Want to Get Paid to Speak?

Grow Your Business Quickly by Getting in Front of YOUR Ideal People...live or online

Do you want to: 

=====> get clarity on your speaking strategy, so you can finally get traction and make far more income?

=====> enhance your "speak to sell" skills, so you can attract far more income?

=====> take your confidence levels to the next level of power and purpose?

=====> be part of a like-minded community of people to help you grow to your greatest potential as a speaker?

=====> stay accountable to ensure you complete your high priority goals in record time?

=====> earn points and win rewards!

Then, check out MIC for Business Owners Who Speakers - this is a 3-MONTH group coaching program to take you to the NEXT LEVEL of success, income and fulfillment as a speaker

MIC for Speakers

is a Membership Group

for business owners who speak 

live or online to grow their business


...but if you SIGN UP BEFORE Nov. 15, you earn a free, private coaching session to customize the process just for YOU!


After years of surveying what clients most want, we've designed a program to meet that.  This combination of group support, private coaching, on-line training, lots of ways to ask questions, plus progress tracking and rewards. This seems to create the best results for the most number of people at an affordable rate. 

What Do You Get By Joining?

1. RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN: Daily AM and PM audios that energize, motivate, and build good habits of mind, while increasing your pace of learning. You can use them for a lifetime to overcome self-doubt, confusion, procrastination, fears, and build concentration, memory, confidence and more. By building the Mindset of a High Achiever in business, you positively affect all areas of life.

2. GROUP COACHING | CHALLENGES  You get to be part of a  group of likeminded people where you can:


   * Participate in our monthly challenges and earn rewards

   * Sign up for personal help during through Zoom classes

   * Get private Lazer coaching to customize the material

   * Ask questions 24/7 and get a response right away

3. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS:  You can't change what you can't measure. As part of MIC you are invited to do a monthly self assessment and track your progress and participation, whereby you earn points. That way, if you’re not progressing, we can help you course correct. If you ARE progressing, it can motivate you to keep going!

4. ASSETS: Upon registration you get access not only to the neuro-blueprints, but to our MindStory Inner Coach book, online programs on how to break free of overwhelm,  get into action, build your self image, re-write the story of your life, and much more.

5. GOLDEN TICKET: Each month, you can redeem your "Golden Ticket" for one of our other online programs such as storytelling, goal setting, confidence building for speakers, focus, speech writing, sales skills and much more.

6. EXTRA RESOURCES:  We partner with many top experts and leading edge providers to give you the resources you need to thrive. For example, joint venture partners, social media experts, or subcontractors to help with you grow more quickly.

It's $297 US per month for 3 months

Cancel anytime. No long term contract required.

Examples of Assets and Golden Ticket Items


Audio Recordings to Supercharge Your Learning and to Break Free of Limiting Core Beliefs 

 (Valued at $597)

Mindset Mastery

A 30 Day Challenge to Build Your Focus and Confidence

 (Valued at $497)

Presentation Prosperity

A 5-Module Program to Create Live and Online Presentations That Rock 

 (Valued at $790)

Memory Imprint Journal 

A 30 Day Challenge to Build Your Self Esteem and Personal Power

 (Valued at $697)

Storytelling in Business

A 7 Step System to Dramatically Increase Listener Engagement through Stories & Metaphors

 (Valued at $498)

Confidence Gold for Presenters

A 5-Step System for Being Your Best Under High Pressure Situations

 (Valued at $498)

About Your Teachers
Carla Rieger

Carla Rieger is the author of 6 books and dozens of online learning programs. She has been a coach and motivational speaker on change leadership, communication and presentation skills for over 24 years. In addition, she has spoken to over 1500 groups on four different continents, including a TEDx talk. Her work has been featured on radio, TV and magazines helping business owners and leaders grow their inner and outer capacity to lead people through challenging transitions. She is also the co-author, with Dave O'Connor of the book, MindStory Inner Coach.

Carla Rieger Signature
Dave O'Connor

Dave O’Connor is a mindset expert for business owners and is a bestselling author. For over 22 years he has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life. Dave specializes in helping people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for people who want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results. He is also the co-author with Carla Rieger of the book, MindStory Inner Coach

Dave O'Connor Signature

It's $297 US per month for 3 months

Cancel anytime. No long term contract required.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions
More Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in MIC. Below are Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't see your question answered here, please email us at Support@MindStoryAcademy.com.

1. How is MIC different from other membership programs?

2. What are Neuro-Blueprints?

3. Who are the Founders?

4. Who is The MindStory Inner Circle for?

5. How does it work?

6. How will I stay focused and motivated?

7. Will it work for me?

8. How long does it typically take to start seeing results?

9. What if the timing’s not right? I’m too busy!

10. What if I can't afford it right now?

11. What is your refund policy?

What is a MindStory?

MindStories are subconscious patterns of thinking and behaviour that can sabotage your success. With the right tools you can help people break free of them. Discover how to help yourself and others delete bad MindStories and install good ones, so you get the results you REALLY need and want.  

Experts who help their clients at the MINDSET level instead of just the strategic level, stand out from those who don't. For example, a social media expert can share all the strategies in the world, but if their clients are procrastinating, they won't move forward. At MindStory Academy we help business owners who want to affect change within themselves and others at a core level as opposed to just a shallow level.

It's $297 US per month for 3 months

Cancel anytime. No long term contract required.

What People are Saying...


I now have much less procrastination on important goals

Once I did the the 30 days, I could tell the habit had been formed and so I continued without having to will myself. I now have much less procrastination on important goals.

Sheila Gwillam-Winter

I'm now feeling worthy of the praise that I get from other people

I've absolutely loved this 30 day challenge! It's totally cemented my belief in myself and my abilities. I'm now feeling worthy of the praise that I get from other people.

Sheila Lemon

I am now a better version of myself.

Through this process, I realized that Life is really beautiful and that we have extraordinary power in us.
 It allowed me to develop more positive beliefs so I could increase my self confidence. I am now a better version of myself.

Flora Valmy

This process helps me wake up energetic, happy and with a feeling of gratitude

This program helped me wake up more energetic, happy and with a feeling of gratitude. On the days I didn't do it, I noticed the opposite. This has helped me treat myself so much better.

Cathy Spaas

I feel so much happier and have more clarity

I loved the discipline of doing the 30 day challenge. I feel so much happier and have so much more clarity on the best direction for my life.

Diane Goulding

It's given me the momentum to succeed in a whole new way!

Looking back on my life and crafting it into a story of triumph was profound for me. It let me view myself and my life as a huge asset now instead of a liability. It's given me the momentum to succeed in a whole new way!

Doug McKegney

This has given me the courage to move forward in bigger and better ways

I love remembering the good stuff and re-writing the stories of my life so that they help me create more of the life I want. I now look at things more positively. It has given me courage to move forward in bigger and better ways.

Lieselotte Nooyen

These tools changed my life

I became a much more relaxed and happy person. In fact, after 30 days I felt totally changed.

Helen Raggett

I’m reconnecting regularly to my vision instead of worrying

The Neuro blueprints are powerful and profound. They bring me to tears of joy when I listen because I’m reconnecting regularly to my vision instead of frittering away my creative energy on worry.

Michela Quilici

I finally became clear on my purpose doing this process!

The days I did these process were absolutely great, the days that I didn't, I could see the difference. I was at a crossroads about where to go with my life. This has given me the clarity and purpose I needed. That's why it was absolutely brilliant because I can now focus on my dreams.

Trish O'Neill

Breaking free of the fear of success

The Overcoming Fear of Success process helped me clear a memory that I'd totally forgotten about. It was an incident from childhood that was blocking my forward movement. It's so funny how these things stay in your subconscious unless you have tools like this to remove them. Thank you so much!

Alison T. Smith

A big financial turnaround

My financial turn around over the last year is largely due to continually doing this program. I’ve been focused on these tools now for 4.5 years!

Deborah Connors

It programmed my mind for success while I slept!

I LOVE THIS! I find it programs my mind for success while I sleep and makes me feel more peaceful generally throughout the day.

Maggie DeVries

Memory Imprints turned my dreams into reality!

I used to do processes like this as a dancer getting ready to perform. I love seeing how to do that with building my business. It's already speeding up the process of turning my dreams into reality.

Linda Raymond

Turning around issues right at the core

Even though I’ve had lots of success for years, I still get these nagging fears. This program helped me get down to the core issues so I could turn them around.

Catherine Rocheleau

A re-awakening of my greater potential

This has truly been an eye opener for me. It was a spiritual journey of self discovery and re-awakening of my greater potential.

Katarzyna Stomska

I feel stronger now moving forward with big goals

It’s true that “It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood”. I realized there was much more light and positivity to find back in my childhood. So, I feel stronger now moving forward.

AnnaLena Tell Erickson

Such simple processes, and yet so significant!

I didn't realize how i was dragging myself down. It was stopping me from doing what would give more of what I want in life. I now have more tools to stay focused and supportive of myself.

Patience Mugawazi

Growing myself personally while also growing my business faster

The storytelling work has not only improved my own sense of self but has helped me connect more powerfully with others so I could grow my business faster.

Bernard Winsemius