Need Customized 1-to-1 Help? 

Apply to get coached so you can break through obstacles, make good decisions AND get the fast results you need

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This coaching can help you:

   * get clarity on your life. career and business direction

   * complete an important goal you've been putting off

   * 10x your finances and life fulfillment

Most successful people seek out private coaching, because otherwise they can stay stuck for years, or make choices they regret

This can save you years of spinning your wheels!  

3 Month Private Coaching

with Carla Rieger


This program includes both strategic and as well as intuitive help whereby you get:


You will get private coaching sessions with Carla Rieger using the MindStory Method. Usually it's once a week or every other week, depending on your schedule.


You get 6 audio MP3 guided processes designed just for YOU. They train your subconscious mind to manifest your goals, dreams and visions far more quickly with much less resistance. 


You'll discover 6 fill-in-the-blanks processes to break you free of limitations anytime they come up, so that you can dissolve self sabotage now and for the rest of your life. 


You get personalized help both during and in between sessions. AND, instead of staying lost in the woods you get a road map for success.


Clarity about how to find and release the core beliefs that are keeping you stuck, so that you can have a breakthrough in many areas of life all at once.


Discover your "Transition Personality Style and Learning Style" when it comes to reinevention. It is a lifetime roadmap so that you can make good decisions, and realize your highest potential.


Breakthrough to the next level of where you want to go.

"Even though I’ve been successful in my field for over 20 years, I found Carla and her coaching program invaluable in breaking me through to the next level of where I wanted to go."

Jana Stanfield , Keynote Concert Speaker



Realtors, financial planners, network marketers, or anyone who must 'self-motivate' daily to create income.


You're seeking something new. You've left a job or what to change what you do for a living.


Speakers, trainers, authors, coaches, consultants, workshop leaders, facilitators, influencers, practitioners.


Owners of businesses or people in a leadership role in their company or organization.


My level of confidence and skill has improved dramatically.

"After working with Carla I got me far more bookings which increased my income exponentially. Also, my level of confidence and skill on the platform improved dramatically."

Ron Coleman , Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant


  • Achieving your next level of career/business success so you can thrive
  • Increasing your results so that you can have the kind of lifestyle you most desire
  • The inner peace, optimism and confidence you need to boldly go for your dreams
  • The clarity of purpose and vision so that you can prioritize your life in the best way
  • An ungraded sense of value in the marketplace so that you magnetize more of what you want 
  • A step-by-step strategy for getting from where you are now to where you want to go

Achieved not only career goals but higher life satisfaction

"Coaching with Carla made a huge difference not only to achieve an important career goal, but it turned out to have a very positive effect in several other areas of life as well."

Patti Gilbertson , Health Care Manager


  • To ensure it's a good fit, and a good use of your time and money, you need to first apply
  • Then if it seems like a good fit we'll contact you to set up a short interview
  • Each session we go through a different aspect of your life focusing where you most need
  • Between sessions you'll listen to a customized blueprint audio, do a writing exploration process and focus on mutually agreed upon goals that are important to you
  • I'll check in with you between sessions to keep you on track and answer questions
  • My team will also be there to help you get access to our large array of resources as appropriate


On Special for 2 Weeks Only:

1-to-1 Coaching 

1 pay option

Regular $3995 USD 

On Special Now for

ONLY $2995 USD - 1 pay

(best deal that also includes a bonus 1/2 VIP Day)

1-to-1 Coaching 

3 pay option

Regular $1395 USD for 3 Months 

On Special Now for 

ONLY $998 USD Per Month

(1st payment due before starting, 2nd in 30 days and so on)

All inclusive fee. Payable by credit card, debit care, PayPal, bank transfer, Bitcoin, or other Crypto.


  • ACCESS to all appropriate audios, PDF worksheets, videos as needed to supplement your growth.
  • In between session CHECK IN'S to keep you on track, to share your wins, and to ask questions [on Facebook Messenger or What's App ]


Magnificent guidance...

"Carla provided magnificent guidance for me to journey within myself so that my authentic voice could come forward and succeed in a way I hadn’t before."

Angela Thurston , Speaker, Coach, and Author



1) We do a NEEDS ASSESSMENT to understand your best learning style, to identify the blocks in your mindset that have been sabotaging your success and to get clarity on who you need to become and what qualities you need to have extraordinary success.

2) Next, we create a ROADMAP to reprogram your self-image to increase your self belief and self-confidence levels NOW, so you can start experiencing a higher level of success immediately.

3) Next, you'll get to experience the MEMORY IMPRINT PROCESS - a gratitude journal on steroids that will create the fertile inner soil you need for your visions and goals to thrive.

4) Finally, I create a personalized SELF-MASTERY BLUEPRINT. This subconscious audio recording is like visualization on steroids - and it's customized to meet your learning style and goals. You also get a conscious version to listen to as you go about your daily activities.


1)  In this session we'll celebrate your wins and brainstorm through any sticking points. Then, we get crystal clear on the goals you want in your life - in your business, your finances, your health, your relationships, your overall lifestyle.

2) We re-visit and keep building your ROADMAP for success...a plan of in-depth steps, strategies & timelines needed to reach your goals.

3) You'll get to experience the IDEAL OUTCOME PROCESS which trains your brain to instantly turn around issues, so that you magnetize solutions and good outcomes no matter what challenges you're dealing with.

4) You'll get a personalized INVINCIBLE VISION BLUEPRINT to activate the power of your subconscious mind and reset your inner autopilot for success.

By this 2nd session you will start experiencing new levels of energy, motivation, creativity and focus that will inspire you to the next level of consistency, commitment and courage along your destined path.


1) In this session we'll again celebrate your wins and brainstorm on any sticking points. Then, we'll outline the HABITS and ROUTINES you need to implement in order to dramatically improve your well-being, relationships, finances and business.

2) We re-visit and keep building your ROADMAP for success...the steps, strategies & timelines needed to reach your goals.

3) We'll practice using the REFRAMING PROCESS re-write stories from your past that that have been sabotaging your success, and reframe them as badges of honor. Secondly, we'll re-write challenges in your present that will give you the strength and power to transform them.  

4) Then you'll get the ACHIEVEMENT ACCELERATOR blueprint that will help you remove  limiting beliefs around your capacity to achieve, and replace them with the new positive beliefs, habits and routines of your choice. This way you can reach greatness FASTER than you ever imagined.


1) In this session we'll again celebrate your wins and brainstorm on any sticking points. Then, we'll get clear on the positive emotions and feelings you want to predominantly experience daily in your life so you feel fully engaged and alive. At the same time, we will identify any hidden negative emotions that are destroying your wellbeing and ruining your life.

2) Next, you get the quick WHAT IF'S  PROCESS that will break you free of negative mindsets and uplift your state of mind instantly so that you attract more of what you want.

3) Then you'll get THE CLEARING TO CREATE blueprint that allows you to let go of unwanted, toxic emotions and replace them with beautiful states such as joy, happiness, creativity, courage, playfulness, security, excitement, etc. This will free up prime real estate space inside of your subconscious mind, immediately activating more of your potential and opening yourself up to receiving the opportunities you’ve been waiting for.


1) In this session we'll again celebrate your wins and brainstorm on any sticking points. Then, we'll cover the steps and strategies for attracting more prosperity and abundance into your life. 

2) You will get to experience THE TRIUNITY PROCESS to change your money story, removing any blocks you have around creating prosperity, putting you on the fast track to living the lifestyle of your dreams.

3) Finally, I'll then create your personal ABUNDANCE AMPLIFIER BLUEPRINT that will dissolve away your subconscious money blocks and reset your prosperity autopilot so you can be living an extraordinary life that's beyond your dreams.


1) In this session we'll again celebrate your wins and brainstorm on any sticking points. Then we'll focus on relationships both with others and your higher self, so you can get more help, wisdom and direction from the wisest part of your body-mind system. 

2) We'll revisit your ROADMAP and ensure you're on the right path for continued success after we finish our series together.

3) Then you'll get to discover the VITARE PROCESS, which helps you motivate, inspire and influence other people. You will raise your influence levels higher so you can impact your family, team, community, the world around you in much more potent ways so they support you, invest in you, and believe in you in the ways you most need.

4) And you'll get the PERSONAL POWER blueprint that will help you to reset your ‘point of attraction’ at the subconscious level. This way you'll automatically begin to attract more of the right people and opportunities into your life, so that you can live your life even more on purpose.

About Carla Rieger

Carla helps people break through resistance to change, and guides them to be the best version of themselves from the inside out. Her specialities are mindset repatterning, communication and conflict resolution skills, presentation skills and change leadership.

She began her career while still in university with an innovative teambuilding company in the US in 1988. Since then she has spoken to over 1500 groups internationally of up to 4000 people. In 1991 she became the director of The Artistry of Change Training Inc., a firm that specializes in awakening creative potentials in people so that they can be innovative, high integrity leaders. In 2016, she co-founded MindStory Coaching Academy that teaches unique mindset enhancements tools to magnify success and sense of personal fulfilment.

What People are Saying...


From self doubt to valuing myself and what I offer

"Carla helped me go from confused, overwhelmed and doubtful to having clarity, focus and belief in myself. This broke me out of feeling like I spinning my wheels. As a result I was able to take action on important goals and start to finally realize my dreams."

Alison T Smith , Energy Booster System Expert

Turning around issues right at the core

Even though I’ve had lots of success for years, I still get these nagging fears. This program helped me get down to the core issues so I could turn them around.

Catherine Rocheleau , Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

I’m reconnecting regularly to my vision instead of worrying

The Neuro blueprints are powerful and profound. They bring me to tears of joy when I listen because I’m reconnecting regularly to my vision instead of frittering away my creative energy on worry.

Michela Quilici , Speaker & Consultant

It's given me the momentum to succeed in a whole new way!

Looking back on my life and crafting it into a story of triumph was profound for me. It let me view myself and my life as a huge asset now instead of a liability. It's given me the momentum to succeed in a whole new way!

Doug McKegney , Business Consultant

A big financial turnaround

My financial turn around over the last year is largely due to continually doing this program. I’ve been focused on these tools now for 4.5 years!

Deborah Connors ,

This changed my life profoundly

"I will be forever grateful to Carla Rieger for this coaching program as it changed my life profoundly in both expected and unexpected ways. It brought me alive again."

Mary Lou MacDonald , Workplace Wellness Consultant & Speaker