Are you looping in a negative way about your life? That might be causing you to stay stuck. The good news is that you can literally jump tracks and create a whole new way of thinking, which we call moving from a ‘Suffering Timeline” to a “Golden Timeline” which creates a life you love. A Timeline is also known as a ‘MindStory’ and includes plot, characters, themes and motivations. Here you’ll discover how to move from a disempowering to an empowering MindStory in an instant. 


4:27   –  The difference between living by a “Suffering Timeline” or a “Golden Timeline”  

 7:28  –    How to switch timelines in the moment 

11:45  –    Empowering beliefs that will give you the life you want 

 14:17  –    A example of how it looks to switch timelines 




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This is episode 65 – Programming Your Brain for Success.   If you find yourself looping in a negative way, and you suspect this is blocking your success, you might just need to reprogram how your brain is operating.   Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and you’re listening to the MindStory Speaker podcast.

In past episodes we’ve talked about how to actually change the neural networks of our brains so that we can change the patterns. When we do that we can enroll the goal achieving device between our ears, known as our brain.  In other words you can train your brain to assist you in every aspect of our life, instead of working against you, like what happens with so many people.  Most of us seem to have these things called limiting beliefs. They are really just meanings that we gave experiences when we were younger and we’ve been living this same meaning over and over and over and over and over again, even though it doesn’t actually make sense with present day circumstances. Popular meanings we pick up when we’re young is…I’m not good enough. So, then as an adult if that’s the filter you’re looking through in regards to your present day life, you’ll find evidence of that. I’m not as far along as other people in my field. If I were good enough I’d have more money. And if you really looked at these thoughts objectively, they wouldn’t make much sense. In fact some people are unaware that they run their life. But it’s very common for even people with what seems like lots of external success to not feel good enough still even after they achieved the goals that would supposedly make them good enough.

Because it’s not about external things making you good enough, it’s about changing the core limiting belief or meaning you give to your life circumstances. So, we actually have the capacity to create new truths for ourselves by, first, realizing that these limiting beliefs are shaping our lives. That, second, the beliefs are simply decisions we once made. That, three, we can give ourselves permission to make new decisions at any point in time. What makes them stick is to make sure they are emotionally infused and  heart-based, and not just an intellectual decision. You have to want it in the core of your being.  And when you make a new decision in that way, something really extraordinary happens.

You can’t help but create an image of this future that you’re trying to create. And now all of a sudden the brain has new instructions and on every level it’s trying to bring that into reality. So you start having thoughts and ideas related to bringing this image or this idea, this relationship, this amount of money, how much your business has impact into the world. We start to perceive the world differently. So we see things that were always there that we just weren’t paying attention to because we were seeing life through a limiting belief. That, then manufactures coincidences in our life so that not only are we fully aligned with producing this outcome that we want, but life is fully aligned in co-creating it with us. And so as part of that conversation, I wanted to give you some tools to notice when these limiting beliefs are driving your moment by moment life, and how to switch out of it.

There’s an important distinction to become aware of in your day to day life, which is that there’s two or more states of being that can be driving you at any one time. Let’s say you could look at a map of neural pathways in your mind, almost like two different train tracks. One is where you believe the lie of the limiting belief, when you’re unconsciously engaging with this pattern of thinking. You’re running your life force energy along those train tracks, that lead to a certain destination that you don’t want. That’s because it’s a limiting belief that is not aligned with what you want to create. It’s a train taking you to into more suffering, right? You become stressed, you become anxious, you become overwhelmed, you become jealous, and you have no power there. You blame other people, or the economy or the politicians, or your partner, your parents, the weather, or yourself for where you don’t measure up. So, another way of looking at it is like those train tracks are a timeline. It’s the idea that there are multiple timelines you could be engaged with and that go in different directions based on the decisions you make. So, those train tracks are taking you to certain destinations. Let’s call this first potential timeline, The Suffering Timeline takes you to a cold, dark place that’s full of pain, frustration, more stress.

And then there’s this other potential timeline that we all have, train tracks just lying there waiting for the train, in this case, your life force energy, to go on. Let’s call this The Golden timeline. It’s where you believe that, say, you’re good enough, worthy enough, powerful enough, capable enough to achieve your goals. So you’re unconsciously engaging with this pattern of thinking. You’re running your life force energy along those train tracks, that lead to a certain destination that you do want. It’s aligned with what you DO want to create. It’s a train taking you to into a Golden Age of your life, right? You become calm, you have a sense of inner peace, you stay focused and motivated, you become generous, and you have lots of power there. You don’t let external circumstances like the weather, the economy, other people undermine you. You are invincible. So, this second potential timeline, The Golden Timeline takes you to a warm, bright place that’s full of love, fulfillment, and purpose.

Of course, many of us want to be on the second timeline, the Golden timeline, yet find ourselves stuck on the first one. What do we do when we’ve noticed all of the sudden that we’ve moved onto the Suffering timeline? Well, first is we acknowledge the fact that we’ve moved into a suffering state. There’s a self awareness to the fact that I am stressed, I am angry, I am overwhelmed, I am depressed, right? Those are all suffering States of being. So number one is I acknowledge that I’m in a suffering state. Okay. Number two. I also acknowledge, that the suffering I’m experiencing is separate from the experience, right? The experience is not causing us the suffering. Something else is causing me the suffering. And that’s the third piece of this model that we’re putting together, which is the suffering that we’re experiencing is caused by one thing.

And one thing only, which is our own thinking. Our own thinking is producing the stress. It’s producing the anxiety, it’s producing the overwhelm. And so what we do at that point is we need to go and take a look at this thinking. By doing this we activiate the Neo-cortex or higher functioning areas of the brain, which naturally pulls the life force energy out of the survival brain where the anxiety stems from.  We start to look at the Suffereing Timeline from a neutral and curious and non judgement place, where you might say “Isn’t that interesting how I’m creating all these thoughts that are causing me pain? I’m thinking that “she shouldn’t have done that”, and he shouldn’t have said that.” I’m thinking that “it’s never going to work out for me. that I should have done things differently than the way I did them. I’m afraid that I don’t know what’s going to happen next and I’m worried about whether or not this decision is the wrong decision or that decision is the right decision.”

Isn’t this sort of the day to day pattern of thinking that holds us back and kind of keeps us stuck on the suffering timeline? So by noticing this thinking you trigger a different part of the brain that isn’t embroiled in the suffering. I’m sure you’ve done this before many times. It’s where you kind of wake up from a dream and say to yourself “why am I driving myself crazy about this, it’s silly. I’m just going to drop it.” The more you allow yourself to “wake up” like that, the more you build the muscle of control over how your brain operates. Many things in society lull us into a place where we give up the power and control of how our own brains function. Not a good idea.

Now, I’m not asking you to believe me. I’m asking you to try it on. I’m asking you to play around with it yourself and make your own conclusions. This is just the tip of the iceberg of a very powerful transformative methodology that we call the AVARA model, that we use with our coaching clients and in our coaching certification program. But what I would suggest to you is that whenever you’re thinking something and it’s causing you suffering, whatever it is that you’re thinking is not true.

It’s simply unaware thinking. So what’s actually happening is that there are thoughts that are occurring for you. But those thoughts are not your thoughts. There are thoughts that are occurring for you that are not in alignment with the truth of reality, right? The truth is that life is always working for you, life wants you to win, that there is no such thing as failure, that there is no right or wrong decision, right? That you will attract all of the people that you need to attract, who will love you and embrace you and support you that you need to in order to have the type of life that you want, right? That you will meet the man or woman of your dreams. That money is easy to make. That money flows to you, that there’s always enough time that the universe would never give you an idea that it also didn’t give you the time. And that the resources you need to create what you want will actually come to you as you need them. All of these are empowering beliefs and they’re the truth. Again, this is for you to decide, but if our life is dictated by the meaning we give to situations, why not create a great meaning, an empowering belief. If you have control, why not take the Golden timeline rather than the Suffering timeline. It’s like being at a train station and it costs the same to go to a horrible place on the planet as a wonderful place. Why not take the latter? That’s the trick right there. You CAN choose. And we forget that. You don’t have to go on the Suffering timeline, you actually don’t.

The Suffering timeline entangles us with a lie. And so everything is energy. So we’ve moved out of energetic alignment with the truth of life. And that is actually why we move into stress. It’s why we move into anxiety. It’s why we move into overwhelm. It’s why we move into depression and feeling not good about ourselves. We bought into a lie. So the opportunity for us is to take this thinking and become clear on it and to know that the thinking is not true. To know that it is what we call unintelligent thinking, or immature thinking. And to spend some time with it to see how it is unintelligent, to truly see that it’s not true.

And I’ll give you a quick example. A woman we worked with ran a multiple seven figure business. And she was invited to speak at a dinner with other influencers in her industry. So, she’s at this dinner and waiting to speak and she starts to move into the suffering timeline which she knew would lead to a bad or at least mediocre speech. She called me the next day. She said, Carla, listen, I am so grateful for that metaphor of the Suffering Timeline versus the Golden Timeline. There I was on the train going to Suffering ville. I knew that the only cause of my suffering was my own thinking. I looked at the thinking and I knew it didn’t belong there.  The thinking I saw was – There’s other people there who are more successful than me. Why am I here? I don’t belong here. Why should they listen to me? They’ll think I’m an imposter. They’ll be bored. And for the first time she knew it wasn’t true.

She said, I remembered what you taught me, that it’s unintelligent thinking that all those thoughts aren’t true. I saw the pattern from this other point of view. I stepped back and saw the train I was on, the destination I was headed for. I’d been there many times before, it was comfortable and familiar but very painful. That’s when I looked around at the other people at the dinner. They probably had similar insecurities to me, even though they were successful. This is just the human default in many ways, but it’s all a lie. They didn’t need to watch someone mirror their own insecurities back to them. They needed someone who would give them an alternative path. They needed inspiration and a guiding light. I could be that for them right now, if I choose. I felt this huge wellspring of love, of desire to help people. That’s what drove the change. Just before they called me up on stage I switched, I jumped the tracks, I pulled my energy and attention off the Suffering timelines and put it on the Golden timeline. I literally saw myself jump to the new timelines. Then my brain switched onto high capacity instead of low capacity. All of a sudden I saw the truth —  I do belong here, otherwise why would they ask me to speak?  There will always be other people there who are more financially successful than me, or less. It doesn’t matter. Success is a mindset not numbers on a page. I AM meant to be here. In fact, I belong everywhere. I have something to share that will truly benefit people. When I come from this place, I know how to engage an audience.

She said…after the speech many people came up and told me that it was just what they needed to hear. In fact one woman told me that she felt like she didn’t belong there, and that she compared herself to me and found herself wanting, but after the speech she felt good in her own way, and grateful that I was there helping her see that. Had I not made that small but emotionally charged decision just before going on, I would have tried to speak from the Suffering timeline, and no one wants to watch someone speak who is suffering.

So, this woman will never unsee that ability to switch, right? Every time after that when she is stuck in the Suffering timeline, she now knows how to switch tracks, like a train conductor. She’ll immediately be able to connect with his new truth, that she belongs everywhere that she goes and has something valuable to share.

So let me be clear here. It’s great to become aware of the thinking that is the limiting belief or the untrue thinking or the Suffering timeline. But you don’t actually free yourself from it until you spend enough time with it. And you question it enough to see that it’s truly unintelligent. And when you do that, you immediately move back into a Golden timeline and you reconnect with your personal power.

I’ll just leave you with a final thought, which is that the more people who jump onto the Golden timeline in their personal lives, the more the human collective goes on a new timeline towards a Golden Age. So, know you’re not doing it just for you, but for humanity as a whole. In fact, I would go so far as to say this challenging time in history is purely there to awaken people from being controlled in their mindset, to being the one who controls their own thinking. So, if you’re the type of person that wants to help make the world a better place, and your own life better…this is a one stop shop for all of that.

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So that’s it for today…Do post a review of this podcast if you like it – on iTunes or youTube or wherever you listen. It makes a big difference to helping others find out about it.

I hope that was helpful. Until next time, I’m Carla Rieger, thanks for listening.

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