Times like this cause many people to re-evaluate what life is really about. Is the chase for external happiness and security really giving us what we Read More

Sometimes feedback and opinions from others is helpful, sometimes it isn’t. Discover how to tell the difference and how to rebuild your confidence if some feedback undermined you.      ——————————— Read More

We are on the brink of a golden age, but self-healing can help us get there quicker. In this episode, I’ll talk about what I Read More

In the celebration of 100 episodes I’m going to be answering common questions I get. We are covering interpersonal communication, speaking, success mindsets, how to Read More

Usually when you have a huge vision or goal for yourself, it triggers doubt and disbelief that it can happen. More specifically, it triggers a Read More

How you focus your imagination makes a huge difference to what happens in your future – personally, professionally, and globally. Here’s a fun process for creating what you want Read More

Many people loop on the thought – I should be farther along than I am – in business, career, fitness, etc. In this episode, I want to share Read More

Many people in a leadership role are supposed to be helping others be more resilient these days, when they’re struggling themselves. Here we’ll explore a 5-step approach for Read More

With all the challenges going on in the world, I thought some good news might help. In this episode, we’ll explore 5 stages of change to help you break free Read More

A lot of suffering comes from the way we talk to ourselves – inside our own minds. In this episode we’ll explore the most common types, and simple Read More

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