We’re at a time in history when people need thoughtful leadership and spiritual guidance. Yet many people in that role are not stepping up enough, often because they don’t have the business skills to thrive 

In this episode, Kimberly Maska helps you break free of limitations to getting out there. She supports spiritually-oriented entrepreneurs to step up and be successful.  No matter what your listener’s spiritual orientation, many people need help to find their inner compass right now. If you can help in any with that, the world needs you right now. 


Topics Covered:  

3:45    –  Why you’re being self if you’re not charging 6 or 7 figures  

 9:15 –    Why abundance is your birthright  

14:30     Why charging for your gifts is in integrity 

17:30     Why it’s not spiritually okay to live a mediocre life of struggle  

19:00     Why it’s a myth that your clients will go away if you charge more 




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This is episode 58. The world needs you to step up RIGHT NOW. We’re at a time in history when people need thoughtful leadership and spiritual guidance. Yet many people called to that role are not stepping up or not as powerfully as they could be. My guest today, Kimberly Maska supports spiritually oriented entrepreneurs to step up and be more successful. So no matter what your listener’s spiritual orientation, many people need help right now to find their inner compass. If you can help in any way with that, the world needs you right now. I’m Carla Rieger and you’re listening to the mind story, speaker podcast, helping leaders with the inner game so they can better serve others.

Hi, everyone. I wanted to introduce you today to Kimberly mascot, a leading edge spiritual business coach who guides you to 3d success while maintaining your 5g vibration. She’ll explain more about what she means by that in a moment, but I’ve experienced Kimberly as a speaker, both live and online, and she’s really excellent at bridging the gap for people who help others grow personally and professionally and spiritually, and who also want to make a good living today. We’ll explore mistakes to avoid for entrepreneurs who are helping people’s soul growth. And we’ll talk about some of the resources she has. So let’s get going with our first question. So, Hey, Kimberly, what exactly do you mean by 3d success while maintaining a five D vibration? I know people go, what exactly is that? But, um, you know, I find probably one of the biggest I’m going to call it opportunities for growth that I see with spiritual entrepreneurs is being able to successfully integrate the five day and the 3d cause we’ve had this amazing five D experience where we’re feeling good.

We know what it’s like to connect with source. And we just love being in that space. And then we look around at the three D and we start to kind of like shun the three day things like money, business marketing sales are like, Ugh. Like it just doesn’t feel good because we know what it feels like in the five D. And so what I see as an opportunity for growth is to be able to integrate, because I can tell with my clients, after working with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of spiritual entrepreneurs, the most successful clients are the ones that are able to truly integrate, to see the 3d things as tools to see money as a tool in business, as a toll and all of those little pieces come together for them so that they can say, yes, I can see my 3d success and have the abundance that we need to live on this 3d planet, but still maintain and hold the integrity of who we are as spiritual leaders and stay in alignment with the five D vibration.

And we’re going through this huge sort of rising of the vibration right now, although it doesn’t look like it in the outside world. Yeah. And going up to that five D great. And I love this question. Why are you being selfish? If you aren’t earning six figures? I love that one. And it it’s funny cause it triggers people. And I’ve learned part of my sole purpose is actually to trigger people, to get them to really think. And so it’s kind of fun when it happens. So that’s one of my great little things that I came up with. And what I mean by that is that if we’re not out there serving at our highest level, then what are we doing? And when you’re serving and truly serving and having an impact, you’re creating abundance. That’s your, that’s your purpose when you’re living your purpose in this is your job.

You don’t have to have a 3d job or you’re out there, you know, working the job that sucks your soul dry. I think some of us have all done that. I know I did that and had to get out of there. And so when we’re truly living our purpose, our job is our purpose. That’s what we’re doing. It’s all one in the same and it no longer becomes a job. So when we’re doing that, we’re creating abundance. And the more abundance we create, that just means those are the more lives that we’re touching when you have a global company and you’re reaching people all over the world, you’re grading six and seven figure businesses or eight figure businesses doing that and having a major impact. And so when I see spiritual entrepreneurs say, well, I don’t need that much. Or, you know, I don’t know about all the money.

It’s not about the money. And I’m like, well, but it kind of is. And saying that you don’t need that much is actually incredibly selfish because it’s not about you. It’s about the people that you’re serving and to be able to serve at a massive level and have billions of people have lives that you’re touching. You have to have a significant business. You have to have the income coming in so that you can have a team. They can have the help you get out there. And then the more money you make, the more you can give away. And because I also see when people are struggling on a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs really struggle with this money piece. You know, if you’re only making $40,000 a year, you’re not donating your 10%. You’re not typing out like you should. And when I talk about typing, it’s not like to church necessarily.

It could be, but at somewhere where you’ve been spiritually fed. And so when we’re, you know, when we’re really having the abundance flow, we can tie than if we’re struggling, we’re not doing that. And we’re hanging onto the money. Cause we’re in scarcity. It’s really like, we don’t know where the next money is coming from. So we hang onto it. But when you can tie and give the money away, that’s the beauty of creating six and seven figure businesses that you can just give more money away. No, I know people forget that. Now you have a really interesting background where you came from like a corporate background and then you had this sort of wake up call a little bit about that. Yeah. I worked in the ugly world of wall street. Um, wow. Yeah, that’s quite the experience. Um, you know, I wouldn’t trade it for anything cause that’s part of who I am now, but it was really gosh, such an integral part of my awakening because you know, I had always been tapped into source in my own way, very intuitive and, and that kind of stuff I always do before things were gonna happen, but I wasn’t full alignment with who I was.

And so when I was working in wall street, it was just, I don’t know, talk about really sucking your soul dry. It was not the best energy to be in at all. So after being in that arena for 18 years, eight of it specifically in a wall street firm and one of my partners and I created it, it was just too much. I’m like I can’t do this anymore. Like my hair was falling out. I wasn’t, I wasn’t sleeping. I was drinking way too much and eating way too much. Cause I didn’t know what else to do and spending money on ridiculous things that weren’t helping anybody, but it was doing it out of a way to feel good because I wasn’t feeling good every day. And um, yeah, it was not, it was not a pretty place to be. And so I left and I’d like to say, I suddenly found my purpose, but I bounced around for quite some time doing different things, starting a couple of different companies and just still things didn’t feel right.

And then when I really had my shift was when my mom transitioned to the other side, that was the kick in the pants. And when I was going through that piece of it, I was like, what am I doing? I started, you know, what do you do when you’re going through your awakening? I went to all these seminars and retreats and I was doing all of that. Like every weekend I was somewhere. And then I started meeting these incredible spiritual entrepreneurs. What I’m going to use? The word entrepreneur are loosely. They were more like spiritual entrepreneurs because they didn’t have a business. Not really, but they were so incredibly gifted. And I was like, how do you not like share this with the world? And they didn’t know how, and for me business is actually an intuitive gift. I can actually see someone’s businesses lineup.

When I’m talking with someone, I can see what books they need to write and everything. I just kind of like lines up for me. So when I was talking with these people and I didn’t realize that I had that gift until I actually started this business because I was like, well, it’s so easy. You can do this, this and this. And they were looking at me like I was speaking Chinese. And then I’m like, well, this is the perfect thing. Let’s, let’s do this. Let’s, let’s create my views. My gift of the intuitive piece use my all my years of experience of wall street and business and marketing and sales and all that and bring it together. And that’s how this was birthed. And also part of with my mom transitioning to, in my mind, I know that there have been more spiritual leaders out there sharing their message.

She would have heard that message sooner. And I think it would have saved her life. Wow. That’s really interesting coast. There aren’t that many people who can bridge both worlds. So that’s sort of your, yeah. Your unique superpower among others. I’m sure. And I know that you talk about abundance as your birthright and that’s like a really super important thing to have and yet it’s so ingrained in this scarcity consciousness. So talk a little bit more about that. Yeah. I, you know, I wish everyone could own that statement. That abundance is our birthright. It is ours. And it’s our connection with source because all of the scarcity around money is, is the disconnection from source. That’s all it is at the end of the day because we start to worry or human gets in the way and we start to worry about money and that we hear bad things about money and you know, gosh, we’ve been given all these negative vibrations around money since before we came into this dimension, right?

Our parents had it. Our ancestors headed has been, it’s been very well ingrained and conditioned into us to see money as a negative thing, because what would happen if all the spiritual leaders in their highest light were also abundant, like they wouldn’t know what to do with us. That was the case. Right? Well, the things that we could accomplish on this planet. And so I think we’ve been told, you know, things like don’t charge that money is bad and you know, and I do get, there is part of money that has a lower vibration that I get it. I get that’s there. We can go into that. Everyone’s like put the whole draconian piece. I get that. But we’re here in this dimension and we’re here where we need money. So we have to learn to, you know, we can call it a game. We can call it a game.

Cause that’s really what it is. This whole process is a game. So we have to learn how to, how are we going to play the game to have the success we need to thrive and to stay connected with source and trust and source and know that we are always taken care of. And when we’re, when we have that, we know we have abundance flowing to us and that source has got us covered. Then our vibration rises and we’re in a better spot because if we’re worried about money, then our right, that’s all we’re concentrating on our vibrations low. And our rest of our gifts are put in the corner because we’re just trying to figure out how to make the next rent payment or buy the groceries. And that’s not how it should be. Yeah. And I love how you’re talking about the vibration piece and people go at it.

I don’t want to get too involved with money because it’ll bring my vibration down. But money of course is just a tool and ha and the worry vibration is a low vibration. But if you, yeah, if you bring your spiritual gifts and start to exchange that kind of money with people, it actually raises the vibration of money. Right. Well, and I always find it interesting that it’s almost like people completely give up their power when it comes to money. And I’m like, what are you doing? It’s just energy. Like just like everything else on this planet. It’s just energy. So when we are powerful, which we are, but we have to remember, right? So many people forget how powerful they are. But when we’re standing in our power and we’re dealing with money, we have the opportunity to InView, whatever energy we want into that money.

And that’s the step I think most people miss, they see money as this thing. That’s separate from them, but it’s not separate it’s energy. And if it’s coming to you, it’s your energy. That’s bringing it in. And then when you send it back out or how you use it, you have the opportunity to imbue money with love. And that freaks people out. They’re like, what, when you mean money? I, I would say a lot money is love and it freaks people out because they’re like, what do you mean? No, it’s got all this history. And it’s like, but you’re forgetting how powerful you are. And that you get to imbue it with whatever energy you want. You get to put love into it. And then when you have a business, that’s amazing that your clients love what you do. They will do an energy exchange with you in the form of money because they love what you do.

It is a form of love. I mean, even when we take out, you know, the spiritual piece and vibration piece, and we just think about regular human beings, when they like someone, what do they do? They want to buy them a gift. It’s an energy exchange is they’re still using money. And sometimes it’s used in a, in a low vibration way, which is why I think people have this negative reaction. You know, people say, I don’t want to be bought well, you know, then change your vibration around it. It’s like we get to do that. And we forget that we are in control. We have the power to do that. So we’d have to remember that it is loving and view it with love. With every bill. We pay everything that we do. Anytime we leave tip money, whatever it is in BW that money with love.

So that that energy is passed forward. Yeah. This little practice where I bless love and shield all money and financial relationships, just as a little practice, I’m sure you have all kinds of things you tell people to do around it. But I just find, you know, I look at my bank accounts or I talk to someone at the bank and I don’t have this weird energy around it anymore. It’s blessed and loved and it’s all good. Right. That’s beautiful. Yeah. And I love what you say about it. It’s so important to chart. You know, we’d been told not to charge for our gifts, our spiritual gifts. When you think about someone paying you money for your spiritual gifts, as opposed to say what people do waste their money on. Right. Um, it’s sort of more important in a way that they spend their money with you.

Like, what are your thoughts around that? Yeah. Oh gosh. I could talk about that one all day long. Here’s the thing we live in a first world country. And so everyone has money. They may say they don’t have money, but usually what happens is they don’t have enough certainty in what you’re doing to invest in you. And so that’s what it boils down to you. But everyone has my, everyone’s got a cell phone. Everyone has internet connectivity. They have computers, they have TVs, big screen TVs hanging on their walls. They have cable every month. They have money. I mean, there is a percentage of people out there that are, you know, really struggling, but, but the majority of people in the United States have money and they have the ability to get money. So if you’re a spiritual leader and you’ve got your business and you’re charging X amount and someone says, I don’t have money, then you have to go, well, you can honestly say, and this is something we teach and we call it being a spiritual closer because there is the sales is involved in this process.

And sales is an amazing thing because when you sell someone, which means enrolling someone into your program, that’s when you’re really, really serving them. That’s when you’re helping them at the highest level. And so we teach a very special process around that because it, it, it can be icky if you, if this doesn’t work out, right. So don’t try this, don’t try this at home alone. But you, one of the things that we will say to someone, because we have, we have led up to this part of a call, is that we’ll say, well, then what are you spending your money on? Because they’ve come to you with a problem. They really need help. In the, in the way I teach my clients is to have, you know, you’re solving a major problem. You’re, you’re having a, uh, your clients are having a life change with you.

And so, you know, you have the right at that point to say, well, where are you spending your money on? And as a spiritual leader, it’s okay to actually kind of, you know, I’m going to use the words, call them out, but bring the truth to the front of the conversation. Because most people are spending their money on nonsense, bad food and, and, you know, clothes they don’t need. And just stuff, just stuff. Sometimes there’s just stuff in people’s houses that they don’t need. But what they really need is to be in alignment with source, which is what all spiritual leaders do right at the end of the day, no matter how they’re helping them, the end of the day, they’re helping someone relying with their true self and realign the source. And if someone’s not aligned, like what are you spending your money on other than getting yourself into alignment, to be the best version of you.

I know in the end, that’s the biggest priority. And a lot of people, they say that’s their biggest priority, but they’re not spending in that way. So, yeah. So it sounds like what you’re saying is part of the spiritual selling process is to help them remember that, or how would you put it? Yeah. It’s to really, to bring the truth forward. You know, what happens is in our world and society in general is that we are allowed to just skate by like, it is okay to be living a mediocre life out there. And I don’t know why that’s okay, but it is. It’s very acceptable to be living, living a mediocre life, to be unhappy, to be struggling, to be all of these things that are of a low vibration. And it’s okay. And people come together and actually talk about it and they connect with each other over it, but it’s not okay.

And spiritual leaders have to step up and say, it’s not okay to be in pain. It’s not okay to be depressed. It’s not okay to be in scarcity. It’s not okay to be disconnected from source. And so it’s about holding your own vibration, knowing that you can help someone when you have true certainty in your work and how you can heal and what you can do, then you can hold space for that person and say, I know I can help you. And you came to me with a problem. So let’s get real about this and be able to hold them so that they stop arguing for their limitations, hold them in a light so that they no longer argue for the limitations. And that’s, I know that’s one thing I do. And people, um, you haven’t loved me or you don’t love me for it. That’s all there is to it because I will not allow someone to give me an excuse. I just won’t do it. And so I hold them in their highest light. I always tell them, this is coming from a place of love that I see you in your highest light. I see what you’re capable of, but you were creating your own limitations. And the only thing that’s keeping you from where you want to be is fear.

Yeah, exactly. And, and why do you believe we have been told not to charge for our gifts? Yeah. I think, you know, that’s a conditioned response to people wanting to charge and they, they actually will shame you about it. Right? You’ll see that. I see that on my Facebook ads and things, they will try to shame me for charging or shame my clients for charging. And it’s, it’s fascinating to watch. And I think we’ve been told not to charge to just keep us down because as Lightworkers, when we’re in our highest level of vibration and our greatest connection with source, we’ve all been there. We know what that feels like, and we can manifest anything. We like, we can create, we, our gifts are on fire. We’re serving people. We can, we can do all these incredible things. But when we are in scarcity, which again is our disconnection with sores, when we’re disconnected and we worry, it drops our vibration.

And I, I think we’ve been told to not charge to keep our vibration down because one of the, you know, again, living in a first world country, probably money’s the one thing that really messes with people. And even if it’s in a relationship situation, it’s usually still money that’s causing the problem. And that’s the one thing we’re, it can consistently show up in someone’s life and keep their vibration down. And it’s because, you know, most people can eat fine. They’ve got a roof. Like they’re, everything is, is pretty much okay. But this money thing comes up every two weeks, depending on how they’re getting paid, right. Every two weeks or every month or whatever it is. They’re like, how do I it to the next paycheck? How do I make the mortgage? How do I pay my car? All of that starts to creep in.

And that that’s what keeps our vibration down and it keeps us disconnected. So I honestly believe we’ve been told that because if we were at our highest vibration in flow with source, not worried about anything new, we were abundant how we be so incredibly powerful. And I think that would freak out some of the powers that be absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. I totally agree with you. And why do you think it’s a myth that your clients will go away if you raise your prices? Yeah. This is funny too, because so many people will say that they’re afraid to raise their prices because you’re like, what if my clients disappear? And I’m like, well, half the time people I’m talking to you, a lot of times aren’t even charging. So I’m like, well, they weren’t clients to begin with. So it’s okay to let those people go because they’re not actually clients.

And then what’ll happen is that you’re going to have an energetic shift in yourself. So when you start to see the value of what you do and you have certainty on what you do, you’re going to shift and you’re going to get amazing clients. It’s this vibrational shift and attraction that happens. And it happens because in your certainty of being able to increase your prices, do you higher energy exchange for what you’re doing that certainty then brings in new clients. It’s like, you’re shining your light as bright as you can. They’re going to find you, you’re going to have more clients when you’re at a higher price point than you do when you’re at a lower price point. And I’ve seen it so many times. I know I’ve had my own personal experience. I think back in the day when I first started and how much I was charging, I have to say this, like the clients I had, I probably wouldn’t even accept into spiritual biz bootcamp today.

My first group, I’m like, I look back and I’m like, I probably would not even allow them to enroll. If they called today to see about getting into boot camp. I wouldn’t, I don’t think I’d let them in because they weren’t quite ready. So as I’ve increased my prices, I get better clients that are more dedicated. They get better results because they have their own, their own investment. They have invested in themselves to be able to take the step. And so when you start to increase your pricing, it’s really just building your certainty and people value that more. I mean, when was the last time you got something for free? Like, what did you do with it? You threw it in the trash, whatever it was and something that you invested in that you spent some money on, whether it was a pair of shoes or a nice car, or who knows what it was.

Maybe it was a vintage book that you’ve been waiting for and looking at. And you’re like, Oh, I finally got it. Like you’re valuing it. And that required an investment. It required an energy exchange and the higher, the energy exchange, the more someone values what it is. So as spiritual entrepreneurs, gosh, they’re doing amazing things. They should, they could charge whatever they wanted truly. Yeah. Or that phrase, the more you pay, the more you pay attention and your attention is your super power. Right. And then, yeah, you’ll get back from it more, the more you pay strangely enough. Yeah. You know, I really think it’s just about remembering how powerful you are, because the thing that I see really holding people back from creating their spiritual business or earning a, you know, a six or seven figure income, like the thing that holds them back is they just forget how powerful they are.

And all the fears come in, the human gets in the way when the human gets in the way we start thinking about, am I worthy? Am I, this am I that? Do I deserve it? When then the little, you know, all those limiting beliefs around money start creeping in. What if I change, like all that sort of stuff come in. And that’s just your human getting in the way. And when, when we can remember how powerful we are, how amazing we are to be in this moment, actually, because we’ve all chosen to be here through all this chaos that’s happening. That those gifts that you’ve been given and how powerful you are, it’s time to step up and use them get rid of the human fears, because it’s not about you. It’s about serving the people on the planet. And now more than ever, we need spiritual leaders to step up because with these, this crazy shift that’s happening that I know is, I think we’re just seeing the very beginning of it.

Um, you know, as people begin to awaken or as the crimes against humanity are being revealed of what’s happening, people are going to need support in a major, major way, because I think they’re just going to panic. They’re not going to know what to do. So you’re going to have the group that’s awakening. That’s going, wow, what do I do? And then you have the group that’s awakening and being in complete panic. So we need spiritual leaders who are in alignment was forced. They can hold their vibration to step up and to step up now because people well, and the next, you know, year, I would say, things are gonna continue to create contrast. It’s going to be a massive opportunity for growth for everybody. I say, the chaos that’s going on right now is a really a test to see where we are vibrationally.

It’s the test to see how connected we are to source. Are we upset with everything’s going on? Are we able to hold our vibration? And so we need people to really work on themselves, to hold their vibration, remember how powerful they are. And if they’re ready to step out, it is time to step out because well, we really need, we really need that, that group of people, the Lightworkers a hold the vibration for everybody else. Yeah, absolutely. And that’s a big theme of this podcast, of course. And do you have any practical tool that you teach people when the fear comes up to kind of move through it? You know, it’s about remembering that it’s not about you. We just have to go back to that connection and be like, Oh, it’s not about me. Like I have, I have a, it’s very funny. I have a client right now who is about, wants to be perfect once everything done.

And I’m like, why are you thinking about you when there’s people out there waiting for you to get this going? And so that cause they need your help. And yet you’re worried about being perfect, which is just a self sabotage, which is just the human get in the way, because you’re afraid to make the mistake. I’m like, it’s not about you. So when the fear creeps up, make a list of the reasons why you’re doing this. What’s your why for it. It’s an exercise that I do in spiritual biz bootcamp, where I have someone go through their wise and it’s a seven step process. So, you know, why am I, why do I want to create my spiritual business? Or why do I want to expand my spiritual business, wherever somebody is? And then you answer the why, and then you say, let’s just say, it’s because I want to help the people.

And they said, well, why do you want to help the people? I want to help the people because of all the chaos that’s happening now. And I’ve seen the impact on my family and you can go into that kind of story. And then you say, well, why that? And you go down seven layers. And when you get to the seventh reason that why you should be very, very emotional about that, why it shouldn’t just be like, Oh, I want to help the world. That’s not what this is. This is very connected to you. This is your why of why you’re stepping out. Because I got to tell you creating a spiritual business. It’s not hard. It’s not easy. It is definitely a tough thing. And that when the tough days show up, you’ve got to look at your why, because something has to keep you going.

And that why is what you get you through all of that and get you past the fears, but go seven layers down. It should be very emotional. It should be very close to your heart, your reason why you’re doing it. And that’ll help you get through those moments when you’re human steps in and makes you worried. Yeah. Okay. That’s a really great kind of journaling kind of exercise to do. Yeah. I have this little phrase that I have, the world is longing for what you have to offer. So you just have to somehow to remind yourself of that regularly. And so how can people learn more about you and what you offer? Sure. So probably the, the most, I guess the easiest way to find out what I do and how I teach is I have a free masterclass and they can go to spiritual biz success.com as a Bizz.

And so spiritual biz success.com and you can sign up for my masterclass and it’s the five D vibration 3d success. And you’ll hear how I teach. And there’s a ton of information in there. It’s the five shifts that my clients use to be able to create their six figure businesses, because there’s certain blockages that we have or limiting beliefs that are creeping in, and you have to shift those before you can step out as a spiritual leader. And so I cover all of those plus a bonus in there so that can hear how I teach and you get the real I’m going to use. I use a lot of shit’s bought in there. So you’re really getting how I teach. I don’t hold back. I’m very like, this is how it is. And so, um, so you’ll get an idea about what I’m talking about and really get to learn how I teach at a vibrational level and get you thinking about how you should be stepping out and how you should be serving and the things that you need to get, do to get your ducks in a row, to be able to get out there and lead as you’re meant to lead.

Nice. Great. Well, I’m definitely gonna check that out. I know it’s a hot off the press, so that should be really good. So remember everyone that spiritual biz success and that Z or Zed for those people from the UK and Canada who are listening,

[inaudible] success.com. Okay. Thank you so much, Kevin. Really? This is such an important topic. I’m so glad you took the time to talk with us today. Thank you so much for having me alright, bye for now. So that’s it for today. Do post review of this podcast. If you like it on iTunes or Stitcher or YouTube or wherever you listen, makes a big difference to helping others find out about it. Hope that was helpful until next time. I’m Carla. Rieger. Thanks for listening.

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