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When you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with your link to access the members portal. Once there, you can start immediately to prime your brain for success by listening to the the first lesson. 

Every day for the next the 7 days a new lesson will be released inside the portal.  There is also a fill-in-the-blanks PDF worksheet to go along with each lesson. All lessons and PDFS are downloadable. Days 2-7 will include subconscious optimizer & visualization exercises (also downloadable.  (Note: This is going to seem obvious, but please DO NOT listen to the subconscious optimizer & visualization exercises while driving or operating heavy machinery).

During this FREE course you will be guided on a 7-day journey to help you begin to create the habits and best practices of an extraordinary achiever. This can be the mindset boost you need to take your game to the next level.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

  • Access to a private membership portal where you can download the 7 Day Course.
  • A PDF Worksheet for each one of the 7 lessons. 
  • 6 x Subconscious Optimizer & Visualization Processes to help you prime your brain for success.

Day 1: Goal Setting To Goal Getting

Get clear on your goals and habits you need to create so you can achieve excellence

  • The 7 step formula to achieving any goal
  • How to avoid the one DEADLY MISTAKE that sabotages most people's success
  • A short & simple daily success practice that can empower you to achieve more than ever before
  • The 2 most powerful emotional states for attracting more abundance and prosperity into your life

Day 2: The Theatre of The Mind

Master the ancient art of mental rehearsal to design the life of your dreams

  • How to best use creative visualisation to activate your inner success mechanism so you can manifest what you want FAST
  • How to turn your goals into a magnet that will attract the resources you need to succeed with ease
  • A mental rehearsal technique proven to help you overcome any obstacles holding you back
  • The secret ingredient to add into your visualisation that will 10X your results

Day 3: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Release the limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your success since childhood

  • How to challenge your beliefs and release the negative hold they’ve had over you
  • Replacing your limiting beliefs with the new empowering beliefs of your choice
  • Rescripting your self-talk so you can change your state immediately
  • How to break the habits and patterns that no longer serve you

    Day 4: Taking Massive Action

    Learn how to take consistent and massive action that will propel you to greatness

    • The secret to taking inspired action especially on those days when you don’t feel up to it
    • The ultimate solution to overcoming procrastination
    • The proven action technique that will skyrocket your productivity overnight
    • 3 easy steps to create and internalise new habits of success

    Day 5: Changing Your Self-Image

    Change how you see and how you feel about yourself to transform overnight

    • The secret to feeling good and worthy about yourself on the inside and how if affects your outer world
    • Activating the electrical and magnetic forces that govern the law of attraction
    • Rewiring your self image and creating the neural pathways of a winner
    • How to build the new ‘memories’ into your nervous system that will accelerate your success

      Day 6: The Inner Game of Focus

      Develop the world class focus of a champion and watch your success skyrocket as a result

      • Learn how to develop your powers of focus so you can think far greater than your current circumstances
      • How mental concentration alone can change your brain by creating new neural connections
      • Extracting the patterns that allow the most successful minds on earth to shape our world in positive ways
      • THE No.1 success secret of the richest man whoever lived and a powerful exercise that will enable you to apply it

      Day 7: The Power of Guided of Meditation for Success

      Discover the power of switching mental gears, supported by the latest brain research

      • Using science to use more of your mind and positively influence the unique electrical signatures known as brainwaves
      • Tapping into the whole-brain functioning associated with geniuses such as Einstein, Mozart and other creative, high-performing superachievers
      • How to stay in the flow for sustained periods of time so you can attract more of the right opportunities
      • A step by step process for deep meditation and relaxation

      This training is absolutely amazing.

      "Dave’s training is absolutely amazing. I’ve been using this system for over 8 years now and it has helped develop my confidence and belief tenfold. Hundreds of my team are using this course and mastered their mindset as a results. I wholeheartedly recommend this training to anyone who wants to succeed in business or life."

      Natalie Heeley

      My life is more an on track with my purpose.

      “My life is more on track with my purpose because of my work with Dave. His mindset system is deep, rich and powerful because of the processes he integrates that goes beyond the conscious mind. He understands learning from the inside-out and creates empowering tools that extend beyond the LIVE workshops, through this online program. I have introduced his trainings to my top associates and they are experiencing life changing results. He is a true gem in the field of personal growth and business/life development!”

      Renee Poindexter

      Bring out the potential within

      “If you are sincerely ready to get “REAL” with yourself; then this course will truly give you the exercises and necessary practice, tapping into “YOU”, reprogramming and re-wiring your unconscious to bring out the potential within, the winner you were meant to be. I want to acknowledge Dave for keeping myself and the others on track, in step, focused and concentrating on our Goals and our Dreams.”

      LuAnn Budiselic

      This course is a game changer!

      “This course has been a game changer for me. It has completely changed my life. It is without doubt THE best personal development training I have ever done in my 7 years in business. I have effortlessly put new success habits into place and the results in every area of my life have skyrocketed. I feel unstoppable."

      Louise Perry

      This course will take your business to the next level!

      “Dave is a master at delivering the information in a way that gets results. Through stories and metaphor the message really hits home in a way that people can relate and practically apply in their business. I urge you to plug your team into this course, it will take your business to the next level!"

      Angelyn Toth

      Dave is one of the leading mindset trainers in the world today.

      "Dave is one of the leading mindset trainers in the world today. As well as personally experiencing the power of his program, over the years I have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs take their business to a whole new level as a result of applying his teachings. Dave has come along at the perfect time - just when the industry needed a fresh new approach."

      Jerry Conti Serial Entrepreneur

      Dave O'Connor

      ​Dave O’Connor is a mindset expert for business owners and bestselling author. For over 19 years he has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life. Dave specializes in helping people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for individuals and organizations that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results.