at the same time you do it with the right intention.”

– Colin Sprake

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Topics Covered:

01:45 – Colin shares one that particular limiting belief that he realized that was tripping him up and how he shifted it 
07:08 – His impressive opinions on people’s thoughts and the impact he has on people
10:05 – Find out how to positively handle criticisms
11:10 – Colin sharing a saying from Dr. Joe Dispenza: What would love do? Opening your love chakra
12:04 – Colin’s big shift over his clients that he saw
13:53 – The process of embracing the brilliance of your staff members and creating a culture that celebrates wins
17:50 – ‘Up the Conversation’: reframing the mindset from a negative situation to a positive experience
19:04 – What differentiates Colin from other trainers and coaches
22:24 – How to connect with Colin

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