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The Harmonization Process

Transform Inner Conflict and Self Sabotage, so that You Can Move Forward and Create the Life of Your Dreams

This process allows you to transform inner voices of sabotage, like your inner critic, or inner naysayer, so  they can become your allies instead of your enemies. Doing this now can

  • save you years of spinning your wheels
  • help you feel more in alignment inside
  • have a greater sense of flow and ease in life
  • much less frustration as you move forward in life 
  • more joy and personal power

Most people have confusion about their life purpose and inner conflict about moving forward with it. Parts of them want clarity and to move forward, other parts are afraid; other parts want to go in a different direction. It’s like working with a group of leaders in an organization, or your “inner stakeholders”. 

You often need to hear out the different perspectives of those inner stakeholders, and find an outcome that works for all concerned. At the same time, you need a final decision maker. That final decision needs to comes from the highest possible place within, known as the Mediator. This Harmonization Process can help you do all of this. 

It includes:

  • one tutorial video to help you understand the process
  • an ebook and worksheet

I was so inspired with a new vision and then the doubts crept in. This powerful form of inner dialogue could not have come at a better time!!

Maggie D., Professor and Author

Wow, what a powerful exercise! I’ve done some “inner critic” work in the past but not at the level of sophistication that this entails. I was caught off guard by the level of emotion and release I experienced during this inner dialogue.

Janice D., Entrepreneur

Access the video & worksheet here. Normally $54, right now you can get it for only

$27 USD 

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