Need a quick influx of income? If you haven’t already set up an online revenue source, now is the time to get into action. Whether there’s a pandemic or not, its always good to be able to generate income from anywhere in the world using the Internet. In this episode we’ll cover 4 ways to create revenue online using your skills as a business influencer.     


Topics Covered: 

3:15  – How to catch the wave as sharing your expertise online rises exponentially
4:20 –    Way #1 – Individual high end coaching online
7:00 –    Way #2 – Group coaching online
9:35 –    Way #3  Consulting online with corporations
10:43 –    Way #4 – Online courses and books 





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This is episode 46 a coronavirus strategy, pivot to online speaking and coaching. If you haven’t already set your business up for online versus face to face, now it’s time to get into action, whether there’s a pandemic or not. It’s always good to have a revenue source that you can generate from anywhere in the world using the internet. In this episode, we’ll cover four ways to create revenue online using your skills as a business influencer. Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and you’re listening to the mindstory speaker podcast for influencers in business who speak and want to transform the lives of others through their expertise.

Now, as you may know for years, my business model was speaking training, leading public seminars face to face. In 2010 I met my partner, Dave O’Connor, who lived in the UK while I lived in North America. So we met at a seminar for speakers and coaches and a 30 entrepreneurs who wanted to get online. So not only did we get the info we needed to do it 10 years ago, we were highly motivated so we could be together. So I could go live with him for a few months and still have revenue online and he could live with me in my country for a few months and do the same. For example, I could take everything I talked to groups about and teach it to an individual or to a small group online. At first, before streaming video, you know, I always saw people face to face and that meant I could only build a clientele based on those who live nearby.

But as streaming video came online, it’s so easy now, especially with platforms like zoom or Skype. I started coaching individuals and not just close by, but all over the world. I was talking to people in New Zealand and Indonesia and the middle East and it was so great. And then I started coaching groups all over the world using those platforms because in a world where AI automation and technology are taking over, what’s left for humans to do are rules that require the complex human heart. Mind body system and coaching is one of those, right? And coaching is a hugely booming industry and this is one of the industries it’s actually going to boom during the time of our pandemic. In fact, while other people’s businesses are dwindling away or they’re laid off work, there’s never been a better time in history to get into this speaking online and then selling coaching, it’s reaching, you know, multibillion dollar height only ever dreamed of and you know, it was a fringe movement back in the eighties and nineties if you said you’re a coach, people thought that meant you coached sports teams, but now most people realize there’s business coaching and weight coaching and sales coaching and performance coaching and all kinds, right?

So it’s my estimate and I’ve done a lot of on it that it’s about to go exponential. Just like fitness used to be a fringe movement. Now it’s becoming mainstream. It’s like the same with coaching. Soon a majority of people will recognize the need to have a coach in their life on a regular basis. Just like now, keeping active is how people feel. It’s, it’s important to be weird. If you don’t have a coach, especially right now with everyone’s socially isolated and wondering how to navigate in this chaotic world where everything’s suddenly changed, you can run an entire coaching business from home coaching clients over the phone or a video conferencing. And it allows you to make a big a difference for people because you know, people need community, especially at times like this. And there’s nothing better than getting someone else’s total personal attention on you and your issues to help you through tough times.

And in fact, if you’re going through tough times and then you coach somebody else, it gets you out of your own inner looping thoughts, you know, focused on yourself and you’re focused on someone else and all of a sudden triggers sort of the higher mind in you. So when you help somebody else, and usually when you’re helping somebody else, you help yourself at the same time. So that’s another good reason to do it. So I’m going to share four ways to make money online. If you’re a speaker starting with easiest to start up right away and most lucrative and go down from there. So the first one is individual high end coaching. In your area of specific expertise. You don’t need a big list nor have any fancy online setup. For example, with me, I help people use speaking to build their business and I help them become a coach so I can do that live, but I can also teach all that online.

For example, any platform skills I teach or how to create a presentation or how to create a marketing strategy or how to deal with all the mindset issues can totally do that online. One type of client I work with our pro speakers who’ve been out on the speaking circuit and just got all their events canceled. I helped them start their own podcasts, create webinars, shoot a video series to sell coaching or consulting, write blog posts. I help them get clear on ideal outcomes in terms of their lifestyle and income given the present situation and then help them think through the entire marketing strategy for doing that. You know, break it down into baby steps and then keep them focused and accountable over time to get each step done. Helping them with all the tech issues that come up, all of the emotional, mental confusion issues that come up, helping them like set up online payments, troubleshooting all the glitches that happen.

Like it’s so easy to stop if you’re trying to do it by yourself. But if you have a coach who you’ve, you know, created this whole coaching relationship with, you’re likely to not give up on yourself. And so people need that. And if you can help people in any way sort through the chaos and just step-by-step getting to action, people will so appreciate you. And, and that way people get success sooner rather than later. They get way less bogged down in the issues and when they do make mistakes, I just help them get back on the horse really quickly as opposed to if you don’t have someone helping you, it’s easy to just let those setbacks completely defeat you and make you not take any more action. And I guess I’ve been doing that with people for 10 years and navigated every online tool there is.

It’s so easy for me to help people with that. And so think about that with you and your expertise in later on in the podcast and going to tell you how to get clarity on a specific niche and a specific solution. If you’re kind of wondering how to pivot at this point. Now there’s group coaching which is the second one and this requires a bigger list but can be very lucrative because you can scale that, right? You know your time for money and so you can only see so many people and then you run out of time. But if you do group coaching, obviously you could scale as big as you wanted the group to be. Some kinds of people really appreciate the group coaching because they like to be part of the community and you can do hot seat coaching where one person gets coached while other people kind of observe and help give information for the person and you get all these different creative minds on your problem and people really appreciate that.

So you know, we offer that as part of our certification program and people like that combo of having the private coaching but also being part of a group. Because you know, with all the social isolation people you know really want like a structured group where they can really get some personal attention on their issues and help others. The more you niche and the more you know how to reach your ideal people, you can get a big enough list to get a group going on this. And you know, you can start with like a free group and then after the first little while, if they want to keep going, they then have to pay to be part of it so that you have a revenue stream. And we do find when people pay for something, they’re more likely to get more value out of it cause they gave value.

And I know a lot of people were thinking, Oh you shouldn’t charge these days, but people do have money. They do have money squirreled away and you need to survive. And so having that means of exchange makes them more likely to get into action and over the long term. So don’t be afraid to charge. Obviously you’ll try to find something that’s going to work with your particular marketplace but don’t undercharge, like think it all through. And again, that’s one thing I help him, I’ll do, I help them start the, okay, how much may you need to make? Okay, so let’s reverse engineer it. How many people do you have to have to make that much money? And this is how to charge and this is how to feel comfortable charging that amount and here’s how to talk about it in a way that people see the value and are willing to pay for it.

So that’s like a huge issue a lot of people have, especially now with everyone sort of tightening up on their finances. But if you’re helping people during this time, get the resources they need, it’s totally worth their time and money to be working with you. Again, if you can help people with that as I do, it’s gold is gold. Mine authored his consulting packages. And this would be working say with corporations who might have you be working on a project on contract, but you’re going to be working from home instead. So they pay, you say retainer fee to have a certain skill set that they don’t have somebody in the company doing. And maybe they have to lay off a bunch of people because of cashflow issues. But you might be able to range a fee that they can pay because they definitely need your services if it’s some sort of online service.

So again, I help people figure all that out. But think about that. How do you match up your skill set with what the marketplace needs in the current climate? And again, either work with a coach like me or another coach or get together with a group of people who know this world and can help you brainstorm. Because I know when people are panicked, they lose connection to the higher mind where their brainstorming abilities reside and saw other people can help you with that. And the fourth is online courses and books and there’s lots of work that’s required for that and a big list, but you can scale quite dramatically. If you get, you know, a thousand people buying your $100 course or you get 500,000 people buying your $10 book, then you can make money. But you have to have a really good marketing platform. So I, a lot of people, when they first think about going online, they go, Oh, I’m just going to create an online course or write a book.

But if you’re just starting online, I wouldn’t start with that because unless you have a really big list, then it’ll work for you. But it takes a while to build up a list. So don’t start there. Do it after you’ve done a lot of private coaching or group coaching and the content you record with those clients live, you can then edit that and turn it into an online evergreen course that people can download and buy for a lot less than getting coaching. So definitely is good if you can eventually do that because you can serve people who don’t have big budgets but don’t start with that is my warning to you. Of course there’s other things like blogs and being a YouTuber, those are bit harder to monetize unless like you have a sponsor, you’re talking about a certain type of product, you know like a colleague of mine talks about online productivity tools and then the sponsor sort of pay him to talk about that.

So those require like negotiating sponsorships or you can put YouTube ads up and get some money there, but YouTube can pull that revenue source from you very quickly and easily and sponsors can go away quickly and easily so it’s not as reliable. Now here’s a useful tool to get clarity on next steps and I call it the explore your passions worksheet and you’ll see the link in the show notes. This is a fun new creative process to find or further clarify a focus for building an authority, entrepreneur business speaking, online coaching or consulting. And it’s where you share your expertise or authority in a given area. So it can be much easier to build quickly if you focus on a certain solution for a certain type of person. And this process is also good if you’re maybe wanting to transition out of a focus that hasn’t been working for you or is not going to work for you anymore and start a new one.

So it’s good for people in transition. So all you do is find the sweet spot of your unique qualities, your main skills, what excites you, what the marketplace will bear, what kind of communities you want to work with, where the hungry prospects, how can you find solutions for them. And that can be a complex process to try to just figure out in your head. So this puts it all down on paper. You go to brainstorm mode and then you prioritize and you will it down into like one specific expertise mission statement, which really isn’t what you’d use as a marketing statement, but it helps you keep focused and it only takes about 20 minutes. It’s been entirely life changing for people. So check that out in the show notes. Explore your passions worksheet. Now I’ll also mention that that I’m offering a six session series to help you sort through all the chaos of your life right now to make it work emotionally, mentally, financially, and with your business.

So you have a plan. It’s when you don’t have a plan that is a survival brain can go a bit loopy on you. So let’s roll up our sleeves together online and make it happen. So just go to mind story academy.com and look under the coaching tab for high performance coaching with Carla to get more info and it is by application only. I can’t take that many people, but if I think it’s the right fit, we get on to a demo coaching session to see if it’s the right fit. And then if it is, we move forward with it. The do consider building your income and your impact in the world through coaching and using speaking to get those coaching clients online and doing it in a much bigger way. As we move into these uncertain times, people are going to need your help more than ever and it frees you up to live anywhere. Stay home. Stay safe while you do your work. Until next time, I’m Carla rear. Thanks for listening.

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