Albert Einstein once said, “If we have an hour to solve a problem and our lives depended on the solution, we should spend the first 55 Read More

School is starting soon, summer holidays are ending and the world in chaos, so you might be facing a few challenges. In this episode we’ll explore a 5 step process to dissolve those Read More

Some people love change, some people hate it, others adapt easily no matter what’s going on. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can better Read More

Did you know that these 5 habits can change your brain for good or bad?In this podcast episode, discover the top ones that make the biggest difference. In this episode Read More

If an extra 10K or more per month sounds good to you — check this out. This podcast episode is specifically for business coaches who Read More

Do you find your present life situation stressful at times, or are dealing with people who find it very stressful? This is a quick tip for moving from a triggered state of mind Read More

Are you looping in a negative way about your life? That might be causing you to stay stuck. The good news is that you can literally jump tracks Read More

Ever notice some goals continue NOT to manifest?, Maybe you just don’t believe it’s possible. Discover a ‘consciousness technology’ to remedy this known as ‘believing without doubt’ whereby you manufacture the belief before it Read More

Many people struggle to manifest a goal because they aren’t truly committed. And when they do finally commit, all kinds of synchronicity and magic shows up to help the goal along. In this Read More

If you actually let go of the ‘hustle mindset’, that’s often when the magic shows up again. That said, it’s easy to get addicted by Read More

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