The Memory Imprint Journal 

Neuro Blueprint Course

The Memory Imprint Journal with Carla Rieger

YOUR REWARD for completing 30 full pages of the journal by Nov. 30, 2017 is a 50% off gift certificate to any of our other programs

This journal can help you:

  • see the world and yourself in more empowering ways
  • increase your belief levels in yourself and this process
  • have less regrets about the past and more optimism about the future

Step 1 Watch the Video Below

Step 2 Download the Instructions: Download and read the instructions (see below.)

Step 3 Fill out the Journal: Print 30 copies of the Journal PDF. This is your daily journal page to fill in. (It only takes 5-10 minutes a day.)

This is a 4 page PDF download that includes the background, instructions and an example to follow.  

This is a 1 page PDF download that is the actual journal page. Print 30 of these and see if you can complete 30 of them within a 5 week period. If you do, email us at and you will get a reward!

To download, right click the blue buttons.

Day 1 - Orientation

Day 2– Evidence of Supportive Core Beliefs in Action

Day 3 - Different Ways to Do Your Memory Imprint Stories

Day 4 – Using all Your Senses in Your Memory Imprints

Day 5 – Examples

Day 6 - Transforming Resistance

Day 7 - Appreciations of Self – Examples

Day 8 - Chart for Getting Ideas - Appreciations of Self

Day 9 - Chart for Getting Ideas - Appreciations of Life

Day 10 - Core Beliefs Checklist

Day 11 - Memory Do-Overs – Present

Day 12 - Memory Do-Overs – Past

Day 13 - Future Memories Overview

Day 14 - Future Memories (Short Term)

Day 15 - Future Memories (Long Term)

Day 16 – Past Memories and Extra Sensory Perception

Day 17 - Future Memories and Extra Sensory Perception

Day 18 – Changing Timelines

Day 19 – Future Memories to Help Others

Day 20 – Collapsing Memories Together

Day 21 – Themes for Writing Your Journal Page

Day 22 – The TEVAS Styles and Your Journal

Day 23 – Find Out Your TEVAS Manifestation Style

Day 24 - Goodness You Receive from Others

Day 25 - Goodness You Give to Others

Day 26 - The Theme of Forgiveness

Day 27 - How to Use the Subconscious Optimizers

Day 28 – The Scientific Benefits of Gratitude

Day 29 - Building Instant Confidence

Day 30 – Next Steps