Are you avoiding moving forward in your life?

Most people are spinning their wheels in some area of life, but don’t know how to break free.

You need to uncover the limiting story and write a new one. We live in stories like a fish lives in water. We speak to ourselves and others in “narrative mode” all the time.

That’s why doing affirmations don’t always work when it comes to manifesting goals. They may work for a while, but then don’t stick. That’s because you still haven’t re-written the inner stories that are keeping you stuck. They operate as part of a whole operating system in your subconscious mind, organized as a story.

Discover a fun 3 step process to take back control of the life you were meant to live.

“Sometimes we get stuck in our dark moments. We get stuck in the conflicts, temptations and never make our way out of these stories to be the hero.”

– Carla Rieger

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Topics Covered:

00:56 – Do you want to know what are the 3 things that drive meaning and interpretation of our life experience? 
01:37 – Learn why Imagination is known as the worshop inside our mind
02:36 – Why Carla uses the power of using theater metaphors with character scripts to tweak his life’s inner story
05:44 – Know what triggered Carla’s archetypal childhood to life as the beggar, the victim, and the slave and learn how she was able to use those experiences to her advantage
09:24 – Listen to unhook from your self-limiting image so you can grow to your full potential
11:13 – How supportive mind stories can help direct your life story
13:25 – Know the reasons why vision boards, affirmations, and self-talk do not work, what to do to manifest your goals effectively
19:07 – Learn how to resolve your past negative story for you to move forward and learn why you need to be intentional to achieve your core script
24:47 – How procrastination hurts your self-image and how to overcome it to achieve happiness and fulfillment in your career and growth



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