MindStory Inner Circle Mastermind

with Dave O'Connor and Carla Rieger

Get hands on, customized help over time to launch yourself into the next level of success, happiness, and income. 


This is a small group, 1 year program including private coaching with Dave O'Connor and Carla Rieger. It's designed to:

  • Launch you to the next level of success in your business and life quickly
  • Give you INNER GAME tools to increase your happiness, income, & business success
  • Be part of a like-minded group of supportive, success-oriented people.



Carla Rieger, Dave O'Connor and their resource team, customize everything just for YOU. At the same time, you get small group mastermind support from likeminded colleagues. You receive a completely customized process, whereby Carla, Dave and their team get to know you and your offerings, guide you personally, allow you to feel safe to embody the NEW YOU that is emerging, and to build important skills you need to be the best you can be.

Clarify and strengthen your ideal goals and visions so they manifest more quickly

Break free from limiting beliefs so you can soar

Anchor in daily life habits that make your life 10x easier and more enjoyable

The chance to upgrade your self image so that your success goes on auto-pilot

A confidential group of advisors and mentors to help you rise to your greatest self



  • Speakers, trainers, workshop leaders or online presenters
  • Coaches, consultants or facilitators
  • Business owners



Individual Attention

1 x Personalized Needs Assessment - to map out our journey together over the 12 months

(Valued at $495)

24 x individual coaching sessions with Dave O’Connor and Carla Rieger

(Valued at $18,195)

24 x personal audio blueprints–guided processes to build success in multiple areas of life

(Valued at $11,880)

Group Attention

24 Group Online Coaching to take you step-by-step through the MindStory material

(Valued at $7500)

Social connections with other participants and people


Success partners



Access to our full suite of online products 

(Valued at $10,487)

MindStory Inner Circle private Facebook group

Games and challenges

(Valued at $3485)



The MindStory Mastermind Program is not for everyone. We want to ensure there is a good fit, that you are spending your time and money wisely and that this is a win-win experience for everyone involved. Therefore, this is by application only. Very limited spots. Intake only happens once a year.


This program as a whole is valued at over $52,000. But since you’re getting it as a package for a limited time it’s on special for only $25,000 (best deal) or $5000 down and 10 payments of $2500 per month


1 Payment of $25,000


$5000 Down

10 Payments of $2500

Email us if you have questions: Support@MindStoryAcademy.com



Carla Rieger

Carla Rieger is the creator of Presentation Prosperity-an online and live program for speakers. She is also the author of The Heart of Presenting and Presentation Skills for Prosperity. She has been a performance storyteller, comedienne, story coach and presentation skills expert for over 20 years. In addition, she has spoken to over 1500 groups on four different continents, including a TEDx talk. Her work has been featured on radio, TV and newspapers helping business owners grow their inner and outer capacity through speaking and presenting one-to-one.

Dave O'Connor

​Dave O’Connor is a mindset expert for business owners and bestselling author. For over 19 years he has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life. Dave specializes in helping people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for individuals and organizations that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results.

What People are Saying...

"Carla helped me get over a fear of public speaking and now I have no problem getting up there and speaking about my business."

KEVIN HICKS (Business Owner)

"I will be forever grateful to Carla for this process as it changed my life for the better in both expected and unexpected ways."

Mary Lou MacDonald (Workplace Wellness Consultant & Speaker)

"Carla really cares about helping you to become the best you can be and I am so pleased that I invested in her program and myself!"

Alison T Smith Author (Speaker, Network Marketer & Expert on The Energy Booster System)

"I felt very shifted at a core level in how I saw myself as speaker; and it’s opened all kinds of possibilities for me."

Linda Nicholls (Midwife for the Soul - Facilitator and Speaker)

"Working with an expert like Carla took my success to a whole other level of excellence."

Vesanto Melina (Multiple Bestselling Author & Expert on Plant Based Nutrition)

“This coaching program made a huge difference to helping me not only achieve career goals but higher satisfaction in many other areas of life as well.”

Patti Gilbertson, (Health Care Manager)


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