Ep 40 – 3 Strategies for Getting to 7 Figures – with Jane Atkinson

In the last episode we talked about the “MindStory” we need to get to 7 figures.  In this episode, I’m talking to Jane Atkinson of The Wealthy Speaker. She knows that, in addition to mindset, there are 3 main strategies you need – in order to get to 7 figures. If you’re stuck at a lower level of income than you want, then getting these 3 strategies in place can make a HUGE difference.


Benefits of listening:  

How to “pick a lane” versus trying to solve too many problems for your clients 

Make your work flow easier with tried-and-true systems 

How to get the right team in place using Standard Operating Procedures   



Topics Covered: 

1:30  – How Jane moved from being an agent for speakers to building The Wealthy Speaker  

6:10 –  Why people are afraid to niche and what it costs them  

11:30 – A specific Customer Relations Management system for speakers 

18:45 – What it looks like to get a team in place 




CRM’s for Speakers. 

https://speakerlauncher.com/webinar-get-your-crm-working-for-you/[Text Wrapping Break] 

Karma’s 14 day trial (could be extended to 30) 


Wealthy Speaker School: 


Speaker Launcher: 



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