Ep. 98 – Future Creation

How you focus your imagination makes a huge difference to what happens in your future – personally, professionally, and globally. Here’s a fun process for creating what you want instead of what you don’t want.      





02:02 – People who achieve impossible goals always do some form of ‘future creation’         

04:30  An example of ‘future creation’ in business     

12:30  How to use the 5 senses to create your future   

16:40  Future Creation for the a better world 





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This is episode 98 – Future Creation.  How you focus your imagination makes a huge difference to what happens to you personally, for those you serve, and for the world at large. Here’s a fun process for creating what you want instead of what you don’t want.   Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and this is the MindStory Speaker podcast, activating leaders to help steer humanity into a golden age.

In episode 95 I talked about a renaissance in human evolution that I believe we are going through right now. This renaissance, in part, comes about by what we imagine into existence as a collective human mindset, or what I’ve referred to as a MindStory that is empowering versus disempowering.

And as a leader whether it’s within an organization or your own business, or just a leader within your family or circle of friends, you highly influence others just by HOW are being and thinking, even more so than by what you say and write. Since it’s a universal truth that what you focus on grows, focusing on the personal life, business life and world you want is hugely important, as opposed to worrying. Yes, take necessary precautions but don’t loop on things you don’t want, as that stunts your growth.

Of course, I’ve talked about this often on other episodes of this podcast, but its something I think we need reminding about often, because it’s just such a default habit for so many people to loop, worry, fret, be concerned imagining things you don’t want to happen. You might not be doing this consciously, but if you have any stress-related symptoms in your life, chances are you’re doing it subconsciously. So one huge remedy for that is future creation.

Now, of course mindfulness teachers would say there is no past or future, only the present. Which in a certain way, I believe is true. That said, most of us think that the future just kind of happens to you, you’re a victim to it. Maybe occasionally you plan for things and they “sort of” happen like how you wanted, but not totally. Who you are being in the present, however, totally affects your future. It sets you on a certain timeline. When your mindset or “being” state changes profoundly, say either much more positive, or much more negative, you start heading on a different timeline.

You might have heard the metaphor of setting sail from New York to London. If you’re off course just a little in the beginning you’ll end up way off course by the end, like landing in Spain. So of course our mindsets go up and down in frequency, but course correcting in a gentle but firm way is the key to getting to your destination.

But there is that old phrase, life’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans. There is a co-creation going on at all times. Yes, your mind can manifest the future you want, but its often never exactly how you envisioned it, there’s lots of course correcting, there’s rarely a straight line towards the goals that you want. But that’s, perhaps, the whole point of life. You set a goal, you have a longing, you have a vision, you have a driving force towards a certain goal, but then how you get there is a whole other thing. That’s why you often hear people say to focus on the vision and let go of the how. We usually only know how an impossible seeming goal manifested in retrospect.

For example, a colleague of mine worked in sales at a national company. He dreamed of starting his own company selling similar products but designed in a way that he imagined, taking the concept of the company to a whole other level. He kept trying to figure out how he would get there. How would he get the money, how would he learn all the skills necessary to set up and build a business, how would he stay profitable, how would he deal with all the challenges? He often lay in bed at night imagining all these challenging experiences and the whole excitement of his vision deflated. When we talked about it, I suggested he just stay focused on what got him excited. He had a certain vision for these particular health products, that the company didn’t get, didn’t get excited by. He was in sales, not in product development, thanks for sharing, but no thanks.

He didn’t want to leave his job, and lose the security, and all the things he liked about the job. But at the same time, he felt uncomfortable selling the products in the way they were presently being developed. It was a moral dilemma for him.  So I asked him to get really specific about what he saw happening with bringing this particular health product to market, to tell me the whole story, which is what I’m talking about on this podcast, it’s a form of future creation. He has a specific vision for collaborative decision-making, leadership sharing, people in sales sometimes working product development and vice versa, people shifting roles, understanding the company from many perspectives, everyone having a financial stake in the company, everyone treating it like it was their baby, not just a job.

He had a degree in herbal nutrition and loved researching all the different ways of cultivating, extracting, producing the supplements. This made him a great salesperson, because he really understood what went into making the product, but the more he learned, the more he realized that the cost-efficient way they were creating the supplements, was actually lessening the benefits of the products, and in some cases probably harming people. He imagined his product being the one of the best in the marketplace, he imagined speaking on various platforms, bringing in whole new markets, finding ways of creating a very high-quality product, but inefficient and fair ways. He started making copious notes, started getting great ideas for even more ways he could make a company like this excellent. He realized this time spent in future creation without needing to figure out how he gets there just yet, made him very excited, his energy increased, and he felt more fulfilled, happier, more at peace.

Fast-forward a few months later and the owner of the company decided she wanted to sell. She asked him if he was interested. To make a long story short, he managed to work out a deal with her where he bought the company over time, he got an investor, he got a business loan, and he now owns the company and is turning his vision into reality, changing the way it was structured, the way the products were developed. It never occurred to him to buy the company he was working for. He never thought she would sell in 1 million years. But this way, he didn’t have to build the whole thing from the ground up. He had lots of great relationships in place already, all the systems and structures allowed him to have income while he shifted things over. He totally credits this focus on the end vision, rather than how he would get there, which opened the doorways in life to new possibilities.

So, what is a dream you have for the future, a vision, a goal, it could be big or small. In fact sometimes it’s useful to start with a small goal, and just keep focusing on the end. For example, you can pick a goal like losing 5 pounds. So you imagine the weight you will be, and maybe inches lost, or maybe a pair of pants fitting less snugly. Just imagine feeling 5 pounds lighter, seeing the weight on the scale, but don’t think about how you’re going to get there. So you’re not thinking about a diet, or doing a lot more exercise, but you just keep imagining the future you want, the future body want. And then, what often happens is you just maybe start eating less, moving more, or something about your future creation increases your metabolism. It’s an interesting phenomenon. You might’ve tried this with finding a parking spot. About five minutes before you arrive at your destination, you imagine a free parking spot close to your destination. What most people do is think, I bet they’ll be no parking. And guess what there’s no parking. But you just imagine the spot opening up just as you arrive, and boom 90% of the time there it is. Is just a habit of mind that is very handy.

A great way to do it is to write out specifics of what it looks like when you are there already, not how you got there. Let’s use the metaphor of climbing to the top of the mountain. So to start with you don’t think about which trail you need to take, how much water and food to bring, what kind of climbing rope, what kind of shoes. First you get very emotionally connected to your why, why you’re doing this, your ideal future when you get there. So you use all your senses. See the view, feel how proud you are of yourself, feel how invigorated you are that you made it, hear your climbing mate congratulate you, smell the pristine mountain air, taste the cool water that is quenching your thirst. So that’s a 5 sensory approach I teach for smaller goals which becomes your engine for getting up the mountain, for making all the proper preparations, for making the right decisions that will get you there.

So the actual exercise is to create a future memory. So you’re writing down about six sentences, in present tense. The first sentence is setting the scene, and the other five sentences are the different senses to take yourself there emotionally. So, sight, emotional feelings, physical feelings, sounds, smells, tastes.  For example, I’m at the top of Grouse mountain. I see the expansive view of the city and the sea below. I feel how proud I am of making it to the top. I feel invigorated and energized. My friend is giving me a high 5 and congratulating us both for making it in record time. I smell the pristine mountain air. I taste the cool water that is quenching my thirst right now.

You don’t have to use all the senses, but as many as you can. This phenomenon is very powerful. Why? Because you’re programming your own subconscious mind. The subconscious mind operates outside of time. It can’t tell whether something is past, present, or future. It’s all happening right now. So, if you connect deeply to a specific vision or goal achievement with your five senses, your subconscious mind goes into overdrive to match that vision with your external reality. If you don’t believe me, chances are you’ve done it many many times before. It’s the way anything gets manifested. Think of something you created that you really wanted. For example, a certain type of home you wanted to live in. Chances are you spent time just imagining what would look like, what it would feel like to live there, what the sounds would be like, how you emotionally feel when you are there. You did all that first, which is like a painter imagining the painting he wants to create, and then he starts putting it on the canvas. You do that when you are deciding what you want to have for dinner. You start imagining eating a certain kind of food, and then you go make dinner. Imagination always comes first.

Like I said, the problem is we often are imagining things we don’t want. For example, I remember the first public seminar I produced. I spent a lot of time beforehand imagining that not enough people would show up, that there would be technical problems, that the content wouldn’t resonate for people. That’s mostly what happened. When I look back, I see that those thoughts impaired my thinking in terms of marketing, technical set up, content creation. The next time I ran the seminar, I did future creation. I imagine the exact number of people I wanted to attend, the types of people, the technical smoothness, the content really resonating with people. Going into specificity in my mind about all those things, helped me think of ways of creating that. It turned out much more like how I wanted the second time. Sure, I learned from mistakes from the first time, but I truly opened up my creative capacity by this future creation process.

As part of The Memory Imprint Journal I created, that I’ve talked about another episodes, there’s a section at the bottom of the page where you can write out a memory. I usually start people off with positive past memories, then we work on taking negative past memories and putting a positive spin on them, and then we get to future memories. Which is what I just talked about with the climbing the mountain example. You talk about something having been achieved, before you actually achieve it. You can do that for future creation for yourself personally, for those who serve, or for the world. You can check out the five-day free trial course on it by looking the link in the show notes.

So let’s talk about future creation for the world. I think it’s the most important future memory to create. If you look at the news, at any time in the last few decades, not just recently, you would think that the world is a bad place and getting worse. If you listen to others around you talk, you might think the same thing. There’s this kind of default negative focus a lot of people have, that’s maybe that’s creating a world we don’t want. So, I believe that the more of us focusing specifically on world we want to live in, this creates interesting phenomenon.

You might’ve heard of research done on meditators who focused on a certain neighborhood in New York city that was normally high in crime, and imagined it peaceful, crime free, people being honest and good to each other. They took measurements before and after of the crime rate it went down significantly. There are many more studies like this, and that’s why you hear people doing group meditations. So, when people wonder what they can do to help the world become a better place, if you don’t feel like running off to Africa and building a well for villagers, or can’t do that right now, this is a really great alternative.

So, just like the personal or business examples I gave, think of what you want. You can start with just the six sentence mind story involving all the senses, and then work your way up to longer more involved stories. Pick an area that you’re passionate about. A great way to know what you’re passionate about is to ask yourself this question – what is the world missing? If you’ve done my free process “Explore your passions” you’ll recognize that as one of the questions to get clear on where you might want to pivot your focus in terms of your career or business. Your answer could be as simple as, another dog park in my neighborhood. Or as complex as, a world where no one is starving and homeless. Or you could just get really general about a lot of things.

For example, I am now living in this Golden Age, where there has been a renaissance in human evolution. The world is restored to health, people have access to wellness that rejuvenates them and cures illnesses and disabilities in profound ways, people are free to travel, interact, build businesses, there’s plenty of funding for businesses that make a big difference for humanity, people are free of debt, they have all the income they need, they have sovereign legal rights, they are connected to spirit, to soul, organic, source based…new technologies are commonplace that do things like clean up the environment and offer clean and quick transport. There is an abundance of free, clean energy, water, food, air. There is transparency of interactions, true justice, no crime, open, honest communication at the personal, organizational and governmental levels. People feel at peace inside, with high self esteem, there is peace amongst all the peoples in the world, people have vibrant relationships with family and friends, all people are nourished, with homes and transport, people do what they love for their careers and are thriving like never before. Animals and nature are well cared for. The arts in all areas of life are thriving again. People are cooperative and collaborative like never before. I love being here and playing a key role co-creating with others.

So that’s one way of doing it.  Pick one area to focus on, your area of passion, or include it all in your vision. Anything you long for in the world, is probably because it’s meant to be that way. We aren’t meant to live in a world where we really wish things were different. That just doesn’t make any sense.

So try this on your own, or if you want to check out The Memory Imprint Journal, it helps you reframe past stories, create future memories, and a gratitude journal on steroids, that only takes 10 minutes. If you’d like to get a free download of the process, you can look in the shownotes for the link to the Memory Imprint Journal 5 day free trial course. Or just go to MindStoryAcademy.com/free, and scroll down to the 5 Day Free Trial image and click on that There’s four parts to the journal and it only takes about 10 mins a day,


Okay, that’s it for today. Please hit subscribe if you’d like to hear about other episodes. And in the meantime, enjoy your future creations. See you next time.


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