If an extra 10K or more per month sounds good to you — check this out. This podcast episode is specifically for business coaches who want to increase their income by 10K or more per month within 90 days. Discover a 5 part process to do this without having to overwork or undercharge.  

Topics Covered:  

5:30   –  80% of Your Success is Due to Something Most People Spend NO Time Focused On 

16:26  –    How to Go from Low Paying to High Paying Clients Quickly and Easily 

 18:08   –    Why On-Going Support Can Make or Break Your Success





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This is Ep. 67 – How to Grow a Coaching Business by 10K or more per month within 90 days, without having to overwork or undercharge. This episode is specifically for business coaches who are not getting enough high paying clients and are tired of falling short of their potential. Hi, this is Carla Rieger and you’re listening to the MindStory Speaker podcast.

I know many people these days are trying to figure out how to pivot. As the great poet and philosopher, David Whyte once said, When the world changes, how you belong to the world, needs to change. That’s what we do at MindStory Coaching Academy, and so I wanted to give you more detailed info about how that works in case it’s relevant for you at this time, or sometime down the line.

It’s true…

There’s a new and different way for you to fast track your coaching business by increasing your monthly revenue with fewer clients, while achieving a 95% success rate with your clients.

It’s called the MINDSTORY METHOD and is a matrix of mind rewiring tools, honed and distilled with 92,041 clients over 22 years.

It’s very different from the typical coaching models that are either based on just conscious methods like examining your thoughts cognitively, or just subconscious methods like self-hypnosis or affirmations.

Like say you help people break free of a mindset issue like procrastination, then the next time you see them, the issue is back again.

They’re not implementing your great strategies because of hidden inner, deeper issues, that you don’t know how to solve.

Now you can.

The MINDSTORY METHOD is a ‘one stop shop’ for a host of client issues, because you’re helping them entirely rewire the way their mind operates. Red Pill, anyone?

The beauty is that it works in a fraction of the time, and positions you as a lifesaving, transformational coach in your client’s eyes.

Because there’s no problem you can’t handle.

So, you naturally attract far more clients and get a whole new stream of income.

You have the ability to become a household name as a coach in your niche, because you have the The MindStory Method.

Best part of all…

You don’t have to be crazy talented. You don’t need years of experience. You don’t have to have a degree in order to apply it.

Once you learn this model and you learn how to apply it to yourself and your clients, you can use it to help anybody with any mindset, money or business issue.

When you have the MindStory Method, there is no problem you can’t handle. So your business opens up to new clients, and you can literally write your own ticket.

So, in the next 3 months, if you want to Grow Your Coaching Business by an Extra 10K or more per Month, then pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and my partner, Dave O’Connor, and I have worked with over 92,000 coaching clients on four different continents for over 22 years. Our bestselling books, online courses, seminars and coaching programs free people’s minds to be their best, in a way that almost always sticks over the long term.

How it works is that the MindStory Method give you 5 building blocks to install into your business, that have all been honed and distilled over two decades to exponentially increase your success.

It’s based on the principle that the way your mind operates accounts for 80% or more of your success. In fact, leadership and peak performance expert Anthony Robbins has researched the 80/20 principle when it comes to business success. He discovered that, “80 percent of success is due to psychology—mindset, beliefs, and emotions—and only 20 percent is due to strategy—the specific steps needed to accomplish a result”. Of course, Tony Robbins really broke the door open for this understanding in the world of business back in the 80’s, but what we’ve done with MindStory Method is like Mindset 3.o. It’s gone far beyond what he originally discovered to include all the latest in mind-brain-body research .

The MindStory Method PERMANENTLY switches your limiting beliefs into empowering, supportive beliefs so you can charge more, get better clients, and work less.

You also can apply this Method to YOUR coaching clients to get them exponential results leading to far more referrals and top notch testimonials.

What makes this permanent is that you are not relying on typical subconscious models like mantras, affirmations, hypnosis  or NLP, and you won’t be just focusing on the typical logic-based methods either.

Of course these can work, but often only for a short period of time.

It’s like driving an older car.  Many of the components are outdated and you’re constantly getting warning signs showing up on your dashboard.

You keep trying to fix the parts one by one – but that just amounts to putting plasters over the wounds.

You eventually end up spending more money than the car is worth.

So you’re driving an outdated vehicle AND most likely headed in the wrong direction.

This was me back in the day. I was positive and enthusiastic.

But there’s nothing worse than driving an outdated model in the wrong direction – enthusiastically.

So…you need to upgrade to a new model and get crystal clear on your destination.

You need to let go of your outdated redundant model and start driving your dream car with a sense of pride and purpose in the right direction.

Your coaching business is exactly same.

And the engine that drives an exponential coaching business is your MINDSET.

Change your ‘Mindset’ change your life.

Or what we like to say is, change your ‘MindStory’ change your life.

This is the most important step because your business will flourish only if you fully believe in the value of YOU and your offerings as a coach.

Any shred of doubt will show up as poor results. All the good business strategies in the world won’t work if you don’t address this first.

If you look at others who are more successful in their field than you, this is their secret.

They Just Believe More Than You Do.

If you’ve struggled with doubt then this is for you. This is the primary road you need to take in order to have the confidence to make more money, and to promote and deliver your offerings with authority.


So imagine, seconds before you’re about to talk to a prospect, you have total belief in the value of your solution for them. No doubts, no attachment to the outcome. This gives you power over the outcome like nothing else, and you will simply be focused on getting them the success they need, and you’ll see your conversions skyrocket.

And the best part is…

There’s no easier way for you to grow your coaching business by an additional 10K or more per month using the MindStory Method.

That’s because you’re no longer are working against yourself, driving an outdated vehicle in the wrong destination.

By starting at the infrastructure level it’s like a one-stop-shop for exponentially improving your business model, systems, pricing, messaging, sales, marketing, and coaching so that you take your niche by storm.

Most coaches fly by the seat of their pants which gives inconsistent results. It’s a financial roller coaster, and leads to feeling financially insecure a lot of the time.

But now you can just relax knowing that The MindStory Method takes you one small step at a time towards your greatest potential.

On top of that…

The coaching is a booming industry – and those who combine strategic forms of coaching with mindset coaching far outperform those who just do one or the other. The MindStory Method involves both. There’s never been a better time to be riding the tsunami of coaching, it’s reaching multi billion dollar heights only dreamed of when it was a fringe movement in eighties. It’s now mainstream, and they estimate that it will be like fitness. Fitness used to just be a fringe movement, now it’s a booming mainstream industry. It’s the same with coaching, soon a majority of people will recognize the need to have a coach who can help them with both the inner and the outer game of running their lives – having that on a regular basis, just like keeping active now seems more and more vital in many people’s lives.

And not just that…

Because so many coaches struggle at the sales and marketing part of building a business, by using this Method, you can finally have the confidence to do it in a way that feels right for you.

That’s because the MindStory Method is like driving a futuristic next generation Tesla instead of, say, an old Ford Pinto. Somewhere along the way you thought you had to drive the Pinto, but you don’t. That’s not you. Your true blueprint is 1000x more than that. Once you see that, you can never “unsee” it again, and it gets infused into all aspects of your business and all aspects of life. You become a human 3.0 on a new and Golden timeline; a timeline that was always there, you just didn’t see it before, or if you saw it, you couldn’t stick to that timeline. But that’s not your fault, it’s just because you didn’t have the latest tools to make it stick, and now you do. The MindStory Method helps you jump to a Golden timeline, going in the right vehicle, because you’re connected to this true self, this divinely connected self.  You can do that now because you’ve trained your brain to no longer give any more attention to the old Ford Pinto going to the wrong destination. From this new perspective, in this new vehicle, all your capacities dial up exponentially, so success is a natural result. In fact, even challenges that used to bring you down now don’t bother you. You just innovatively transform them, therefore your boldness goes up, and  you become one of those people who doesn’t let anything stop them.

It’s a complete rebranding that naturally breaks down any self-limiting barriers you have about charging more money.

Not only that, you help your clients do the same thing in their business, in fact you can use this Method to help them in a multitude of ways.

And, that’s just the beginning…

because when you use the MindStory Method, you bypass people’s natural resistance, so they can actually hear your message above the noise.

That’s because it’s a unique step-by-step process to upgrade your entire way of seeing the world and where you’re going.

Most people have a very limited view of what’s possible for them and for their clients.

As such they stay at a mediocre level, struggling for years, feeling frustrated, knowing they aren’t living the life they were meant to live.

Imagine people lining up to work with you, instead of you chasing them. Imagine not having to cold call or use methods that feel uncomfortable to you.

Picture having a long waiting list of ideal clients begging to give you money.

You’ll feel a level of joy and fulfillment like you’ve never felt before.

And you know what else…

When you coach a client using the Mindstory Method, you will get them consistent results, client after client.

That’s because for every possible scenario your client throws at you, there’s an entire map to support you.

You now know how to give them a new car and a new destination.

The operating system of the mind is in story form. Change your entire story and you jump to a whole other success timeline. The MindStory Method includes a unique combination of  neuroscience, Narrative Therapy, and mental rehearsal all helping you connect to the highest and best part of yourself. Most people operate from subconscious programs acquired from past challenges that they gave poor interpretations to. So that makes them block their ability to access higher states and abilities they naturally have. The latest in neuroscience shows that if you interpret a past memory in a disempowering way it stays stored in the hippocampus or trauma centre of the brain triggering the survival brain continually, making you live in a continual state of low level stress, which makes you operate far below capacity. Narrative therapy principles are based on the theory that the mind organizes the way you see in the world in story form – in limiting and empowering ways. The MindStory Method uses story structure and metaphor to change how you view memories. Then with mental rehearsal you reinforce the empowering memory reframes until the stress moves out of the hippocampus and into the pre-frontal cortex where it gets stored as wisdom. This is wisdom and skills you didn’t have before, that you can now use daily. See, most people never re-write the inner stories they live by and so stay perpetually stuck, playing the same record over and over again.

So in every human being, there is this blueprint of your potential. It’s like a car designers blueprint that produces the amazingly futuristic Tesla we talked about. So you already have everything that you need within you, it’s just been covered over. The MindStory Method helps you see and activate that blueprint. And therefore your whole life starts to stands out to other people like a beacon, as an example, START HERE as an inspiration, as a path to other people. You become a living bridge for what’s possible for others, not only because of your coaching methods and strategies, but by who you are being. People pick up by osmosis what you’re doing and activate their own inner blueprint for THEIR highest potential. It goes onto the operating system of the mind and so it comes about effortlessly, no willpower required.

The MindStory Method unravels limiting stories and reconstructs them so you can’t help but succeed. It’s inevitable.

And so far, these maps have helped tens of thousands of our own clients for over 2 decades.

So it will work for you time and time again.

And when the phone rings and the shaky voice on the other end says, “I sure hope you can help me” you will feel amazing because you can reply with total certainty knowing you can transform their life in a profound way.

And you know what else makes this so powerful…

You will easily be able to get high paying clients. This is because the MindStory Method covers the five key areas you need to learn if you want exponential growth,  regardless of your coaching or business level now.

Most coaches have the wrong mindset, with the wrong business model, the wrong messaging, and the wrong support system.

For example, Linda was barely making 6 figures in her business, working long hours, when she started working with the MindStory Method. She didn’t believe in herself enough, she doubted the value of her coaching and didn’t have a business model that would actually help her grow.

Once she applied the MindStory Method for building a superior coaching business she felt far more confident reaching out and charging more and had a business model that could multiply her efforts exponentially. She now earns multiple 6 figures and is ready to scale to 7 figures.

And here’s the really cool part…

You can work far less and get long lasting results for people and that’s why people will line up to work with you and pay you more.

This is because many coaching models promise to help you with mindset, but those generally don’t stick because the process is only done at a shallow level.

With the MindStory Method you reinforce the mindset changes at the operating system level until it becomes default.

Switching one time is easy, but keeping it as your default system does require reinforcement.

It’s like going to the gym. The MindStory Method ensures you reinforce it in yourself and your clients, until it sticks.

So imagine the perfect scenario where you only work 3 days a week with 3-5 high paying clients, earning more in that week that you used to earn in a month. You love what you do with a passion and excitement you’ve never experienced before.

By now, you see why the MindStory Method is so effective at growing your coaching business by an extra 10k or more per month, ensuring a predictable flow of high paying clients begging to work with you.

In fact, we’ve spent the last 22 years and over 800K honing and using it in our business, until we ensured consistent, immediate results for our clients – AND with a 95% success rate.

And that’s why today, we want to give you the opportunity to put it to work for you with a unique program called the MindStory Coach Certification Program.

Let me tell you what it will do for you, and how quickly it can work.

And so the most important question you can ask yourself is

Would You Like Our Support?

So many coaches are trying to do this on their own feeling like they keep hitting a wall.

You don’t have to do this alone. So if you’re ready to get the expert help you need…. we have an incredible opportunity for you.

Here’s how we can help…

For the next 72 hours Dave and I have set aside some time to get on the phone and to work with you one on one to identify precisely what you need  to install  the MindStory Method into your business, to grow to the next level of excellence quickly…

Maybe you need  help to see how the MindStory Method can help you better enroll and position your business as absolutely essential in the eyes of your prospects.

or maybe you need help figuring out what pivots to make so that you can position your message, your offers and your marketing as different and unique for your ideal clients

Whether you’ve been a coach for a while, whether you’re striving to hit your first six figures, whether you’ve been at least seven figures or more but something isn’t right…

Here you’ll discover how The MindStory Method helps you to create a step by step plan and the MINDSET and way of being you need, to jump into that Tesla  , and go on a new and Golden timeline towards your highest potential and    ideal future.

On the call

we’re going to identify exactly what you need to do to grow or scale your coaching business during this time of transition and uncertainty…

To take your business virtual and position it for massive growth

So that you can hit your income goals, whether that’s an additional $10k a month, $50k a month or a $100k a month…

and to take advantage of this rare perhaps once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity


And for full transparency

We used to charge a $500 deposit for anybody who wanted to get on one of our coaching calls.

But we also understand that now more than ever entrepreneurs like you need support, and we want to be able to provide that support. So this call is absolutely free.

Now, who is this for?

This is very, very important because we want to use your time wisely. We want to use our time wisely and we want to be able to connect with as many of the right entrepreneurs that we can support as possible.

And so in order to get on the phone call with us…

You must have a coaching business that you’re 100% committed to scaling right now…

Right? So it’s NOT that you have an idea and maybe you want to kick it off in the next three months or the next six months, if you’re not committed, if it’s not urgent for you, if you’re not already a coach, who’s working to grow their business and take their business to the next level, then this call is not right for you.

But if that is you, we actually want to speak with you.

And you have to be willing to sell your high ticket coaching program or service between 2K and 10K per month…or more

Now I understand you might have some hesitation and go, you know, is what I do actually worth 2K — 10K? That’s all value mindset.

We work with entrepreneurs all day long to increase their prices in a way that feels right for you and your clients. But the point is it has to be a high ticket coaching offer, right?

If you’re selling a $49 e-commerce product, that’s fantastic. But we’re not going to be able to support you perhaps as well as some other people.

And so, we can help  get you up there, so you can work with fewer clients and hit your financial goals far more quickly. And that’s because with The MindStory Method you offer greater value than ever before, so you can charge more and work less.

Now you also have to be good at what you do. Of course, The MindStory Method will help your clients get past any mindset issues, but if you’re in a specific niche, you have to really have a  handle on that niche. That said, most people feel a bit of imposter syndrome or question how good they are at what they do, that’s normal. But you do need to have some skill level and experience behind you, and not be a total newbie, otherwise this won’t really work.

But if you are not a newbie, we absolutely want to get on the phone with you.

And you must feel like this is your golden window of opportunity. In other words, now is the time to make this happen.


…and it’s no criticism

I just want just to make sure we use both of our time wisely.

If you don’t want to take action now, or you don’t feel any level of urgency around this…

That’s okay. Your timing is your timing. But that’s not who this call is for.

And, if you aren’t willing to work hard and invest your time, energy and resources into an incredible opportunity…then this isn’t for you either.

Because make no mistake, it’s going to feel like a stretch right now, perhaps a bigger stretch than ever before.

You know why? Because the opportunity is bigger than ever before. The stakes are bigger than ever before, the market is available, like never before. The coaching industry is about to explode exponentially.

And you’re going to have to invest… your time, your energy, your money, your resources, if you want to create a six figure plus business, doing what you love.

So if any of those things that I talked about are you, if you want our help, all you have to do is click on the button or link below to schedule your free zoom call, which can be audio or video.

Just scroll down on your desktop or your mobile device. There’s a button or link there now where you can book your zoom call. You click on that. It’s going to take you to a questionnaire with a few questions to fill out. Then you hit submit, which takes you to a page with a  calendar that shows our availability. You select a time that works best for you. And we’re going to get on zoom together r and sort all of this out.

Here’s what to expect from that call….60-75 minutes With Myself or Dave. That means give yourself enough time, ok? Make sure you don’t have to cut the call short. You’re going to be getting on the phone or on Zoom or Skype to get serious about your future.

Remember, we have over 22 plus years of experience in business coaching, consulting and speaking. We have developed the most power methodology in the world for growing your coaching business – the MindStory Method. And we’re going to give you an experience of this on the call. We’ll identify the challenges you’re having and see how we can help you… okay? We’re going to understand where you’re at, where you want to go and how to close the gap. We’ll discover what have the changes in the marketplace done to your business and what pivots do we need to make?

And if we feel like we can support you, we’re going to. And if we feel like we can’t support you, but we know who can, we’ll absolutely point you in the right direction, because our outcome is that you get the support you need so that you can make this your golden opportunity to thrive now like you’ve never done before.

Now the purpose of the call is not to solve all your business challenges.

Because there isn’t anybody who can get on a call with you for 60-75 minutes and solve all of your business challenges.

It’s to really understand what they are and then figure out what you need to do in order to solve them.

We’re not going to be able, for example, to create all of your messaging or offers, on this call. We ARE going to be able to identify what are the areas that you need work on to stand out in your marketplace.

And this isn’t about figuring out what type of coaching business you want to create and clients you want to serve. It’s about helping you take your existing coaching business and how you can generate more income through it.

And this is not a call to just explore and find out a little bit more about Dave or I. Believe it or not, we’ve had people in the past who have gotten on the phone with us and they said, well, I just really want to understand how this all works.

That’s not what we’re doing here, okay?

We believe we’re at a critical time in history, and now more than ever your clients need what it is you have to offer.

And we are committed to helping you deliver that to your ideal clients.

While at the same time, helping you achieve the business, the income, the lifestyle, the support for you and your family that you need and you deserve.

And that’s what we’re going to do on the zoom call.

So like I said before, if you feel you fit the description, if you qualify, if you know what skills you have, what type of high end coaching business you want to have, you’re already in business…and you’re wanting us to support you in identifying the key areas to create predictability so that you can create scale so that you can create consistent income for your coaching business, we know we can support you in doing that.

All you have to do is click on the button or link below.

Step 1: Complete the Short Questionnaire

This questionnaire is very, very important. Its going to give us the information that we need in order to properly prepare for the call.

It’s going to help us begin to devise what type of strategy we think you need. And it doesn’t make any sense for us to spend time during the call getting this information. So, we want you to complete this questionnaire prior to the call and that way we can make the most of the time we have together.

Now if you don’t complete this questionnaire 24 hours before your scheduled call time, you will be receiving an email from our team that unfortunately — we have to cancel the call and there will be no opportunity to re-schedule.

It’ll only take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire so you can show up powerfully for your call.

Step 2: Schedule Your Call

Once you hit submit after the questionnaire it will take you to a page, to pick a time you can be focused. Be in front of a desktop or a laptop or an iPad, but not on your mobile phone in a crowded or noisy area or while driving. Really be focused and take notes, okay? Uninterrupted time.

Now, if you’re not able to show up, please cancel or reschedule the call at least 24 hours in advance. We only have so many time slots in the week to see people, and we want to give your spot to someone else.

And so, if you can’t honor the time that we’ve set up and you have to cancel at the last minute, or you don’t show up for the call, we will not allow a reschedule, okay?

So, we absolutely want to honor this time that we’ve set aside to support you. We are focused on coaches who are serious and committed about this opportunity, because it’s an opportunity that has never existed before, and if you’re called to check this out it must be for a good reason. Honor that reason.

So all you have to do is click on the button or link to schedule your call below and we’ll see you the call.

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