Ever notice some goals continue NOT to manifest?, Maybe you just don’t believe it’s possible. Discover a consciousness technology to remedy this known as believing without doubt whereby you manufacture the belief before it happens.    


6:00   –  Your  brain will block or allow your abilities based on what you believe 

9:58 –    How to ‘think backwards’ to achieve seemingly impossible goals     

14:33  – One decision can make all the difference  

19:48 –A 3 step process to begin believing without doubt 




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This is episode 64 – believe without doubt and it comes about. Most people have certain goals that just won’t manifest. Sometimes the timing is wrong, but sometimes it’s simply because you don’t believe it’s possible. In this episode we will explore a consciousness technology known as “believing without doubt” whereby you manufacture the belief before it happens.   Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and you’re listening to the MindStory Speaker podcast helping coaches, speakers, leaders and experts in their field enhance their inner game success so they can thrive and better serve others.

If you haven’t already noticed on this podcast, I believe that mindset mastery is probably responsible for 95% of your success in life. If you don’t develop personally, if you don’t constantly evolve personally then you put yourself at a disadvantage as a leader, as an entrepreneur. But mindset tools at some level has become white noise, right? Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard about mindset, I’ve done plenty of personal development. But what’s missing from the whole movement of mindset mastery is a manual of the operating system for human beings. And that if you understand how to change the operating system you could live a far more high capacity and have a far more deeply fulfilling life.

So what is mindset and what changes our brains? In all my years of researching the brain-mind-body connection it seems clear that we have an entire operating system we live by, much like your laptop as an operating system. If you really want to function at a whole other level of excellence you can’t just switch out a piece of software here and there, you really need to change the operating system. The operating system, from what we’ve gathered at MindStory Academy, is in story form. Meaning, your core philosophies of living are like the themes in that story, your self image is like a character in that story of your life, your expectations about what you can accomplish are like the plot, and so on. So, if you want to change the direction of your life, and create something wonderful, beyond even your wildest imagination, you need to change the internal story, or what we call “MindStory” or operating system of your life.

It’s about permanently changing the patterns of thinking that are not serving you well in your life. So that inner critic actually becomes an inner champion, so that these automatic patterns of thinking are moving you forward and helping you create powerfully rather than holding you back. As we’ve talked about in other episodes, your survival brain is loaded with programs or world views or opinions that may not be serving you, about money, about relationships, about your self worth, about business, about your industry, about the coffee cup on the table in front you of you, about the nature of life itself. And we are experiencing that thinking, those looping programs, but the thoughts are not our thoughts. They are a matrix of inner software programs that forms your personality, that you can choose to take back control of. In fact, I believe that’s one of the main purposes of life, is to take back control of the programming that runs your life. And so once we start to acknowledge that this is how the system of the human being works, we can start to step back and go, well do I even agree with these thoughts? Do I want this one? Do I want that one? It’s like inheriting a house. You walk through I say – I like that skylight, I’ll keep that. Those curtains have to go.

Because when you really start to examine the results of your life, you’ll see that anything you are having a hard time creating in your life whether it’s financial, career oriented, weight, health, relationships, its not working out how you want due to limiting beliefs. So what are limiting beliefs? They are components of a bigger MindStory or operating system in your brain-mind-body system. They are are a series of neurosynaptic connections in your brain that represent a memory of something and the meaning that you gave to that experience that is limiting. For example, many people have the “I’m not good enough” limiting belief. It’s like it comes bundles with your hard drive. It’s almost woven into the collective human experience. I just can’t get clear on my mission and purpose in the world. All just limiting beliefs. But they become our reality because the brain is a goal achieving machine. Your brain doesn’t care if the end result of that limiting belief gives you a life that you don’t love. It’s got train tracks of belief that it runs on, and so any conscious goal you might have to the contrary doesn’t happen because that’s not hardwired into the subconscious mind yet. Most people have no idea how to truly change a limiting belief to an empowering belief. There are many ways there, but one of them is to manufacture belief in a goal, regardless of evidence to the contrary that it could happen. In other words to believe without doubt, that’s the engine, that’s how it comes about. This seems counterintuitive to a lot of people. Most of us are used to only believing in a goal coming true, when we’ve received irrefutable proof it’s possible.

So let’s say you have a subconscious limiting belief that you’re a bad public speaker in certain types of situations, say, when you’re asked to speak extemporaneously. In other words, you’ve had not time to prep. You’ve had experiences in the past where it didn’t go so well, in your opinion. So every time you have an opportunity to do a spontaneous speech to a group, your belief that you suck at it, will literally block your natural abilities to do it well. You won’t speak clearly, maybe you’ll stutter, lose your train of thought, go blank, get a dry mouth. It’s not like you did a school test as a child and the teacher announced, Johnny’s a bad public speaker. He didn’t get the public speaking gene. You’re bad at it because you believe you’re bad at it, and that’s how powerful the brain is, it can block or allow your abilities depending on what you believe. So the question you might be asking yourself is, okay Carla, I get it. I’ve got these limiting beliefs. They don’t serve me well. They don’t feel good. The brain is a goal achieving machine. So I’m working against myself. Are you just saying that I can just decide the opposite of what I’ve been believing for a long time?

Like can I really just decide that I’m going to build, say, a successful online business in the next 12 months? Can I really just make a decision that I’m going to attract an extraordinary team of supporters? Can I really just make a decision that I’m going to meet the man or woman of my dreams? And the short answer is yes. So as powerful creators, we have the ability to just decide and then in that decision we reenroll the brain in achieving that. And so where most entrepreneurs, leaders and most people in general  get stuck is in this question — I need to know how first, right? Don’t I need to know how I’m going to go meet the man or woman of my dreams? Don’t I need to know how or where I’m going to find the incredible people that I want to attract to my team?

Don’t I need to somehow prove first that I’m good enough, worthy enough, skilled enough? Don’t I first need to know HOW I’m going to create an extra million dollar a year? And the answer is no. You don’t need to know the how because you’ve been gifted with a consciousness technology that will figure the how out for you if you’re willing to give yourself permission to just believe without doubt. I remember I saw a lecturer explain this phenomenon to me. You just decide to believe without doubt. And I thought it was just some sort of woo woo hippie BS at the time. But now that I understand the science behind it, and I think it’s important to understand the science behind it, otherwise most of us do find it hard to believe.

So this is what I want you to understand. The moment you make a new decision to believe, the moment you decide, for example, that I’m going to create an extraordinary business that’s going to positively impact the lives of millions of people. What happens is you create a mental image of that. So when you give yourself permission to just decide to believe it’s possible, you imagine the future of the thing, don’t you? I mean, if you just decide that you’re going to have an extraordinary relationship with the man or woman of your dreams, then you start to imagine what that relationship would look like? You do. However, if you think you need to know the how first, then you don’t. You’ll go through this process of going, well, I’d really love to have an amazing group of friends and supporters because I feel like I don’t right now, but the moment you start moving towards envisioning that, you’ll stop because you’ll go, but I don’t know how. Most of us never got taught to think backwards. It’s where you suspend all disbelief that it’s possible, choose to release doubt, and that frees up your imagination to see it all coming about in detail. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

In case you doubt that’s true, let me point you to the fact that anything in your life that you wanted, but you at first doubted it was possible, you used this consciousness technology. At some point, you chose to override the natural instinct to doubt, and you allowed your imagination free reign enough to envision the details of it actually happening. This gave a road map, an action plan to get started, then as you took each step you learned the next piece of the puzzle, then the next, then the next. Once you achieved it, only then could you look back and describe HOW it was achieved.  For example, I wrote my first book in the late 90’s. Before I did it, I didn’t think in a million years I had the discipline, skills, or confidence to write and publish a book. But I was just learning this conscious technology to believe without doubt. So, I let myself imagine. There I was after a very successful speech, at the back of the room, signing copies of new book. There’s a line up of people. They love my book. They are reading it cover to cover and writing great reviews, and keeping it for years to re-read. That’s what I envisioned. I didn’t even know the title or topic at the time. After doing that a few times, a colleague asked me if I wanted to speak at an event for authors. At the time, he assumed I already had a book. I asked “when is the event?” In 5 months. I thought, that’s my 5 months to write, edit and publish my first book. So, I said, sure, my book will be ready by then. If I hadn’t previously imagined it was possible I probably a) wouldn’t have said yes and b) wouldn’t have attracted that opportunity. He asked me because he saw that I was part of an author’s group. I joined the author’s group before I’d authored a book because I wanted to be around people who saw themselves as authors, to trigger the mirror neurons. This is the phenomenon of picking up skills you don’t yet have by osmosis, mirroring subconsciously what others are doing to achieve this goal.

So, as it turns out, most of what I imagined about becoming an author actually happened. It gave me a deadline to get it done. I even have a photo of myself at a table with the other authors signing my first book. It looked exactly how I pictured it. And I even kept emails of people who gave me great reviews saying they used it as a reference book for years…exactly as I pictured it. After that I was a believer in the believe without doubt and it comes about.

Why does it have to be without doubt? Because believing WITH doubt is a form of double mindedness. It’s where you decide to do something and then you are not sure, you kind of “undecide”. When you do that, you dissipate your power of manifestation. In the last episode you may have heard me talk about the metaphor of ordering something from Amazon. You make the order, and then you ask for refund, then you reorder it, then you ask for refund. On the other end, they start to send it, and then they stop the sending process, and then they start sending process, but they get so confused it never really leaves the warehouse. So believing without doubt insures the package leaves the warehouse.

So does that mean fighting with yourself when you doubt? No. Because it’s natural. You will in the beginning. So you gently bring your imagination back to the details of it all coming about.

So, to reiterate, you need to decide to believe, and then the how comes about. So, think about a decision you could make — that you’re going to make more money, become a better communicator in your marriage, a better public speaker, getting more clarity on your life direction, having a greater impact. The tiny small move, that decision, unleashes the power of your imagination.  You can’t help but start to imagine it.

Here’s why it works. The brain doesn’t know the difference between your imagination and reality. So there was a study done in 2009 at Harvard where they brought in pianists to play the piano. And as the piano players were playing the piano, they studied which parts of their brains lit up.  Then they had the pianists simply imagine playing the piano and the identical parts of the brain lit up. So we now understand through neuroscience that the brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. So when you imagine the outcome that you want to create, what you’re actually doing is you’re creating a memory of something that has not happened yet. This is really profound. I want you to understand this, and it’s why so many great achievers talked about the power of imagination. As I said, the brain is a goal achieving machine that works in miraculous and magical ways. The moment you make a decision, there’s a change in your brain. You create a memory of something that has not happened yet and it’s that change in your brain that starts to give you the ideas and the thoughts and the inspiration that become the how, the how comes to you bit by bit AFTER you make the decision. Because the decision creates the image and the brain is a goal achieving machine that is always trying to bring images into reality. So you now begin to think in alignment with producing this outcome, but you have to make the decision first.

So three really extraordinary things happen when you start to give yourself permission to make new decisions as a powerful creator, when you go, okay, I get how this works, I haven’t been achieving or creating what I want in my life and I’ve been feeling like crap because of my limiting beliefs. I’m a powerful creator, because I HAVE created things in the past.  Part of the human being operating system is that I can just make new decisions—decide to believe without doubt. And this starts a whole new operating system or MindStory to form. The moment I make a new decision I unleash the power of my imagination, I have the consciousness technology working now. So the moment you make a decision, three incredible things happen. Number one, you now start to have thoughts and ideas that are in alignment with that decision. Before that you had thoughts and ideas that were in alignment with what you didn’t want – not being good enough or not being a great communicator or any of the other examples we used. But the moment you make a new decision and you give yourself a moment to imagine the outcome of the new decision, your thoughts and your ideas now start to flow in alignment with that decision. The how gets revealed to you.

Number two. So the second thing that happens with the power of decision is that it changes your perception of reality. There have been many scientific studies that we’re only experiencing about 8% of the reality around us. There’s just too much stimuli going on at one point in time for the brain to actually process all of it at once at a conscious level. So the 8% that you’re experiencing is based on the decisions you’ve made. So maybe you’ve bought a car, and all of a sudden you see the car everywhere on the road, right? That’s a part of your brain called the reticular activating system. That’s that narrow band of experience that you’re paying attention to. Well, when you make a new decision, all of a sudden you now start to pay attention to the things around you that will allow you to bring that decision into reality. The third incredible thing that happens is that you activate the power of coincidence. So this is a much larger conversation, but your brain-mind system is an electrical and a vibrational device. We live in a vibrational world. And so the quality of the structure of your brain, meaning the images that you’ve created in it, it dictates a different thought vibration or a different frequency, and it creates the coincidences that we experienced in our life. So now you’re more aligned with producing the outcome that you’re trying to produce. And, now life is working with you. You’re activating the power of this infinite intelligence around us to bring you the resources, connect you with the people and make the things happen that will make this journey or bigger, better and faster for you. Maybe you’ve experienced the phenomenon of coincidence, serendipity, synchronicity. In the example of writing my first book, attracting the opportunity of speaking at an event for authors 5 months in advance, which gave me the time I needed to get it done.

Or, I thought about someone the other day that I hadn’t been in contact with for years. Right after that, she commented on a social media post, just out of the blue. She’d never done that before.  Now this synchronicity thing works in good ways and bad.  For example, when your worst fears become realized because you are using the consciousness technology of deciding to believe without doubt and the worst thing comes about.

So, I just wanted you to understand how this consciousness technology works, what’s the structure? By breaking it down in a very practical way, step by step so that you can create transformation in your life and go out and make the impact you want, right? So, step 1,  identify a limiting belief that you have, that you’re not good enough, that there’s not enough time, that you’re not as far along as you should be, that business is hard, that it’s difficult to find good people to help you, that you can’t trust anyone—whatever is your internal chatter. Pick one. Realize that you made a decision to believe that without doubt. So, now – Step 2 — you can make a new decision to believe the opposite without doubt. What’s the new decision that you’re willing to commit to? And spend a moment or two after listening to this podcast to imagine what the outcome of that would look like. This is the first step in creating the brain change necessary for you to create a change in your external life.

If you’d like more free tools like this go to mindstoryacademy.com/free. You’ll find free webinars, free downloads to help build a strong mindset. So that’s it for today…Do post a review of this podcast if you like it – on iTunes or YouTube or wherever you listen. It makes a big difference to helping others find out about it. Until next time, I’m Carla Rieger, thanks for listening.

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