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There are 3 parts to The Art of Reinvention

Step #1 - THE ART OF REINVENTION video tutorial - Watch it to give you an overview of your product.

Step #2 - THE ART OF REINVENTION eBook - Download and go through the questions.

Step #3 - LETTING GO meditation - Download the MP3 to help let go and reinforce your process.

#1 - The Art of Reinvention Video

Watch the short video above for a tutorial of how the process works

#2 - The Art of Reinvention E-Book

Print out and fill in the questions, or use it as a guide along with a notebook.

#3 - Letting Go Meditation Audio

Download to PC

Download to Mac

Download for Mobile

You can also just play your Letting Go Meditation here

For For best results, listen to this meditation once a day for 1 week to reinforce and anchor in your Art of Reinvention Process. You can listen here on this webpage, your smart phone, your tablet or your MP3 player. If you have questions please contact Support@CarlaRieger.com.

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