Ep. 86 – Grow from Zero to 80K By Sharing Your Advice (with Iva Paleckova)

Discover how Iva Paleckova reverse engineered her life from zero to 80K in just a few months, as a single pregnant mom.  It’s a fascinating and inspiring story of how quickly you can build a lucrative coaching business sharing your advice with the world.  





1:50  – How Iva lost her business when she got pregnant and had to start from zero  

10:51  –  What she specifically had to change at the mindset level to get to 80K so quickly    

16:30   –  The SERVE Method for scaling a business quickly  

24:05   –   How she uses free 7 day online retreats to attract ideal clients  




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This is Ep 86 – HOW TO GO FROM ZERO TO 8OK BY SHARING YOUR ADVICE, an interview with Iva Paleckova.  Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and this is the MindStory Speaker podcast.

So Iva is a business growth expert with a strong focus on helping female entrepreneurs scale their business into multiple six figures. In one year, her story is fascinating. Like many of us, she said many failures in business ventures before she found her way. And Eva went from being on Medicaid to a multi six figure business within eight months as a single mom with a newborn. So she knows a lot of her success to a specific method that she will share with us today. And she’s also owned and managed a chain brick and mortar store worked as the marketing manager of a fortune 1000 company completed a hundred mile run Holy smokes, and worked on three different continents and experienced that led her to learning three different languages. She’s also an international speaker and former number one, Amazon bestselling author. So let’s start with our first question. So there you are on Medicaid, single mom with a newborn. What started to turn things around for you, where you went from zero to 80 K in such a short time.

Carla, I thank you so much for having me and as I was listening to your podcast, I was like, Oh my gosh, it’s some of the things that you talk about quite honestly. And you know, it’s, it’s so good. And I loved your podcast too so much, which is why I wanted to be on it because I was like, it’s all the things, but let me backtrack and kind of bring you into picture of what I was. So in 2019, I had a fairly successful business coaching practice, but it was hundred percent offline based. Right? I think that might seem some familiar to some of your listeners. It was me traveling around the country doing speaking engagements. It was a lot of fun. Then I bought an RV. I was having lots of fun with it and going from state to stay dent, doing speaking engagements, you know, doing the call to action and rolling people into discovery sessions, right.

And then enrolling clients at it. And it was amazing. It was just great. And I was coaching people from like wherever, you know, national parts, wherever I want it to be. And it was all amazing. And it was also traveling with a life partner and we were writing books together and coaching together and enrolling clients together. And we had a Facebook group together. Now, fast forward to July 1st, 2019. I found out I was pregnant. And without too much story here on July 4th, he left, uh, completely disappeared, moved to Japan, even though he was 20 years older than I am just wasn’t ready for, for any kind of anything. So I’m there. So, so, so sick, like you guys know have been pregnant before. Like I was so sick, completely destroyed, just nauseous all the time. And I was at the point where I couldn’t even turn on a car without puking, like all the fumes.

I was like, I can’t deal with that. Some they’re sitting and going, wow. Like I had to go and cancel 35 speaking engagements for the rest of the year, because it was just obvious to me. I wasn’t going to make it all the clients that we had together. I lost, I lost access to the Facebook group, all of that. Right. So I was like, all right, I am going to have to start over. But I was in such a place where I was like, I don’t even know how, but what I knew is yes. Okay. I’m going to be a single mom. And it was obvious that the offline thing wasn’t going to work. Right. Because that just so no way of traveling and, or even going to meet ups or even going to networking events. Right. So I was basically going through what everybody else went through.

Right. So that was like my own, like COVID, it was just a pregnant COVID like pre COVID. Right. So then I’m sitting there and, and going, how in a world am I going to build a business? And I knew I had to do it online, but I had never gone live on Facebook. I didn’t have a podcast. I was so scared of even going, like, you know how that I is staring at you and in the corner. And you’re like, is anybody going to watch this? Like, it’s like, am I just going to be talking to myself? I did not know at all what I was doing. Right. So, and on top of that, there were a lot of the mindset, things that you talk about, uh, on your podcast. And for me specifically, I was stuck with what is life of a single mom look like and single provider with no co parent.

And I was living in Colorado. My parents live in the Czech Republic and I didn’t have any kind of support system, no relatives and Boulder. It’s kind of all just super busy, no real support network. And I’m going, okay, how am I going to do this? And what do you hear from everybody? It’s going to be awful. You’re going to be a single mom. You’re going to be broke here. Be tired. You never sleep again. And there came a 0.3 months later when I was doing a lot of the exercises that you talk about on your podcast. And I was going through a lot of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance and because I was so scared, I was terrified. I had lost all my income and I was so terrified. How am I going to rebuild from scratch? And when I think that’s where the self-forgiveness really comes in, that you talk about, because then when you forgive yourself the mistakes and the failures you’ve had, then it allows a lot of the space to make some, you know, bigger moves and take bigger risks.

So I sat down and I said, I want to create something different. I want to create an extraordinary life, extraordinary business, abundance of time with my daughter. At that point, I knew it was going to be a girl, abundance of love, abundance of resources, abundance of money, adventure. Because I am there adventurous. I love traveling abundance of time for self-care and also having time for myself and all this. I said, okay, I am going to do business very, very differently. And that’s where the survey method, which is what I now teach. And my clients have been through. And they have been extremely successful with came to existence. Right. And I started doing virtual retreats online. First, it was live. Then we started doing it on zoom and I started teaching it to other entrepreneurs. And we basically went from zero. The first one was kind of not so great because we didn’t know what we were doing.

Me and my virtual assistant. We were like, okay, let’s try this. And we had maybe like 7,000 in revenue. And the next one we had 21,000, the next one, it was 40. And then it was 80. And then it was 130 in a week. Right. For weeks of worth, I was like, okay. It was just amazing. And then I was like, okay, people need to know what we’re doing and we need to teach them. Right. So that was one of the first decisions. The second one, I still had some like one-on-one clients. And I knew how to get rid of them. I knew that I would not have capacity to do one-on-one coaching and as a business coach. And I knew that because the level of support that my clients needed, because they’re scaling and building their business, there’s just so much, then you need Kilburn.

And there was so much time that it took from me. I was like, no, no, no, no, no. I decided to launch a business incubator out of those sweet treats to invite people, to join the incubator. And the incubator launched a week and a half before my daughter was born a week and a half before she was born. And I will tell you, it was the best, the best, the best business decision I have ever made. It’s L out. And then I lined up some speakers, some people to come and teach. And my new clients, the first cohort that we welcomed in, they were so understanding. And they’re like, yes, go be with your daughter, with your baby. After she’s born. Right. Everybody was super supportive. We prerecording some trainings for the first six weeks. So they would be taken care of everybody was so amazing.

Everybody was doing work and implementing and getting results. We had other business coaches come in and mindset coaches come in and teach. It was, it was amazing. And then it just grew from there. And you know, and now we teach kind of the same thing to other entrepreneurs. How do you run high touch, high touch? They’re they’re high touch, but small group program that saves you time. Because that really what allowed me for it to have that abundance of the time with my daughter. And then what we did just to kind of like fast forward after she was born, I may travel in my life. I need to be out there. I need to be in nature. And that’s what allows for, you know, my fulfillment and me being able to do what I do. So when she was about three weeks old, we took my RV.

We went for our first big road trip. We went to Yellowstone, we went to Yosemite. Then later we went to glacier national park. We went to Sedona, we went to California, we went to all over the place and we took my mom with me, which then came to visit, uh, from the Czech Republic to come support me for a little bit. And then we went by ourselves and I, I can tell you, it was just amazing. And it’s like, I look back at 2020 and I, I was so scared, you know, booked 2020 was going to be like, because I was so terrified. I didn’t even know how to change diapers. And I had looking back at 2020, I cannot even tell you like how much gratitude I have, because it was literally like the best year of my life. Wasn’t hard at times yet, but I’m also lucky because I have an amazing baby that likes to sleep at nights, which, you know, some moms are gonna hear this and they’re gonna want to murder me for that. But, but it was, it was quite amazing. So thank you so much for letting me share my

That’s totally amazing given also that, just that image of you launching your first and you must’ve been out to here ready to give birth. So here’s what I’m curious about. So there you are with like, nothing, like having lost everything pregnant, and I’m sure many women have been in that position. Um, and then too, you know, there you are with a little kid thinking, how am I ever going to make an impact and an income. So what had to change in here? Like what made you not give up and just, you know, scale Medicaid and just be defeated by it all. What did you have to think? How did you have to switch?

Yeah. So, so a few things, it’s all mindset, it’s all mindset. And I decided to go into mindset quarantine, number one, and not listen and not read, not a watch, any movies. It was like around Christmas, even I was watching some romantic, whatever Christmas. And I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m going to read about successful single moms, right? So it’s the osmosis with other successful people that have walked that path and thinking really differently and not buying into the collective ego and the collective opinionation of that. That was number one, number two, for me, it was switching from how can I save money to provide, right. And it’s like, okay, like Medicaid and like whatever WIC and whatever other that was so nonsensical. And even considering, uh, finding the guy and asking for child support, because that was just the kind of thing that was going to keep me down and drain my energy and deciding I’m done with that.

And consciously deciding yes, I was terrified. Right? Like I was waking up every morning with where a lot of entrepreneurs at the beginning. Ah, it’s like the financial fear that is just like, Oh my gosh, I’m going to pay my bills. I’m going to do this. I’m going to do that. Right. And deciding consciously to process that emotionally, yes, there’s a fear. I was processing this all the time, but conscious that choosing gratitude, choosing gratitude for every single person that was coming to my first live that I did on Facebook, rather than looking at all the people who were there when it was just like two people watching or two people listening, being in grateful and doing what I call evidence tracking. It’s like, here’s the evidence that it’s all going to work out. Right. It’s kind of like gratitude list, but a little bit of a twist, but really choosing to believe.

And that was really, really hard because you have all this, like all their evidence and all this fear and all this insecurity and really choosing to believe that, yes, it’s going to work out. Yes. I’m going to launch this successfully. Yes. People are going to, you know, come on to work with me in like an entirely different format and a much higher price point by the way, too. Right. So, yeah. So there were some of the things and then religious, spiritual practice, not religious practice, but really just a spiritual practice all the time. Gratitudes the evidence collection. Self-forgiveness right. Always observing what’s going on and weeding it out as well as making sure that I wasn’t hanging out. You know, one of the things I did was go hang out with single moms groups. And then I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. A lot of the men bashing or whatever, I knew that yes, I could go there. I could choose my victim hood into infinity. Right. It’s like for me and what he did to me and blah, blah, blah, blah. But that doesn’t lead you anywhere. Right. At some point you have to choose, this is what I’m creating. Yes. It’s so much scarier than sticking to the victim hoodie. But though it’s so, so, so justified. So, so, so good. And really choosing this is what I’m creating.

So in alignment with what I teach here is like looking for evidence and I’m sure you teach that too, because that’s, you’re, you’re sort of talking to yourself all the time, right. To this totally skeptical part. There’s like wants to be the victim and doesn’t want to take responsibility and you sort of have to work together. You can’t beat that side up. Right. You have to, you have to show it there. Now look looks, there are some other single moms doing well and, and, and CA and getting into those higher vibrational state. So I actually, we’re moving into a hall Renaissance in human evolution where we’re all going to be totally supported too. If you stay in that place of joy and inspiration and gratitude, like you just, and sometimes you have to like pull yourself right by the bootstraps and say, now, come on. It’s much easier to go back to the train tracks of thinking that you’re so used to, but you just like kept like gently. It sounds like putting yourself in that all night and that road and the self-forgiveness, that’s just so amazing.

Yes, yes, yes. This is so resonating. What you’re saying with me, because, and the resonant, the Renaissance thing you mentioned, because even now it’s everything that is happening in my business has seemed straight up miraculous. For example, last week I had a new team member starts one of my start clients. She went from working at whole foods as a cashier to launching a health coaching business program, six month program and getting three clients in the first launch and then dropping her job. We decided to hire her because I was like, okay, you need to send down the elevator. And today what’s today, Wednesday today’s date eight on the job. And we have her as a coach in our program, but also doing sales for us. And during first eight days on the job, she has been on the phone on connect calls and on consult with so many people like yesterday, she had like four consults and I’m like, what is going on? And like, that is a place that it took me years to get to. And now it’s like, where’s this like coming from? Like, no, I don’t have to do sales. I don’t do this. And it’s like, Oh my gosh, it is literally just magic.

Cool. Wow. So it sounds like you’re, you’re leveraging your efforts. And so, and I know you teach like a method that helps people scale quickly, which, you know, you kind of need to, I mean, many of us have gotten caught in that trap of one-to-one and doing it all yourself. And then after a while you get burned out and either you just keep pushing yourself until you completely burn out or you give up and you say, Oh, this is too hard. Or you learn how to restructure and scale. So tell us about that.

Yeah, sure. So the third method, it’s an acronym and it’s what we teach in our set that day retreat all the time and the people who have implemented have been so, so, so successful, like more successful than we were. Honestly, we had Denise who transitioned literally from MLM and doing launching women’s empowerment business and doing a $52,000 first month. Then we had Melissa, who’s known her team launch her health coaching business. Then we had so hot have six, $10,000 people in the first month. It’s just like amazing. And I could go on and on and on and on. And it’s crazy. But basically the acronym, I’m just going to walk through like the, the, you know, what really I stand for. So the first thing is, you know, scalable one to many solution, right. But what I believe in is like very much of a high touch program where you really, really care about the people and you’re giving them what you need.

But instead of giving into them, like one person at a time, but creating group scenarios and group coaching programs, and we teach that, talk about it all the time, right. Because you know, when I look at how much time do we actually have serve clients, just serve clients. I have 10 hours a week. That’s all I have. Right. So I could have 10 one-on-one clients. And not even because there’s administrative time and be charging 150 bucks an hour or whatever, but that’s not going to cover my 40 hours of work, plus the VA plus whatever it just wouldn’t. Right. So, or I can put those 10 hours into creating an amazing group experience. And now people get more of me. People are in my energy, like, you know, five different sessions a week. Right. And they get all the support, they get each other, they get the teaching, the coaching, the accountability, all these pieces.

Right? So that’s the first thing. The second is the second thing is engineering your legacy brand. And so we help our entrepreneurs design their own seven day retreats. And we, before they go there, though, we take a step back with them and ask like, what is your methods? What do you want to be known for 15 years down the road? When you are on stage you’re, you know, New York times, best selling book or whatever, what is your own method that you use for transformation? Because are there so many mindset coaches? Yes. There’s like a million, right? There’s like a million parenting coaches and health and fitness coaches. And what makes you, you is you, right? So what is your method? What is your brand? The next thing that is probably my favorite thing is R for reverse engineering, your revenue, right? So I’m like very much of a systems person.

I have like super, super crazy big dreams and goals that, you know, if I, if I told you here, I just think I’m completely delusional insane. But, um, I like to reverse engineer it down to week, two hour a day. And then where am I putting my time? Exactly. To get the results I want to get. Right. My calendar is very much a prediction of what’s going to happen. And when people come to us, they’re like, Oh, I’m not getting revenue. I’m not getting the clients. And I’m like, what’s on your calendar. It’s mostly working on a website, working on a content, right. It’s like working in isolation on something. It’s not being on podcasts. It’s not being on camera. It’s not teaching. It’s not talking to people and having consults and things like that. Right? So the reverse engineering, how many retreats do you need to do a year?

How many registers do you need to do? What conversion rates you’re going to have? And then down to how many connect calls, how many sales scores, what is it going to take for you to actually get to the revenue goal? So that’s our, and we also teach eight weeks cycle. That’s, you know, we repeat over and over. And for us, it looks like, uh, you know, the year is chunked into eight week cycle and each eight week cycle has the retreats in it. And each eight week cycle has like other promotions and whatever, but each eight week cycle also has a week completely vacation out of the system doing, you know, I’m doing a retreat in Costa Rica, for example, a meditation healing retreat, what I’m doing, like nothing so that we can reset. We can integrate all the transformation that’s happened in the business in that eight week time and get ready for the next cycle, get new ideas and also evolve because our evolution is what we came here for.

Right. So if we’re not evolving as human beings, what the heck are we doing here? That’s why there’s people like you who are helping with that. Right. So that’s why they need to hire a coach to fulfill on what they came here on this play nurse did it. But anyway, so that’s our reverse engineering. B is virtual treats. So you literally tell people what to do, how to do it so they can, they can enroll the clients into their programs. And I have tried, so, so, so many things online, even before am I speaking, it was, Oh, all the funnels and all the techie stuff and a workshop funnel and, and challenges after that, just so many, so many different things and the retreats I so, so, so loved them because it allows us to really connect with these people, really serve them at a very deep level.

And by the time we actually say anything about the program, so many people are like, when are you going to pitch? Like, what are you going to talk about your program? Right? Like, it’s like when I get to that point, it’s like, people are ready. And then it’s very, very easy and it’s not a hard sell at all. And that’s what I love about it. And, you know, E uh, EAs evolve and execute, right? So I don’t need to talk much to you about it, but I believe business is and relationships. Those are two of the fastest avenues for spiritual growth. I believe that so strongly, because as entrepreneurs we need to let go of. So, so, so much that’s getting in the way, be it fear, rejection, be it imposter syndrome. We could talk about this probably into infinity, right? All the scar city, all the fears that come up and in order to succeed, you have to own these things unlike go on and surrender and do the inner work. Right. And how your business is doing. Um, right. Like that’s just telling you, right. And every different level, you’re going to be dealing with different things, more lessons they’re going to come up and more things to deal with. But that’s, I think is one of the most important pieces of building a business is really working on yourself and your mindset and your emotions and your belief systems and all that beautiful stuff that you talk about.

Yeah. So I would love to know more about the seven day retreats you’re doing, where you teach the serve method and time management and all that kind of stuff. I’m sure people were eager to know what those look like.

Yeah. So we do them every eight weeks. Our next one is on January 25th. And if anybody’s listening to it after there’s always one every eight weeks and would it be okay for me to share where people can find it if they’re interested? Yeah. So, um, we have a registration page and the easiest way to get there is text the word retreat to a phone number six, six, eight, six, six. And for people who are listening in to it in Europe, it’s not going to work. So we’re just going to plug a link into the podcast. It’s my first name, last name forward slash retreat. But it’s a texting with the board retreat, two six, six, eight, six, six. And what we’re going to take them through is literally the survey methods. Step-by-step, it’s a very hands-on experience where on day one, we create your group solution on day two with engineer legacy on day three, we’re reverse engineering, the what and a house and the lead generation, which is everybody’s pain point. How do I get those people in through those victories? That exactly how you do that, and then designing the seven days and then working on the mindset so that you can actually go dead. But it’s a lot of fun. It’s, it’s, it’s a wonderful experience. And people meet each other, we do breakout rooms and they share their visions with each other. And it’s it’s so, so, so much fun.

And how many people generally are at each retreat?

You know, it’s interesting because it’s kind of like how many people we say they’re going to be there. And it’s one of the things that we teach, right? So for us, it comes from, okay, how many people do we want to accept into the program and reverse engineering, Hampton people, aren’t going to be in the retreat. So last time we had 560 people registered and the STEM, I think we’re going to have about 960 people registered. That’s not how many people show up on zoom. I think it’s going to be 150, couple of hundred people. Some people watch the replay, but you know, the zoom experience is it’s quite fun. And, and we do like little breakouts, like I said, so people can meet each other.

Okay. And so, yeah, when you say retreats, of course, people think, Oh yeah, I’m going to go somewhere. So is it all online or do they go somewhere or do you do

Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. So V in SERVE is for virtual retreats. Right. Sort of thing that I forgot to mention details. So, so it’s all virtual and we meet on zoom every day, but then there’s homework in between. There’s implementation calls with my team. We do like 10 minute calls to brainstorm and to solidify so that you can move forward and all sorts of things. So, so there is a lot of things happening during the day as well, but generally we meet on zoom and then you have kind of the day to implement and work it out and set up your program and then move to the next block.

And so how long are the zoom meetings for approximately?

Yeah, like about 45 to 60 minutes.

But you’re getting that sort of ongoing kind of support and implementation and accountability, which is what people need right. Left to their own devices. I’ll just watch Netflix, right? Oh no. I had the zoom call, right. So I have to show up, I have to do something. So people kind of need that these days, especially sitting at home alone and locked down. Right.

Exactly, exactly. And the reason why these work so well for us and for our clients too, is because, you know, I believe so, so, so much in serve in Sterling people first. And so many of us entrepreneurs love what we do, but absolutely hate to market and sell and are not comfortable. And that is because we don’t see marketing as survey. And this is why I love this model so much because I build reciprocity with my, uh, my audience. We give so, so, so much. I mean, what we have our clients to do as well. When you serve, you build that relationship, you do those implementation calls or connect calls or whatever. And you really give people real good value, not just like fluff. And you don’t try to trick people into something before they’re ready, because that’s what, that’s what sales pages and things like that.

Sometimes feel like you will see the results when you give, you allow to receive, you will 1000% see the results when you commit to serving people, there’s no way you are not going to see the results, if that makes sense. Right? So you commit to delivering really great content. You show up every day, you give them what they need. And then it’s like, people are blown away. And they’re like, I want more, I want to, I don’t want to stop. Now. I got so much. And is this worth so much? And I just want to keep going.

Right. And, and so how did you do it? How did you, that’s what everyone always asks. Like I got all the content and I got the method and the systems, but how do you get the amount of leads that would lead to enough people who are ready to commit? So I sure it’s a complex answer like it is with those people, but what, especially from the mindset level, what do you think made the biggest difference for you?

I find that to be the biggest pain point for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, they just don’t know where to find their people. And right now we’re doing ads, but on even in August meta to $80,000 retreat, we did not spend a dollar on Facebook ads, not a dollar. It was all literally. And we teach that. I think this is day three or four. We will literally teach seven different techniques to invite people in. And the thing is like, you know, me and my team do lots of inviting in social media and so on and so forth. But what people do, they put posts on social media and they hope that somehow that will work. And they put our block posts and websites and some posts and social media and hope for referrals. And sometimes it works, but to a very small extent, that was the thing.

When I was pregnant, I’m like, well, people aren’t coming well, I’m just going to go and get them. I wasn’t sitting and going, where are the people? Are they going to come to my retreat? You know, we had our first retreat. I said, I’m going to, I’m going to come get 2,250 people. Right. So I scheduled my time blocks. I did, I did my inviting and sagging. Here’s what’s happening. I, but I don’t do it in a spammy way. We build relationships. We care about people. We ask them about them, right. It’s a lot of back and forth. It’s so much back and forth. And, you know, I shared with them my story and, you know, I tell them, Hey, here’s what I’m working on. And people usually self-select too. I say, you know, we’re doing a seven day free retreat where you’re going to learn to scale your business with a group program.

You know, most people go get me out of here. I don’t want a group program. I don’t even have my first client yet. Right. And it’s like, you know, for me, it’s like, awesome. Right. So if you have a solution that is solving a pain point for a specific audience, and when you hit that pain point, like our clients are really the ones who are ready to scale and they don’t, you know, they down the line, they want to hire a team that does that for them. And so and so forth. Right. And when you provide an amazing free event, that answers that pinpoint exactly that they’re like, yes, I want a group program. So ready for this. I’m so done with a one-on-one right. Then like, Oh, heck yeah. Right. So it’s not like dragging feet, but there has to be a match between what you’re providing and what they want.

And when you find the iteration, that is a match, you’re going to see a lot of success. And quite honestly, our topics have changed. Our first event was like, build your email list. It was the wrong kind of people. It was the wrong kind of content. I didn’t enjoy teaching it because I could care less about email lists and freebies and this and that. Right. So our clients go five or six times until they’re like, wow, this is it. I am so loving teaching this. And then they go write their and do their speaking engagements and whatever that it really solidifies their method.

Yeah. That makes sense. Yes, totally.

So one of the things I’m going to mention too, when I was going through this, I was totally strapped for cash. I didn’t have any savings. You know, I had a baby on the way, but I knew I could not, you know, all the podcasts and all that. That’s all great, but I could not do this by myself. So I went and I applied for two credit cards and hired a team of coaches. Right. And that’s one of the things that really helped. And it is not the thing we think to do when we’re struggling, especially financially. And when we’re in a tough situation, however, I do believe so, so, so strongly that, that is the thing to do. That is the thing to do because money is energy. If you’re in, you’re living in fear, money’s not going to come to you. You’re not going to bring in more money.

You need the help. You need the programs. You need the coaches, you need the support to pull yourself out of it. So the thing to do when you are not where you want to be is go invest. Don’t invest into a coach, go hire somebody like Carla, because that is how you’re going to get yourself out of it. And it’s not spending, it’s investing. Right. It is investing into yourself. And when I look at like, people spend like so much money on colleges, but it doesn’t give you the life that you want. Right. And it’s the coaching programs. It’s, it’s our industry that is working so hard to make a difference. Right. So go, like if you were considering working with a coach, whether it’s Carlo or whether it’s somebody else. Yes. It’s going to be scary to make that investment because with a good coach, it’s not cheap, but it is, hands-down the best return on the money you’re ever going to get.

Right. I invested into a coach, for example, several coaches. And I, when I was looking, this was really fun because I was this year, for example, I bought a program for $40,000 with a coach. Right. And I was, that was after this all, but I was looking for like a big growth and whatever. And I’m asking two of my friends, Hey, what do you think of me investing 40,000 into blah, blah, blah. And one of my old friends was like, you’re crazy. You need to like cash in. You’re making good money, go pay off your RV and flooded whatever. Right. And my best friend goes, well, what’s the ROI on that going to be? And I’m like, well, the previous program, I got 1500%. Right. Versus paying up a debt, it’s going to give me 4% ROI. Right. So I’m like, I made 15 X of what I invested, but then like the first two months.

So whatever. Right. So, so from me investing into coaching, if I love the program and I feel like it aligns, it’s always like a no brainer, no brainer thing for me, but I wasn’t there. I was, I was sitting in fear like, should I do this? Am I crazy for wanting to invest this much money into a coach? And what I want to tell you guys, you’re not crazy. You’re not crazy to want to put yourself first. You’re not crazy to want to invest in yourself. It’s not selfish. It is. What’s going to move you forward. It’s what’s going to inspire your kids. It’s what’s going to move your family forward. If you have a family, it is what’s going to transform your life. And the frequency that you’re going to be in is going to attract different opportunities. If you’re in a place of fear, it’s down here, you’re not going to attract the opportunities and the raises and the right team members and the right clients. It’s just not going to happen.

Yeah. And if you look at anyone who’s really successful, they all say they’ve hired a lot of coaches and put a lot of money into that kind of professional development. And when you think of how much people pay for like vacation, which people aren’t going on now, but it’s a lot, a lot of people are saying, wow, this luck, time saving so much money because I’m not spending $40,000 on a vacation. I didn’t like, right. Or, or that second car or renovating the bathroom. It’s just like, take that money and put it into a life and a lifestyle and a, an a future that’s going to pay off for years. I started my business at 29 years old. And I’ve had decades of an unbelievable life because of it, because I hired a coach back then. And it was like, you can say the money ROI, but then you could say that life fulfillment, the freedom, the, the, everything is there. So there’s multiple ROI. So

Exactly. And you know, my cleanser always like, well, we don’t sell business coaching. How do we explain the ROI? And I’m like, money is not the, by far not the most important ROI. You came here for a reason. You came here with a purpose and that is to serve others, to evolve, transcend, and levels of consciousness, of whatever you have. That’s why you are here to become who you, you know, who you really are. And if you’re not doing anything about that, right? Like if you’re not putting your time and energy and money to that purpose, then you know, there’s nothing wrong with like doing nothing either. Right? It’s all good. In the end, you have opportunities after. But to me, it’s like, I mean, not working. If you’re not investing into yourself, what are you doing? Right.

It’s like creativity that isn’t getting an outlet. And I talk about it becoming destructive. It can lead to habits like addictive habits or overeating or over consuming life and not creating life. I think it can age you. I was remember when I decided to write my first book, get it out there. I 10 pounds and I wasn’t eating anything less. And I just thought, what is that? And my coach said, Oh, that’s the creative burn. Cause I, I, you know what I mean, using my energy and everything dialed up, all my metabolism dial up instead of this sort of feeling of, Oh one day, I’ll do that

One day. I cannot, I can’t do this one. It’s like, no, like now is the only

Listen to Carlos podcast religiously. It is so good. And it is, you know, when I was going through episodes, I’m like, these are exactly the things because you kind of, when you’re down in the dumps and you’re dealing with life and you’re in a situation you need to entrain yourself, you need to be in a small [inaudible] of higher level mindset and higher vibration. And sometimes you can’t help yourself to get there. So the first thing I did was listen to the podcast and it’s not that it solved your problems. Obviously you need a coaching program, not just the podcast, but for me, it was like listening to books. The first thing I woke up, I turn on the podcast. So I would, okay. Right. Like when you’re struggling, you need your mindset to go up. And if you can’t do it by yourself, I think your podcast is just so wonderful for that. So like, you guys turn it on when you’re brushing your teeth, turn it on when you’re cooking and get yourself into that mindset and learn, because that’s exactly what makes the difference when you’re building a business and make that part of your habit. I have my daily practices and one of them is listening to podcasts like yours, that I can be in that energy all the time. And I don’t go down in whatever default comes from my ego. Right,

Right. Yeah. We’re all learning to override the ego programs of victim and worry and defeat. Okay. Well, that’s fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing all that. Super interesting. Very practical. And I, I so appreciate your time today.

Thank you. So, so, so much for having you, I hope I can have you on my podcast too.

Yeah, that’d be great. Yes, yes. Yes.

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