MindStory Academy

To help you INFLUENCE with power and purpose so you can achieve FAR greater results. For business owners, salespeople and company leaders to enhance the inner game of presenting, pitching, negotiating and selling.

What is The MindStory™ Academy?

MindStory™ Academy is an online school for people who are called to make the world a better place while also making a good living doing it. It's for people who want tools to help others change at the mindset level in profound and lasting ways. Here you'll find:

  • World class programs from top experts in personal and professional development
  • Knowledge and skill building that you never got to learn in traditional forms of education
  • A way to create a life that's extraordinary in all areas of life - heart, body, mind and soul

How is MindStory™ Academy different from other mindset programs?

The latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology has proved that limiting beliefs block our success. There are many tools out there now to help you release those beliefs and bad mindset habits. The problem is, many of those tools just scratch the surface.  Beliefs and habits of mind are actually just components of a larger STORY. Stories are like software programs in the mind. If you only release one component of the story, such as a limiting belief about your self worth, you won’t notice a difference in your life. It would be like taking out one piece of code of a software program.

If you can identify the limiting STORY, and replace that entirely with an EMPOWERING story, it’s like you’ve replaced the software system. Then you have the tools to create the life you REALLY want.  It’s about taking back control of your own mind and being the story PRODUCER instead of just the PLAYER. By learning how to create a Mind Story™ it’s like a one-stop-shop for personal development as well as a way to positively transform yourself and those you serve.

FREE Courses

Get started on your path to manifesting happiness and success in your life with MindStory Academy's FREE resources and courses. 

Premium Courses

Discover new ways to navigate life with purpose, passion, and happiness with MindStory Academy's Premium courses. We have decades of experience helping people on their path, so you will be in good hands. 

Featured Course

MindStory Introduces You to All Our Foundational Tools for Transformation. Discover How To Reprogram Your Conscious & Subconscious Mind Stories By Combining Scientifically Proven Methodologies with Law of Attraction Principles So You Can Finally Create The Life of Abundance You Deserve!


Follow our step-by-step process to build and manifest the lifestyle of your dreams...

  • Tell Stories that Change Lives and Inspire Bold Action
  • Upgrade your mindset so you can fulfill your TRUE potential
  • Make a far greater impact on those you serve by speaking to their subconscious as well as conscious mind

Who are the Founders?

Our leaders have decades of experience transforming people in all walks of life. They work at both the strategic and intuitive level, using both science and artistry, to unleash your greater potential.  Here you can find a place to share your gifts with the world, to lead the world into a visionary future. 

Dave O'Connor

Dave  has helped thousands of people reach higher levels of happiness, fulfillment and professional accomplishment. He teaches students from a holistic perspective, encouraging them to engage their mind and body to propel far beyond their self-perceived boundaries.Dave revels in helping people achieve the life they dream for. 

Carla Rieger

Carla has spoken to over 1500 groups internationally and coached thousands of people to unleash their greatest potential. She has been the director of The Artistry of Change Training Inc., since 1991, a firm that specializes in awakening creative potentials in people so that they can be innovative, visionary leaders