After years of coaching leaders, I notice many of them can’t find their voice at times, literally and metaphoricallySo in this episode, I’d like to cover a powerful technique to clear those blocks. Here I include a demo of a “neuro-blueprint”, which is useful to listen to at least 21 times. If you want to just listen to the neuro-blueprint without the introduction, just start at the 8 minute mark.  


Topics Covered:  

1:45    –  Why many speakers and leaders need to clear energetic blockages in their voice 

 6:00 –    Two examples of benefits to clearing your voice with a neuro-blueprint   

8:05     Demo of a neuro-blueprint to find and clear your voice      




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This is Episode 56Finding Your Voice.    After years of coaching speakers, leaders and experts in their field, most of them, including myself at times, seem to have trouble finding our voice literally and metaphorically. If you really want to create positive change in the world, I think it comes with the territory. So in this episode, I’d like to cover a powerful technique to clear those blocks.  Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and you’re listening to the Mindstory Speaker podcast for change leaders and influencers.

I’m going to do something slightly different in this episode. I’d like to give you an example of a neuro-blueprint. This is something we do for our clients. It’s a unique audio that includes a guided mental rehearsal to clear blocks, to envision your ideal future and to build your skills to be a master of your mind, that includes music and background beats that calm the mind and open up communication between the subconscious and conscious mind, so that you can begin to direct the course of your life more effectively. The majority of our thought processes are on autopilot in the subconscious mind, which is simply an efficiency of the mind. Everything from how to drive a car, to how to speak to groups, how to resolve a conflict is a program in the subconscious mind. Depending on how you first learned those skills and reinforced them over time, they create certain results in your life. Some of those results may work for you, and some may be blocking you—without you even knowing it.  Most of us were not taught how to change the programs that are blocking our success. At MindStory Coaching Academy we’ve spent over 24 years designing, honing and distilling a process that helps people do that.

So, here you’ll get a demo of what’s called a fifth chakra clearing to find your voice. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term chakra, it’s an ancient Indian term for energy centres in the body. There are 7 major ones responsible for different functions in the body at an energetic level. The 5th chakra resides in the voice box area and governs not only your physical ability to speak, but also the thoughts, feelings and energies expressed through your voice. It also governs non speech, as in telepathic or energetic communication. That’s like when you just know something is not ok with a child or parent, even though you haven’t physically spoken to them. Or, you can tell what a pet needs just by the fact you have a strong bond with that pet.

One of the biggest concerns of people who speak to groups versus one-to-one, is that it’s usually a one way conversation. At least in a 1-to-1, you can ask and find out how the communicating is landing with your listener. You can see in their body language or by the tone of the voice, how they are responding. In a group, you don’t have that, and even if you do pick up on the body language, you’ll have a variety of responses. And, if you speak online, like many people are doing now, like in a webinar format, you have no idea how people are responding. So, I often help people develop their intuitive ability to tap into what I call “the group mind” of your listeners so you say things in a way those particular people can better understand given their background, experience, language level, learning style, etc. That’s why I often try to say things in different ways, and use a variety of learning styles when speaking to groups.

All that said, the 5th chakra does tend to get off balance. For example, if an adult ever punished you as a child for expressing your opinion, or you asked for something you needed at any age, and got rejected or invalidated, or if you gave advice and someone took it and had a bad outcome, or if you said something that other people ridiculed or took offense to or then cut you off. Then there’s all the self judgement. The internal commentary of how you don’t measure up in some way. All those occasions, if left unprocessed, can form blockages in the 5th chakra area, causing you to underperform as a communicator in the world.

Why is this so important for change leaders in the world right now to feel free to express themselves? We need more people who have the power to speak their truth, to be a bold communicator, to ask for what they need, and to influence people to wake up, to be empowered. The external benefits of this…could mean much more success in your role because you’re making a much bigger difference for those you serve. But internally the benefits are also huge. You feel more in alignment with yourself, more congruent, more fulfilled, more at peace, more inner harmony. When you don’t speak your truth, when you communicate in weak and ineffective ways, and don’t ask for what you need, then you feel out of alignment, far less fulfilled, and have more inner conflict and tend to suffer financially. Plus you aren’t reaching the people that need your help.

For example, one client had a very quiet, shy voice when speaking to groups which made her listeners have to keep telling her to speak up. After listening to the neuro-blueprint around each day over a two and half month period, she naturally got louder, clearer and more confident sounding because of clearing past experiences where she was told things like ‘children should be seen and not heard’ and ‘it’s unladylike to speak your mind.  People won’t like you, you won’t get a man that way’. Another client kept losing his voice usually before a high stakes meeting like a pitch to investors, or to get his board members to go in a new direction. His voice box would literally get jammed up. He’d have to cancel the meeting. And as soon as he cancelled, his voice would be fine again. After listening to the blueprint for just a month, he managed to do a video pitch. It was hoarse the first time, but after the third time he found his voice.

Now, when listening to any neuro-blueprint, this one included, be sure to only listen to it when you can close your eyes and comfortably ignore the outside world, when you’re safe and no one and nothing will disturb you. For example, first thing in the morning or last thing at night, and never listen to a neuro-blueprint when operating a moving vehicle. So if you ARE driving, just turn this podcast off now and listen when you can be in a relaxed place, where you don’t have to be alert and with no distractions.

So, let’s begin. Start by taking a low, slow deep breath. and just take a few moments to completely clear your head at any thoughts or worries or tensions, any mental effort right now, just let it go. Think of it like having a big backpack on your back and just taking it off and putting it down on the ground. You can go and get it later, all that mental effort, but just put it on the ground for now and just let yourself feel light and free and relaxed and at peace. Like there’s no pressure, there’s no tension, there’s nothing you have to do. Nowhere you have to go. All you have to do is be here now with yourself, with that deeper, wiser part of yourself, this future self who has already manifested this kind of open, powerful voice we’re going for. So, take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale. So really feel your mind relaxing. If  any thoughts that come up. Just let them drift away. Like clouds drifting across the sky and then it clears again to a blue, sunny cloudless sky. And if another cloud comes up, another thought comes up, just see it dissipate under the heat of the sun, the sun being your attention. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale..

So imagine that your voice is a vehicle for you to live your greatest purpose, what you feel called to do as a leader, who you feel called to be, how you feel called to serve. And maybe it’s been like an acorn that’s sprouted up from the soil, and developing roots, now developing an underground root system and now is a sapling. And the sapling has to have the appropriate amount of nutrients and protection and water and fertilizer to grow. So it can grow, grow, grow into a huge Oak tree that will provide sustenance and shade and wisdom and power and protection for a very long time to come.

So imagine your purpose is the sapling and feel yourself in this tentative stage where you really have to gather strength. But let’s move into the future as this sapling where you feel yourself growing taller, the trunk growing wider and branches coming out and leaves coming out of the branches and feel yourself growing higher and higher toward the sun, absorbing the powerful rays from the sun, knowing you’re able to change the sun’s energy into usable energy so you can continue to grow and feel yourself pulling water up from the soil and nutrients up from the soil and feel how you’ve been protected from anyone cutting you down or any pests or any harm that could have slowed you down. You’ve been protected and with the right soil and with the huge roots down, down deep, knowing that the deeper you go, your roots, the higher and stronger you can grow. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

Imagine that you being a clear, open, powerful and effective communicator is on purpose for you, it’s one of your main superpowers for living out this purpose. START HERE It likely is because you’re called to listen to this right now, and because of your desire to be a leader in the way that you are. Because of that, I believe Life with a capital L, the Universe, your higher mind, or whatever higher power you find meaningful in your life, actually wants you to grow in this way, and be your best. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

And so any thoughts that block your voice, your creative self expression, are simply obstacles on  your Hero’s Journey, like dragons to slay, to build strength, resilience and wisdom. They aren’t your enemy but rather  your teachers. They are the weights you lift to grow strong, so you don’t need to resist the obstacles, the challenging experiences, the pushback, the rejection, the judgement, but rather embrace it all as a gift of learning. You were always meant to bring your power and influence into the world. You deserve all the support in the world for finding your voice and being heard by those you are meant to serve.

Often it just means creating the safety and protection you need to move forward, and giving yourself permission to do so and to receive whatever you need to be supported. Asking for that support…knowing that if you’re at the sapling stage you will need that support to grow into something that’s going to be life giving to others for years to come. Knowing that you may even be leaving legacy that will live beyond you. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

So just understand of course, that when you go to the next level of your life, when you reinvent yourself, you do go through cycles like the cycles of nature.  Your  creative life force, energy needs time to rest in the winter phase. In times of Spring you may experience a sense of struggle to break ground. That’s when the universe tests you to see how much you want the goal. It’s the necessary process of building strength, resilience, wisdom and character – to earn your right to bring your wisdom and leadership to the world. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

By the way, the more important and on purpose your goal is, the more resistance, the more life brings you challenges and the more you are tested. So if you’re experiencing a lot of that, this must be very, very important goal not only for you but for those you will serve. But just know that the more you serve, the more you bring great value to the world, it’s inevitable the more money you make. You become the essence of abundance and abundance attracts more abundance. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

Not only in terms of finances but in terms of physical health, sense of fulfillment, ideal colleagues, friendships, supporters and opportunities magnetize to you much more easily. Imagine that you could make a decision to be the steward of that amazing Oak tree that is coming, an Oak tree that it important to the world. Therefore you need a more open and potent voice. And most people with an important message to share does have blockages. So it’s okay if you have them. Now we’re just going to do a clearing. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

So somewhere along the way, your survival brain decided it was unsafe to speak up. You may or may not even remember when you made that decision. The survival brain’s job is to keep you safe, so has been blocking you with good intention. But now you’re older and wiser, and it’s time to retrain the survival brain so that you feel safe again to speak up. This will require making a new decision and letting go of the past. And part of letting go of the past involves forgiving yourself and whoever else was involved, whether you remember it or not. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

And, ironically, by forgiving yourself, you move the energy out of the survival brain where he gets stored in the center brain as trauma and blockages throughout the body. And the forgiveness process actually helps you move that experience into the outer layers of the brain, the neocortex area, and the brain cells in the heart where it gets stored as wisdom, where you can actually integrate the learning of that experience. If it stays in the hippocampus area, you don’t actually get to learn and therefore you have to keep repeating it. So imagine without having to go into all the specific details of all those times, just imagine that whatever happened, where you beat yourself up about how you expressed yourself, that you could just let all that self judgment go. Put all those experiences into this large Wicker basket that acts like a kind of sieve. Okay. And see those experiences like lumps of coal, they’re dark and they’re heavy and put as many in that basket as you need. And if there’s lots of them, just create a bigger basket in your mind’s eye.

Now when all of those experiences are all in the basket. Imagine that you could pour a warm liquid over all of it and that dissolves away the blackness of the coal and it turns into black sand. Very fine minute grains of sand and the liquid washes it out of the basket. And as you keep washing, and washing…all the blackness falls away. What you see left behind are these little pearls that were in the center of all those black pieces of coal. And you wash until those pearls are perfectly clean and pure. And you take all those pearls and you put them in your heart, you actually scoop them up in your hand, all clean and fresh and you put them in your upper heart chamber where they get stored as wisdom, pearls of wisdom. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

By doing this visualization, you help your subconscious mind integrate that wisdom. And now I just want you to take any experience where you still have anger, hurt, regret, frustration, any negative energy towards somebody else in regards to you expressing your truth in the world, any experience where you think you might still hold on to some negative energy towards that person or group. And again, imagine each of those experiences like lumps of coal and you can put them into this basket again and pour this warm liquid over it. And this is like a healing balm of forgiveness. It’s like the milk of human kindness, warm milk of human kindness that goes over all those lumps of coal and starts to dissolve away the blackness into fine, fine, fine sand that washes out of the basket. And leaves behind these pearls of wisdom. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

So imagine that all of those experiences are now washed off to just those pearls of wisdom. And you can again scoop those up and put them in your heart. So you may have to do this several times, but just know that this is going to work on autopilot. You can program yourself now to put it on autopilot as you go about your day and as you sleep at night until it’s complete. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

Let’s also clean out the chakra. And you can imagine it like a tube that runs right around where your voice box is. And if you could see it at an energetic level, it would go several inches out from your neck at the front and several inches out of the back of your neck. And when it’s open and clear, you can easily express your wisdom and all your experience and  be of deep service to others. But if it’s blocked, then you cannot do that. So you just want to keep having this mental rehearsal of cleaning it out. So imagine you’re cleaning it out using this power washer or hose that cleans off any blockages until it’s clear and purified. And then imagine this beautiful blue light energy and it’s a really vivid, sparkling kind of color. And imagine that that colorful light could cleanse and purify and protect your throat chakra whenever you need. And take in a low, slow, deep breath and exhale

Now, in just a few moments here, I’m going to count from three to one to end this neuro-blueprint. 3, So each and every time you listen, you become more relaxed, calm, confident, peaceful. And 2, you’re more and more able to speak with power and purpose. And 1, beginning to come up feeling good, energized, rested, knowing you are just on your own hero’s journey and helping others do the same. And you can open your eyes, feeling relaxed, refreshed, and wonderful.

This podcast episode, by the way, is based our book, MindStory Inner Coach. If you’d like more tools like this, for a limited time we’re offering this book for free on our website: MindStoryAcademy.com. You’ll also see the free book link in the show notes. Along with the book, you also get two other short neuro-blueprints. As I said, they are form of mental rehearsal that opens up communication between your conscious and subconscious mind to build good habits of mind, and clear, powerful leadership abilities.  All together, the audios and the book come to $94 but you can get them free right now.

Also, if you are attracted to the idea of being a well-paid online speaker and coach we teach people how to get successful in these professions quickly, and give you all our  MindStory tools to use in your business or job or to help you get a job with us or another company. If you’re interested, check out our Certification tab at MindstoryAcademy.com. It’s where we train you how to make extra income or even your next million working online, from the comfort of your own home, living from anywhere making a huge difference while making a great living speaking, teaching and coaching others to become masters of their own mind.


So that’s it for today…Do post a review of this podcast if you like it – on iTunes or youTube or wherever you listen. It makes a big difference to helping others find out about it.

I hope that was helpful. Until next time, I’m Carla Rieger, thanks for listening.


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