Have you been struggling to reach an important Goal?

Maybe you take all the right actions, you plan, you keep a positive attitude, but still, your goals are out of reach. This can be very frustrating, and we’ve all been there.

Often a “MindStory” is blocking the goal from happening. For example, many people have inner set points about how much they can earn or how successful they can be. No matter how much you “will” yourself to change, the subconscious set point or “MindStory” will snap you back to the old and familiar.

The subconscious story consists of believes, thoughts, emotions, perceptions and default actions that keep you stuck. The good news is that you can create a new, more empowering subconscious story. The trick is to use your imagination and extrasensory perceptions as the tools for creating the new “MindStory”.

In this podcast, you’ll learn about the five different tools for manifestation – Tangent, Ecrivent, Voyent, Audient and Sentient (TEVAS). Many people teach manifestation only through using visualization. The problem is that only a certain percentage of the population manifest that way. Others need to do it through using other senses. Discover your dominant TEVAS Manifestation Personality Style and how to use it to finally reach your goals.

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