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Looking for the absolute best way to change how you feel about yourself, life and your future?

Transform your life...breakthrough your limitations... overcome procrastination... build your ability to achieve ANY goal you want in record time

From Carla Rieger, veteran international speaker, author of five books and 80 online learning programs, master coach, business consultant, TEDx Speaker.

As a mindset coach my job is to help you achieve your goals in the fastest, most efficient way possible, AND to achieve a sense of inner fulfillment and happiness at the same time.

This New Memory Imprint Journal - 30 Day Challenge is a proven model for accelerating your success that produces optimum levels of performance and an inner sense of peace and self assurance.

Imagine how it would feel if every time you put your mind to something ... you got felt better about life, about yourself and felt a supercharged sense of purpose and energy to get important goals done.

It’s where you:

  •  stay focused on important goals until completion
  • give yourself inner support to feel good about yourself and life
  • wake up feeling happy, on purpose and energized about the day

IN THIS PROGRAM, you're going to learn how to overcome procrastination, believe in yourself and your capacity, and take control of your destiny.

The New Memory Imprint Journal - 30 Day Challenge contains the elements necessary for unleashing your greatness. This course is for you if you want to:

  • build belief in yourself rather than beat yourself up
  • have the confidence to go after your dreams rather than succumb to excuses
  • live life on your own terms instead of living in fear of what people think
  • attract high quality people into your life rather than allowing negative people to keep bringing you down
  • allowing yourself to play big rather than staying small

It is designed for the bold, committed and courageous and will challenge you take back control of your own life so that you can live on purpose.

You will be challenged to:

  • let go of a negative self image that is keeping you stuck
  • to release from things you may not realize are keeping you stuck
  • to confront your weaknesses and transform them into strengths
  • to proactively face struggles with higher capacity
  • to learn to take consistent action so you transform more in 30 days than most people do over the entire year.

Are you ready to step out of the old you and into the new and improved one?

Forget everything you've ever learned about building self-esteem, appreciation journals, overcoming procrastination. Using the latest brain research and evidence-based methodologies, The Memory Imprint Journal – 30 Day Challenge has cracked the code for how to create the right environment internally and externally so you can have more confidence, certainty, income, freedom and success.


DAY 1-Orientation

Here you will discover how to get the most out of this course, the basic process of using the journal, so that you can easily integrated into your regular life as a good habit now and whenever you need to boost your capacity to have a successful life.

DAY 2 – Evidence of Supportive Core Beliefs in Action

Here we discover why it's so important to build evidence. We also go into more detail and examples about how to strengthen good core beliefs. In doing so, you lessen the hold of limiting core beliefs, and thereby attracting more of the life you want.

DAY 3 - Different Ways to Do Your Memory Imprint Stories

Here you get an overview of different ways to write out a memory imprint story, along with examples, so that you can come up with them quickly and easily.

DAY 4 – Using all Your Senses in Your Memory

Here you discover the importance of using all your senses when writing out your stories and what it looks like to do that. This is so that good memories are available front of mind, instead of lost in the far reaches of your memory banks.

DAY 5 – Examples

Here you’ll get more examples of how to find evidence of supportive core beliefs in action and memories that further support that evidence building process.

DAY 6 - Transforming Resistance

Often, around this point in the challenge people feel resistance. That resistance is due to the old programs wanting to reassert their power. Here are tips for keeping going even when the inner gremlins are acting up.

DAY 7 - Appreciations of Self – Examples

Here we get into more detail about what it looks like to fill out the Appreciations of Self section. It's easy for people to run out of ideas, so this will open up the possibilities of ideas, so it's quick and easy to do this and so that it builds your self-esteem more powerfully.

DAY 8 - Chart for Getting Ideas - Appreciations of Self

Use this chart to prompt your subconscious to find ideas, so that it's quick and easy to do. It's also a reminder that you don't need to just choose appreciations from today, but from any time in life thereby rebuilding your self-image through different ages of your life.

DAY 9 - Chart for Getting Ideas - Appreciations of Life

Use this chart to prompt your subconscious to find ideas for section 2, so that it's quick and easy to do. It's also a reminder that you don't need to just choose appreciations from today, but from any time in life thereby rebuilding your sense that life actually wants you to win all through your life.

DAY 10 - Core Beliefs Checklist

This process will help you uncover unsupportive core beliefs that you may not be aware of. Then you turn them around to create supportive core beliefs to work on in terms of building evidence, which grows their strength to override the limiting beliefs.

Such simple processes, and yet so significant!

I didn't realize how i was dragging myself down. It was stopping me from doing what would give more of what I want in life. I now have more tools to stay focused and supportive of myself.

Patience Mugawazi

I am now a better version of myself.

Through this process, I realized that Life is really beautiful and that we have extraordinary power in us.
 It allowed me to develop more positive beliefs so I could increase my self confidence. I am now a better version of myself.

Flora Valmy

DAY 11 - Memory Do-Overs – Present 

This is the concept that you could create a timeline in which you made a different choice in your recent past. The subconscious can't tell the difference between past, present and future, so here you get to learn from present mistakes more deeply and create more positive timelines for your future.

DAY 12 - Memory Do-Overs – Past

This is about creating a timeline in which you made a different choice in your distant past. That way you get to learn from past mistakes more deeply and create more positive timelines for your future.

DAY 13 - Future Memories Overview

This is about writing out memories from the perspective of your Future Self. You are imagining that good things have already happened, so this video gives you an overview of how that works.

DAY 14 - Future Memories (Short Term)

Here you get examples of what it looks like to write out a future memory of something that may happen soon.

DAY 15 - Future Memories (Long Term)

Here you get examples of what it looks like to write out a future memory of something that may happen in the more distant future.

DAY 16 – Past Memories and Extra Sensory Perception

Here we explore the notion of moving beyond regular sensory perception and into your extra sensory perceptions such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience etc. We all have these latent abilities, and practice helps make them available for daily use. Here we explore that in the context of past memories.

DAY 17 - Future Memories and Extra Sensory Perception

Here we explore how to use your extra sensory perceptions when writing future memories. This adds extra power to the process, so that you more likely manifest what you truly want in your life.

DAY 18 – Changing Timelines

Here we explore the notion of multiple timelines happening at the same time, and how you can jump from one to the other just through your intention. That way, you can break free of negative timelines that are taking you in a direction you don't want to go. This journal helps build your ability to do that regularly.

DAY 19 – Future Memories to Help Others

Here we explore how to use future memories to not just improve your own life, but to help improve the life of individuals you care about, as appropriate. In addition, you can add the power of your intention to help build a positive future for humanity.

DAY 20 – Collapsing Memories Together

This is similar to memory do overs, but with a twist. If you took many years to learn an important lesson, you can collapse all those learning experiences into one. The purpose is to reinforce the full depth of your learning, and positively affect your present and future.

A re-awakening of my greater potential

This has truly been an eye opener for me. It was a spiritual journey of self discovery and re-awakening of my greater potential.

Katarzyna Stomska

DAY 21 – Themes for Writing Your Journal Page

Here we explore “Themes” for writing a whole journal page, such as forgiveness, financial success, happiness, good relationships, etc. This makes it quicker to fill out a journal page, and reinforces good core beliefs from many angles.

DAY 22 – The TEVAS Styles and Your Journal

Here you explore the concept of TEVAS Manifestation Personality Style and how it relates to building your manifestation skills using the Journal.

DAY 23 – Find Out Your TEVAS Manifestation Style

Here you get to do a quick quiz to figure out your dominant style and how to add less dominant styles into your manifestation toolkit.

DAY 24 - Goodness You Receive from Others

Here we explore in more detail the theme of kindnesses, support, complements you've RECEIVED from others -- recently and in the past -- as a way to further anchor in a good self-image.

DAY 25 - Goodness You Give to Others

Here we explore in more detail the theme of kindnesses, support, complements you've GIVEN others -- recently and in the past -- as a way to further anchor in this self image.

DAY 26 - The Theme of Forgiveness

Here we explore in more detail the theme of FORGIVENESS you've both given to others and received, as a way to further anchor in this ability and to fortify your soul growth.

DAY 27 - How to Use the Subconscious Optimizers

Here we explore how to use the audio Neuro-blueprints to further anchor in the most important core beliefs for use in daily life.

DAY 28 – The Scientific Benefits of Gratitude

To inspire you to continue your Journal habit, here are some of the scientific benefits of gratitude which are a lot more far-reaching than most of us think.

DAY 29 - Building Instant Confidence

Here you explore how to use the Journal in a high pressure situation such as a deadline, a huge learning curve, public speaking, or some situation in which you are being challenged to go beyond your normal capacities.

DAY 30 – Next Steps

What happens now that you've finished your 30 days? Here are suggested next steps to continue to build momentum even if you have a very busy life, so that these skills continue to grow and expand the rest of your life.

I feel stronger now moving forward with big goals

It’s true that “It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood”. I realized there was much more light and positivity to find back in my childhood. So, I feel stronger now moving forward.

AnnaLena Tell Erickson

I feel so much happier and have more clarity

I loved the discipline of doing the 30 day challenge. I feel so much happier and have so much more clarity on the best direction for my life.

Diane Goulding Network Marketing Professional

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These Subconscious Optimizers will ensure these good habits of mind you’ve been building during the Memory Imprint Journal course, go on autopilot in your subconscious mind. To speed up the good results in your life it helps to listen to these over the next 6 week period.

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Most people have some kind of self sabotage going on below their awareness, and need to do subconscious work in order to remove that.

Benefits and recommendations regarding these 6 optimizers:

1. Letting Go

How to let go of clutter, resentments, regrets, roles, places and timelines that no longer serve you. (Listen during Week 1)

2. Reframing

How to reframe a challenge or setback so that you can let go, learn and move on much more quickly. (Listen during Week 2)

3. Overcoming a Fear of Failure

How to release subconscious fears that are keeping from taking calculated risks in life. (Listen during Week 3)

4. Overcoming a Fear of Success

How to release subconscious fears that are keeping you hidden and mediocre in life. (Listen during Week 4)

5. Building Resources

How to enrich your inner being regularly so that you have the fertile inner soil for growing goals and dreams that are important to you. (Listen during Week 5)

6. Easy Productivity

How to integrate all the above so that you can produce far more positive results in your life. (Listen during Week 6)

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During the 30 days...all you need to do is this...

1. Get Clear on 3 Personal & 3 Professional Goals. You must set challenging goals that excite you because if your goals don't challenge you and if they don't excite, you simply won't activate your subconscious get ready to THINK BIGGER as you'll be performing at your highest ever level.

2. Start the Memory Imprint Journal pages – Do at least one page per day up until you reach 30. The goal is to do 30 pages by our 30 Day Challenge deadline in order to win a reward for doing it.

3. Follow the Memory Imprint Journal – 30 Day Challenge videos. You'll receive a new Memory Imprint Journal lesson every day—for 30 days. Every lesson is designed to teach you deeper aspects of the journal, give you inspiring examples, and motivate you to see the world in a new way.

4. Rewire and reprogram your subconscious mind with the 6 Subconscious Optimizers (also known as Neuro-blueprints to anchor in good core beliefs). These blueprints are the key to winning the inner game of life and putting your success on autopilot.

5. Join the Private Facebook Live Group and learn advanced tips and strategies from Carla and the others on the challenge.

5. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. You'll be encouraged, mentored and pushed from the moment you begin...fears will be confronted, the bar will be raised higher, beliefs will be challenged, deadlines will be set and accountability will be there...and each day you do your journal is a huge win for you, for those you serve and for the world at learge.

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She began her career with an innovative teambuilding company in the US and then became the director of The Artistry of Change Training & Consulting Inc., a firm that specializes in awakening creative potentials in people so that they can be innovative communicators. She has authored 5 books, over 80 online learning programs and spoken to over 1500 groups internationally.

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