If you find yourself frantic a lot these days, this will help. It’s not your external reality that causes franticness but what we call your MindStory about it. When we practice choosing the Read More

There is real suffering in the world, but sometimes you can lessen personal suffering by managing your mind. If you’ve ever studied any kind of Read More

You might be underestimating the difference your voice makes when leading and influencing others. Here’s a few tips to power up your voice in a way that magnetizes your listeners.  ——————————— TOPICS Read More

Many people need to reinvent their role or business these days because of global changes. This often means meeting new people and branching out your network. To that Read More

People’s understanding of mindset mastery has grown exponentially. Yet we inevitably make mistakes on the journey. Here are 4 common mistakes people make when breaking free of limiting mindsets like fear, Read More

Have  you ever felt like the way you’re communicating to people isn’t really landing? If you put your information out in a variety of ways, addressing many learning styles, in a structured, distilled Read More

Discover how Iva Paleckova reverse engineered her life from zero to 80K in just a few months, as a single pregnant mom.  It’s a fascinating and inspiring story Read More

Many people don’t keep New Year’s Resolutions because they are still beating themselves up from past failures. Ironically, the way to break free is to forgive yourself. It frees you up to learn from past Read More

At this time of year, you may find yourself overdoing it on the people pleasing, or saying no to people who are trying to overly please Read More

If you look at a person’s daily habits, you can usually tell a lot about their overall success in life.  With the intensity of the Read More

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