Even if we know complaining isn’t helpful, many of us do it unconsciously throughout the day. Here’s a way to stop and to retrain your Read More

Do you consider multi-tasking a badge of honor? At times, it’s useful, but it can splinter your mind, cause lots of stress and stunt your personal growth. In contrast, doing Read More

Many people are individually going through massive change right now. But we are also going through massive change as an entire world population…a change that’s probably never been Read More

We are going through a period of unprecedented change in human history. Many people have a low-level anxiety that they think is due to external circumstances. But in many cases, what’s Read More

Many people struggle with procrastination. They avoid going after goals they say they want to achieve. Whether it’s a health, financial, business or self-development goal – HOW you motivate yourself can make Read More

We may think we’re being respectful to ourselves and others, when we actually aren’t. This is a revolutionary view of what “respect” really means and how it can dial up on your personal power in Read More

Some people who seem successful to others, may secretly think of themselves as a fraud. This can cause unnecessary suffering and block more success. In this episode, we’ll Read More

There’s an old saying, ‘Obstacles aren’t IN the way, they ARE the way’.  In this episode, we will focus on 3 ways to turn anything you’re feeling frustrated or pessimistic about …into valuable gold.  Read More

Many people don’t have good criteria for identifying trustworthiness in others, so they end up getting burned. Here are some guidelines, or 9 signs that someone is trustworthy.  Read More

Have you ever gotten a hunch about something and it ended up being wrong? In this episode, we’ll explore 8 reasons why that might have happened and how to increase your accuracy Read More

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