Since the pandemic started, humanity as a whole has experienced trauma. As leaders, it’s our job to first heal our own trauma so we can Read More

Want to train your brain to think positively and have less stess?  After 22 years of researching stress and resilience, we think these are the top 3  habits that Read More

Ironically, one of the best ways to feel better is to realize that we’re not supposed to feel great all of the time.  In this episode we’ll Read More

We’re at a time in history when people need thoughtful leadership and spiritual guidance. Yet many people in that role are not stepping up enough, often because they don’t Read More

We all tend to cyclically go through times of loss, personally and globally. How you handle that loss can make or break you and those you influence. Read More

After years of coaching leaders, I notice many of them can’t find their voice at times, literally and metaphorically. So in this episode, I’d like to cover a powerful technique to clear those blocks. Here Read More

We live in the Age of Distraction which, I believe, is stopping thought leaders from making a much bigger difference. In this episode, we’ll cover three quick, practical ways to regain focus so you Read More

Why is it so important to let go of regrets? Because regret often stops people from re-inventing themselves. Right now people need to let go and move Read More

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a negative emotion that you can’t shake off? Many people have addictions to the neuro-chemicals of certain types of emotions.  In this episode Read More

Here is a 5 step process for failing the right way so that it turns into a win. Because if you want to increase your success rate, you actually have to fail Read More

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