Ep. 95 – A Renaissance in Human Evolution

With all the challenges going on in the world, I thought some good news might help. In this episode, we’ll explore 5 stages of change to help you break free into a better life and a better world.   





02:56  The 5 Types of Adopters when it comes to new things and ideas             

07:40 – A Way to Help Your Emotional State When Going Through Intense Change   

17:50  5 Stages of Moving from the Old World to the New One   

24:20  The Best Way to Create this Renaissance for Yourself and the World 




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This is episode 95 – A Renaissance in Human Evolution.  With all the challenges going on in the world, I thought some good news might help. Here we’ll explore 5 stages of change starting with the challenge and ending with inevitable positive growth if we play our cards right.  Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and this is the MindStory Speaker podcast.

As I’ve said in other episodes, I think were on the verge of a huge leap in human evolution. Any time in history that the world has gone through great challenges, it is usually followed by a kind of Renaissance, a leap in human ingenuity, new systems, structures, worldviews that take us to the next level of evolution as a culture, or even as a species. And, it’s always darkest before the dawn. So while it might seem dark right now I feel we are on the verge a great breakthrough, that will bring untold prosperity, health and well being all over the world.

You might be familiar with how, in any population during a change, you can often divide people in a Bell curve formation into five groups. Innovators are a small percentage at the beginning of the bell curve, Early Adopters at the beginning of the upward curve are a bigger percentage, Early Majority are at the end of that upward curve which is an even bigger percentage, Late Majority are at the beginning of the downward curve which is a similar size of the population, and Laggards who are that small percentage at the end of the curve.

And of course, whenever there is massive change you’ll find people at odds with each other. Innovators are talking about things that only their own kind are open to, maybe a few in the early adopters, but everyone else thinks those Innovators are crazy. As that group expands to include the Early Adopters and Early Majority, then it’s really only the late majority and laggards who are against them. Until finally everyone in the population accepts the change. You can see that with the adoption of a new technology like a smart phone, or in the adoption of a new belief system like the use of positive psychology to improve your life.

The challenge is to be open-minded to whatever stage people are in. Every stage of adoption is valid. Instead, what you see are people angry that others aren’t seeing things the way they see them. But, if you really want to help people change in a positive way, it’s often more successful to do it by example rather than by lecture. Provide information and example but don’t take it personally if people don’t want to listen. People change at their own pace and judging them actually entrenches them were in their position. Laggards in a population can actually help a group slowdown in the adoption of a change so that it’s more smooth of a transition, so that it’s adopted in a grounded and stabilized way. They may not realize that’s their role, but from a macrocosmic perspective each stage has its purpose.

All that said, right now in history your choices whether conscious or unconscious probably matter more than ever. We are at a great turning point in history and if you believe in the theory that you chose to be born at a certain time in history, then now is the time to do what you came here to do. If you’re listening to this podcast, chances are you are interested in mindset mastery and know that how you choose to focus your mind can make or break your success each and every day. You’re also probably someone who knows you have a specific purpose and you want to live by that, whether it’s simply a value you live by day today, or a certain profession.

To that end, you probably know that being in a state of fear, anxiety, worry, frustration, irritation and anger for long periods of time, kind of looping on it instead of processing it, can keep you in a certain lower vibrational level, and anchored into a certain kind of disempowering mind story about your life and about life in general. So, anything you can do to choose the higher emotions over the lower ones, is really key right now. By positive emotions I mean appreciation, love, joy, empathy, compassion, peacefulness, neutrality even. For example, not making other people wrong for how they are choosing to deal with the changes in their life. Not beating yourself up for how you are choosing to deal with the massive changes in your life, or the lack of change if you’ve been stuck on lockdown for a long time. But instead seeing how to find neutrality, just witness what is going on from that more peaceful, mindful, neutral place, finding a way to have empathy even for somebody who you find very challenging is a great mental and emotional exercise. I don’t mean allow yourself to be walked all over, but pulling out of a reactive state about your life, other people, the state of the world and going into that neutral compassionate witness place is one of the most important things you could be doing right now. It’s that place of zero point consciousness where you can access your higher mind and make wiser decisions.

An easy way in there is to just lie in bed in the morning and think about what you appreciate, even if you have a headache, or didn’t have a good night sleep. There are always things you could appreciate, a warm bed, someone in your family you love, a beloved pet, your morning coffee. Or you can do that just before you go to sleep at night, it will help you have a better sleep. Think of three things you appreciate it about yourself that day, went for a walk, made a really nice dinner, checked in with my cousin. Whatever.

I say all this because at the root of the idea of a Mind Story, is the notion of something called an Egregore. I believe there are powerful Egregores happening now, as always, but more now than ever. Egregore is spelt e-g-r-e-g-o-r-e. It comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning spirit of a group. In Ancient Greece is meant a system of influencing the thoughts of a group of people. In other words, it’s a complex thought-form created through intention and imagination. For example, the stories of Greek Gods and Goddesses are one egregore that affected human behaviour in powerful ways during Ancient Greece.

Egregores are like Mind Stories in that they consist of a group of archetypes, scripts, beliefs, plots in story form that drive how humans see the world and therefore how they behave. In modern times, people in Hollywood create Egregores, because they can affect popular opinion through certain kinds of, say, blockbuster films. I remember when art tours of England and France went up by 400 percent once the book and move The DaVinci Code came out. People signed up to join the Air Force in droves once Top Gun came out.

And those examples are at the conscious, obvious level. But there are many Egregores that are affecting people unconsciously. For example, how people think and act in movies often becomes the norm for day-to-day behaviour in a population, for good or bad. Waking up to and choosing the Egregores that affect your daily life choices empowers you profoundly.

A small case in point, think of a movie that really affected you in your life. For many people it was Star Wars, The Matrix, Avatar, The Wizard of Oz. Explore why it affected you so much. In fact it really interesting exercise to do is to think of 3 movies that you really loved, that maybe you even watched more than once, that is if you watch movies. You can also do this with novels, if you read novels, or even songs if there certain songs you love to play over and over again. That’s to look for the underlying theme.

For example, when I listed my 3 movies that had a profound effect on me they were all a kind of biopic about an artist or musician. Amadeus, about Mozart, immortal beloved about Beethoven, Freda, about Freda Kahlo. The underlying theme was about the journey of highly ingenious artist in a society that didn’t understand him or her, and the struggles two to find oneself anyway with one’s art. It told me a lot about myself, not necessarily that I was an ingenious artist, but artistry has always been a huge part of my life. I studied painting a very young age because I had a gift at it, I studied playwriting, acting, music, novel writing, dance. I explored so many areas of art because the process of creative self-expression to me felt like one of the most important things to do, and I always struggled with the fact that most artists don’t make any money. And those of my colleagues to did well often found themselves at odds with the powers that be when it came to commercializing their art. In some cases, it almost felt like they had to sell their soul just to continue to be an artist. So for me, I realize how important it was to put artistry into everything I did, even if it wasn’t a specific fine art I chose as a profession. So in my case I chose an entrepreneurial path as an expert who speaks, writes, does podcasts focused a lot on creativity and innovation especially when it comes to your own mindset and how you communicate with the world.

So think about that for yourself, what MindStories or Egregores have positively affected you? What ones have negatively affected you? Again, most of us aren’t very aware of how entertainment or news effects how we view the world, but if you take a step back, and especially look at someone else’s point of view that’s opposite from yours, you can sometimes see how molded your mind has become towards a certain Egregore. Small case in point, I grew up in kind of intellectual, philosophical academic kind of family. Learning, reading books, studying university. Going to university was very important. After several years in University, I left without finishing my degree which really upset my parents. I eventually went back and finished it. I left because I met someone from a similar kind of family who went against the family MindStory or Egregore and had skipped out on University and traveled the world, gotten jobs in other countries, and seem to have developed whole fascinating and interesting worldview that I craved, instead of book learning I wanted life learning. I had to completely break out of this whole story about how my life should go, which was University, be a professor I’ll be an academic, that kind of thing.

All this to say that I think many people are going to be breaking out of MindStories or Egregores that they’ve been in maybe for a long time. And there’s going to be a period of adjustment. Just like a whole population goes through five stages, people go through stages of change within themselves.

You might be familiar with the five stages of grief, so I’ve adapt that to the five stages of breaking free from old MindStories and into new ones. Now you might think, why do we even need a MindStory? Why not operate from a place that doesn’t involve a story? That is the ultimate goal, most of us are not there yet. We need these roles, characters, scripts to give us direction, motivation, a focus. That said, if you can also be aware that you are choosing to live by a certain story, you are one step above most people. You realize you are the story creator and the storyteller, instead of the one just lost in a story not of your own creating.

I would say the first stage when the old mindstory starts to break down, to make way for the new one, is kind of like Caterpillar going into a chrysalis. Its Denial. You sense that your old world has crumbled, but you don’t really want to face it head on. Denial helps you minimize the overwhelming pain of loss of whole worldview that is crumbling. As we process the reality of that breakdown, body mind system goes into protection mode. Denial is usually where you pretend that the old story is not breaking down, and you’re desperately looking for confirmation that it still exists, but increasingly you can’t find it.

The second stage is something akin to Outrage. It’s where you’re angry that the old, comfortable, certain system of seeing the world is gone, and you want to look for someone or something to blame, even if you’re blaming yourself. Of course this stage doesn’t require you to be very vulnerable, and is often more socially acceptable than admitting that you’re afraid. Of course this can also make you seem unapproachable by others at times when maybe you could benefit from comfort, connection and reassurance.

The third stage is what I call, Negotiation. You start to get creative about how you can alleviate the intense discomfort by somehow getting rid of the new MindStory or worldview that now seems to be forming. This can show up in several ways, asking God, the great Creator, life, the universe or whatever you talk to that’s an all powerful force, if you in fact do things like that… If you give me back the certainty of my old life I will do whatever you say. If you take this away from me, I will be good, obedient, try harder. Maybe it looks like negotiating with other people in your life, trying to get an old job back, trying to get a similar job, trying to stay connected to people who you really don’t see eye to eye with anymore, because that’s all familiar.

The fourth stage is Acceptance. It’s where you finally see that you can’t have the old anymore, the certainty is gone, the familiar is gone, and now you let all of the negative emotions finally process about losing the old, and allow new emotions to form about being faced with the new worldview.

The fifth stage is called Breakthrough. You’ve processed the emotions of making the transition and now you are ready to get settled into the new MindStory, make it work for yourself.

So think back on a big change you went through in your life whether it’s going from having no children to being a parent, or moving to another country, or losing a job and having to find another one, or losing a business and having to create a new one, or losing all your money and having to rebuild your financial base, or a belief you had about life come crashing down on you, and having to learn that life is very different than you thought it was. We’ve all dealt with this kind of stuff. They’re hard and it’s natural instinct to want to avoid them. Yet all of these changes are, I believe, the whole reason we come into this life. These are the obstacles courses we signed up for, the adventure in the virtual reality game we want to play, in essence these challenges help us to evolve. So the more big changes and challenges you’ve successfully negotiated through, the better. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. So the really resilient, wise, strong, creative people are the ones who’ve been to hell and back. And so any kind of tough experience in  your life is your badge o honor, to help you move forward now, so be grateful for it. And an interesting exercise is also to find what you’re grateful for in the challenges you’ve had to deal with lately. To feel grateful before you’ve made it to the other side of the challenge is true mastery.

So think about what worldviews are crumbling in your life and what stage you are in. While you do need to go through all the stages, some of those stages don’t need to take very long. If you sense that the old MindStory, Worldview, Egregore is crumbling and won’t be coming back, why not just get on with building the new one? For example, maybe you’ll be doing an entirely new career moving forward, or doing your work in the world in an entirely new way. Or maybe how people socialize, how we educate ourselves, how we travel, how we organize ourselves as a society, maybe all that’s going to change dramatically. The more you focus on how you want it to be, and the role you’d like to play in those new emerging stories, the more likely you are to be of great contribution to yourself and others around you.

Those who cling to the past, while they might successfully and effectively slow down the pace, they won’t be able to get the old back. We all have within ourselves the innovator, the early adopter and the laggard, and you can negotiate amongst those parts of yourself and move at the pace that feels right for you at any given time in your life. But just know, what you focus on grows. So make sure you don’t buy into Egregores designed to leave you feeling afraid most of the time, and selling out your creativity and freedom for a little bit of supposed safety. True certainty comes from being connected to your own truth, your own wisdom, and living by good values. Those are the building blocks that lead to a successful life, a thriving, free, prosperous, creative, healthy life that I believe we all deserve. But you are the story creator the storyteller, also tell that story, tell the story of the life in the world you want to see, even if you just do it in your own head, it adds to the collective human wisdom going through this intense birthing phase right now. Some people have even called it moving from Homo sapiens to Homo luminous…a time of lightness like we never seen in history before.




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