Have you ever wondered if a new direction in life is right for you? And wouldn’t it be great to have a sign to confirm Read More

Have you ever caught yourself looping on something, like an inner dilemma? But the more you loop, the more imprisoned you feel? In this episode, we’ll Read More

Do you ever catch yourself worrying too much or judging yourself and others, and wish you could stop? Sometimes it seems impossible, but there is Read More

In this episode, I want to introduce you to my new novel, Helio Tropez, a time travel epic fantasy. If you are a writer or Read More

We love watching movies where the main character has to overcome one challenge after another, but we don’t often like to be the one facing challenges. What if Read More

Even if we know complaining isn’t helpful, many of us do it unconsciously throughout the day. Here’s a way to stop and to retrain your Read More

Do you consider multi-tasking a badge of honor? At times, it’s useful, but it can splinter your mind, cause lots of stress and stunt your personal growth. In contrast, doing Read More

Many people are individually going through massive change right now. But we are also going through massive change as an entire world population…a change that’s probably never been Read More

We are going through a period of unprecedented change in human history. Many people have on-going anxiety that they think is due to external circumstances. But in many cases, what’s Read More

Many people struggle with procrastination. They avoid going after goals they say they want to achieve. Whether it’s a health, financial, business or self-development goal – HOW you motivate yourself can make Read More

We may think we’re being respectful to ourselves and others, when we actually aren’t. This is a revolutionary view of what “respect” really means and how it can dial up on your personal power in Read More

Some people who seem successful to others, may secretly think of themselves as a fraud. This can cause unnecessary suffering and block more success. In this episode, we’ll Read More

There’s an old saying, ‘Obstacles aren’t IN the way, they ARE the way’.  In this episode, we will focus on 3 ways to turn anything you’re feeling frustrated or pessimistic about …into valuable gold.  Read More

Many people don’t have good criteria for identifying trustworthiness in others, so they end up getting burned. Here are some guidelines, or 9 signs that someone is trustworthy.  Read More

Have you ever gotten a hunch about something and it ended up being wrong? In this episode, we’ll explore 8 reasons why that might have happened and how to increase your accuracy Read More

If you’re frustrated trying to manifest an important goal,  stop the chase and try magnetizing it instead.   It’s an entirely different approach.  Here’s a four step process to do Read More

People who make excellent decisions under pressure are indispensable, especially in these days of rapid change. We all use intuition daily. That’s because trying to Read More

With so much confusion going on in the world, many people are now going inside for answers, which is a good thing. Here’s a method Read More

It’s so amazing to suddenly have an important realization in your life…something that you hadn’t seen before. Most people have them occasionally. But, what if you Read More

Are you procrastinating on important goals these days? Whether it’s the uncertainty of external world events, or you’re just feeling at odds with yourself…this will help.   ——————————— Read More

We’re at a time in history, when more people than ever are feeling very uncomfortable physically, emotionally and mentally. In many cases, that’s simply growing Read More

To move forward and change our lives for the better, we need to learn from the past, let go, forgive, forget and move on. Otherwise there no space available for the new. At this Read More

Times like this cause many people to re-evaluate what life is really about. Is the chase for external happiness and security truly giving us what Read More

Sometimes feedback and opinions from others is helpful, sometimes it isn’t. Discover how to tell the difference and how to rebuild your confidence if some feedback undermined you.      ——————————— Read More

We are on the brink of a golden age, but self-healing can help us get there quicker. In this episode, I’ll talk about what I Read More

In the celebration of 100 episodes I’m going to be answering common questions I get. We are covering interpersonal communication, speaking, success mindsets, how to Read More

Usually when you have a huge vision or goal for yourself, it triggers doubt and disbelief that it can happen. More specifically, it triggers a Read More

How you focus your imagination makes a huge difference to what happens in your future – personally, professionally, and globally. Here’s a fun process for creating what you want Read More

Many people loop on the thought – I should be farther along than I am – in business, career, fitness, etc. In this episode, I want to share Read More

Many people in a leadership role are supposed to be helping others be more resilient these days, when they’re struggling themselves. Here we’ll explore a 5-step approach for Read More

With all the challenges going on in the world, I thought some good news might help. In this episode, we’ll explore 5 stages of change to help you break free Read More

A lot of suffering comes from the way we talk to ourselves – inside our own minds. In this episode we’ll explore the most common types, and simple Read More

If you want to stay relevant in this age of great resets, it does mean doing some ‘mental resets’ first. Here are 3 common mistakes Read More

If you find yourself frantic a lot these days, this will help. It’s not your external reality that causes franticness but what we call your MindStory about it. When we practice choosing the Read More

There is real suffering in the world, but sometimes you can lessen personal suffering by managing your mind. If you’ve ever studied any kind of Read More

You might be underestimating the difference your voice makes when leading and influencing others. Here’s a few tips to power up your voice in a way that magnetizes your listeners.  ——————————— TOPICS Read More

Many people need to reinvent their role or business these days because of global changes. This often means meeting new people and branching out your network. To that Read More

People’s understanding of mindset mastery has grown exponentially. Yet we inevitably make mistakes on the journey. Here are 4 common mistakes people make when breaking free of limiting mindsets like fear, Read More

Have  you ever felt like the way you’re communicating to people isn’t really landing? If you put your information out in a variety of ways, addressing many learning styles, in a structured, distilled Read More

Discover how Iva Paleckova reverse engineered her life from zero to 80K in just a few months, as a single pregnant mom.  It’s a fascinating and inspiring story Read More

Many people don’t keep New Year’s Resolutions because they are still beating themselves up from past failures. Ironically, the way to break free is to forgive yourself. It frees you up to learn from past Read More

At this time of year, you may find yourself overdoing it on the people pleasing, or saying no to people who are trying to overly please Read More

If you look at a person’s daily habits, you can usually tell a lot about their overall success in life.  With the intensity of the Read More

Many people feel stuck these days, for fear of making unwise decisions, given there’s so much uncertainty in the world. Yet, making a clear decision in Read More

We tell ourselves stories every day about who we are and what we can achieve. Sometimes those stories help us, sometimes they stop us.Is there one Read More

In this episode, we explore how to be a beacon of calm in the storm.  In this way you help usher in the ‘renaissance in human development’ Read More

We consume stories every day from traditional media to social media to shows to friends and from listening to our own self talk. In this episode we look at how Read More

Given we are at a dark time in history, it does help to balance it out with some lightness. Not only for you, but for Read More

Can you disagree with someone and NOT feel angry, upset or guilty? That’s the sign of a healthy communicator. I believe that disagreeing is an Read More

If you only change this 1 mindset habit, you greatly increase your chances of doubling your income. Whether you have a job, a sideline business, or Read More

These days it’s important to balance your perspective. For every 1 thing not going well, aren’t there usually 1000 things that ARE going well? Discover Read More

There’s an old saying, that physical pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Discover a practice that eases the mental suffering that often comes with challenges. It puts you Read More

Discover a 4–Step Method to Transform Inner Conflict. Have you ever felt like you’re getting in your own way when it comes to fully expressing your life Read More

Many people think they shouldn’t feel or express emotions, especially negative ones. That’s a myth that can actually keep you stuck trying to move forward Read More

Einstein once said, “If you have an hour to solve an important problem, you should spend the first 55 minutes finding the right question to Read More

School just started, summer holidays just ending and the world in chaos, so you might be facing a few challenges. In this episode we’ll explore a 5 step process to Read More

Some people love change, some people hate it, others adapt easily no matter what’s going on. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can better Read More

Did you know that these 5 habits can change your brain for good or bad?In this podcast episode, discover the top ones that make the biggest difference. In this episode Read More

If an extra 10K or more per month sounds good to you — check this out. This podcast episode is specifically for business coaches who Read More

Do you find your present life situation stressful at times, or are dealing with people who find it very stressful? This is a quick tip for moving from a triggered state of mind Read More

Are you looping in a negative way about your life? That might be causing you to stay stuck. The good news is that you can literally jump tracks Read More

Ever notice some goals continue NOT to manifest?, Maybe you just don’t believe it’s possible. Discover a ‘consciousness technology’ to remedy this known as ‘believing without doubt’ whereby you manufacture the belief before it Read More

Many people struggle to manifest a goal because they aren’t truly committed. And when they do finally commit, all kinds of synchronicity and magic shows up to help the goal along. In this Read More

If you actually let go of the ‘hustle mindset’, that’s often when the magic shows up again. That said, it’s easy to get addicted by Read More

Since the pandemic started, humanity as a whole has experienced trauma. As leaders, it’s our job to first heal our own trauma so we can Read More

Want to train your brain to think positively and have less stess?  After 22 years of researching stress and resilience, we think these are the top 3  habits that Read More

Ironically, one of the best ways to feel better is to realize that we’re not supposed to feel great all of the time.  In this episode we’ll Read More

We’re at a time in history when people need thoughtful leadership and spiritual guidance. Yet many people in that role are not stepping up enough, often because they don’t Read More

We all tend to cyclically go through times of loss, personally and globally. How you handle that loss can make or break you and those you influence. Read More

After years of coaching leaders, I notice many of them can’t find their voice at times, literally and metaphorically. So in this episode, I’d like to cover a powerful technique to clear those blocks. Here Read More

We live in the Age of Distraction which, I believe, is stopping thought leaders from making a much bigger difference. In this episode, we’ll cover three quick, practical ways to regain focus so you Read More

Why is it so important to let go of regrets? Because regret often stops people from re-inventing themselves. Right now people need to let go and move Read More

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a negative emotion that you can’t shake off? Many people have addictions to the neuro-chemicals of certain types of emotions.  In this episode Read More

Here is a 5 step process for failing the right way so that it turns into a win. Because if you want to increase your success rate, you actually have to fail Read More

Many people are getting online and doing more video in these days of lockdown. Here’s some tips for avoiding embarrassing mistakes, and rising above the competition with Remote Working and image expert, Jo Read More

Here are 10 Tips to get out there online speaking in a much bigger way. Live meetings lately are canceled due to the Coronavirus, so now’s the Read More

Discover 4 ways for turning failure and challenge into opportunities. If life is a game and the challenges help you evolve — how can this lockdown help us and those we serve – Read More

Many media channels are filling us with bad news these days. While it does help to stay informed, be aware that bad news can trigger Read More

Have you noticed there are 2 camps of people during this pandemic? On one side, you have fear mongering on the worst outcomes, and on the other side you have the optimists insisting you must remain Read More

Need a quick influx of income? If you haven’t already set up an online revenue source, now is the time to get into action. Whether there’s a pandemic or not, it’s Read More

Overwhelmed with stress and anxiety these days about the pandemic? Try the AVARA model. It takes only 15 minutes and can help you get back to calm, centered and clear about how Read More

If you travel a lot in your career and want to stay home more often, consider adding coaching to your repertoire. Especially in this time Read More

Have you ever dreamed of speaking around the world? You visit different cultures and get paid to do it? James is Taylor will give you Read More

If you’re a Baby Boomer or at least over 50, here’s why speaking ONLINE might be perfect for you.  You can reach people all over the world from anywhere Read More

How to build your business to 7 figures. In episode 39 we talked about the mindset we needed to get to 7 figures.  Then in Ep 40, I talked to Jane Atkinson about the strategies Read More

In the last episode we talked about the “MindStory” we need to get to 7 figures.  In this episode, I’m talking to Jane Atkinson of The Read More

Want to grow your income fast AND feel more fulfilled? My partner and I went from being stuck at 80K per year for a long Read More

Here’s a quick coaching exercise for creating the future you want. Without it, your brain might take you down a familiar road that you don’t want.  Read More

Here are 3 ways to move from confusion to clarity about your niche. As a business owner or expert in your field, niching makes a huge difference, versus Read More

Here are 4 ways to set healthy boundaries as a leader or when speaking to groups. There are four kinds of boundaries we’ll cover 1) Read More

Here are 3 ways to calm down when you feel stressed by your work. Rushing and working harder doesn’t make overwhelm go away, but these techniques will.    In Read More

Are you considering a career transition in midlife to being a speaker, coach, consultant, author, blogger, Youtuber, etc? Being an expert in  your field? There’s so Read More

Want to build your business 100x more quickly? Speak to groups! Here is a quick 3-step process to go from nothing to fully scripted presentation in no time Read More

What is the story of your financial future? And what are the scripts that you live by? There are archetypal stories that drive people, such Read More

The coaching industry is booming. More roles in the world require coaching skills. You might want to add this to your skill set, because right Read More

If you’re going through a tough time right now, it might affect your self-confidence. However, if you develop TRUE self-confidence it will stay with you Read More

You may have heard that it’s better to just set “reasonable-sounding” goals. Maybe for short term goals, but not for your long term goals. If Read More

The most important thing, when it comes to achieving your goal, is to become a person that believes you already have it.  That’s what professional Read More

Do you sometimes sabotage your own efforts? Welcome to the human condition. It’s very common. High achievers find ways to transform self sabotage, so their goals progress anyway.  Read More

If you’d like to learn how to master negative emotions, check this out. Most people think that it’s external circumstances that create how they feel. The truth is, Read More

If you have too much overwhelm, stress or self doubt lately, check this out. The AVARA Model is a quick 5 step process to break you free Read More

Have you ever tried marketing your business in a way that didn’t feel right for you?  Maybe you learned it from a marketing or sales expert, Read More

Are you procrastinating on tasks that would really move your business forward?  Do you get derailed by thoughts of “not enough time or money?”  Are Read More

Do your listeners seem bored?  Are you finding it hard to share dry material in an interesting way?    In this Podcast you’ll discover how to engage your listeners, capture attention Read More

Communication breakdowns can be stressful. Top communicators have small habits that help them avoid unnecessary conflict and get to resolution quickly.    In this MindStory Speaker Podcast you’ll Read More

Ever thought of promoting your book through public speaking? It’s by far the quickest and most effective way to sell books and to build your reputation as an Read More

Ever get nervous when you have to do public speaking? Welcome to the club! Fear of speaking affects at least 80% of the population. Even people who have been Read More

Communication breakdowns are very common in business and life. Yet they can totally disrupt your life. In this episode we explore a 6 step process you can use to resolve differences Read More

How agile are you as a leader? When challenges hit, are you highly adaptable, collaborative and resourceful in the face of challenges, or the opposite? Read More

Writing a personal memoir can be better than years of therapy. That’s what Mary Sue Rabe discovered. She is the Founder and Director of Women Healing the World–a creative Read More

Dave O’Connor is the co-founder of MindStory Academy. He has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life.   In this podcast, you will discover how Read More

Ocean Robbins is a speaker, facilitator, father, dancer, and movement builder.  He is the author of The 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, & Transform Your World. He also serves Read More

Christina Merkley is the Director of Shift-It Coaching. As a pioneering ‘Visual Coach,’ Christina Merkley facilitates individuals, partners and groups and mentors other Process Professionals across Read More

Do you want to learn how to use fun stories in speaking and marketing? How to add humor to your speech—without being a comedian? Humor Read More

Do you suspect you’re unconsciously sabotaging an important goal? Maybe it’s a career, business, health or financial goal. Dave O’Connor, the co-founder of MindStory Academy, is an Read More

Maya Christobel is a Harvard Psychotherapist having done her Masters and Doctoral work at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her career has always focused on Read More

Have you been struggling to reach an important Goal? Maybe you take all the right actions, you plan, you keep a positive attitude, but still, your goals are out Read More

In this podcast, you’ll see a comparison of a story versus logical concepts to share the same information. How do people receive these two different ways of Read More

“Storytellers rule the future.” – Daniel Pink If you are a manager, salesperson, business owner or influencer of any kind, it can make all the Read More

Angelia Darnbrough is Vancouver-based marketing strategist who has worked with various companies in the high technology and software sectors.  She brings with her 25+ years Read More

Are you avoiding moving forward in your life? Most people are spinning their wheels in some area of life, but don’t know how to break Read More

Do you want to change from inside out? Discover how The Business Sherpa, Colin Sprake, can do it for you and your business. Colin is Read More

In this podcast, Sally Zimney of “This Moved Me” interviews Carla Rieger on how to build your business and career through being a great presenter. Read More

If you look at a brain scan of someone listening to a story it’s far more engaged than when listening to concepts.  This is for Read More

Each and every one of you have hundreds of stories that you could be telling people to attract people into your business whether to motivate Read More

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