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In my 24 years of coaching and educating people about living their purpose, at least 80% of people's "stuckness", comes down to inner self-sabotage often below their awareness.

For example, it's very common for even HIGHLY successful people with great self esteem to:

  • lose faith in themselves and their direction
  • quit because of challenging circumstances
  • feel defeated by rejection
  • get confused about how to make good decisions
  • procrastinate and avoid taking important action

In this masterclass, you'll discover the 5-step TriUnity process that has been honed for over 9 years with 1000's of people around the world.

It will help you move from:

  • confusion to clarity
  • self doubt to confidence
  • anxiety to courage
  • procrastination to action

At MindStory Coaching Academy we have  spent decades perfecting techniques to help you re-write your own subconscious programs that block your success.  

You can use the TriUnity Process as often as you need to break free of anything getting in the way of your success.

This life-changing 50-minute masterclass will help you transform limiting blocks so you can move forward in your life again.  

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Your Webinar Host

Carla Rieger

Author, Coach, Speaker and Expert on Life Purpose and Re-Invention



"I finally felt clear and congruent about my business direction, which got me into action. Before that, I was clearly procrastinating."

     – Michela Quilici, Marketing Consultant

"This put me at peace with myself and my life, helping me digest life lessons in a way that actually built my confidence. I  see that challenges I've gone through are what actually makes me valuable to others."

     – Doug McKegney, Executive Consultant

"I didn't have this level of clarity before. Plus, this process is a great way to both empower myself and help those I’m working with to succeed."

       – Marsha Danzig, Speaker

"I felt frustrated with my slow progress but Carla’s processes helped me break through limiting beliefs that were holding me back. As a result of that, I’ve moved my business farther much faster."

       – Dolly Garlo, Career Consultant

"I would never have kept on my path without this help, because it kept me believing in my ideas and that my business could succeed, and that belief is everything really."  

       – Tonia Mattu, Founder of Yuology

"In a very short period of time, I moved my business forward in ways I couldn't imagine."  

       – Alison T. Smith, Expert in Healing Chronic Fatigue