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OVERCOMING FEAR OF FAILURE PROCESS: A Guided Audio to Build Your Confidence Quickly 

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Benefits of listening this audio MP3 are:

  • It’s a simple, step-by-step process you can use to release subconscious sabotage programs that might be blocking you from success in your life
  • It will help you learn from past mistakes, let go and move one
  • It's a process you can do over and over again until you feel that issue is gone
  • It will free you up to take the courageous steps you need to take in order to succeed in business and in life



Most people have some kind of self sabotage going on, often going on below their awareness.

Usually, they fear failure in an area where they made a mistake in the past and suffered negative consequences. This makes them afraid to try again.

Often, the way to transform that fear is to go back to that incident, with a wiser perspective, and a more forgiving heart, and free yourself up from the bonds of that fear.

You can either listen to this MP3 lying down, or you can actually walk the timeline as you listen. Find a private place in your home where there's room to move.

Here’s what people are saying

“That was amazing, I felt so free, and a deeper sense of peace and confidence to move forward like never before”. – Kyle Wilson

“I wish I had this technique years ago, as I could have saved myself years of spinning my wheels and getting no where. I finally have traction and it feels great!” – Emily Johnson

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